Profiles are an important part of membership within Elithium. When new members are accepted as full members within Elithium they are given their own profile, which contains their Name, Rank, Regiment, Character Info, Personal Quotes, Medals Awarded and Acheivements.

As members progress through Elithium their profiles are altered to achknowledge their input and value to the guild. Profiles are completely unique depending on the way a member acts and the choices he makes. Through profiles we award members who are deserving of achknowledgement but otherwise might not receive it.

All profiles are hand done and updated every few weeks. To improve your profile get involved in Elithium. Below is a sample profile. This profile was the first one created, and is slightly different to the ones currently in use.


Royal Soverign

"Shit happens just make sure it doesn't happen on you"

"Darkness is only the absense of light"

- Founding Member of Elithium
- Monarch and Guild Leader within Elithium
- Webmaster
- Heavy involvment in Recruitment

For more information on profiles please contact one of Elitihium's leaders. If you are a member and you do not have a profile email one of the Webmasters, either Goth, Saturn and Kush.