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    Revenge From Mars

    Click to enlargeRevenge from Mars was the first pinball game from the Pinball 2000 series. A sequel to Attack from Mars, RoM used the revolutionary Holo-Projection system to beam images from a monitor directly on the playing field. The result was a pinball machine never seen before, and we may never see since.

    Sadly, Williams have since announced that they have shut down their pinball division, despite the success of the P2K series, but hopefully, someone else will pick up the technology.

    Game Information
    click to enlargeWhat players have always loved about pinball is still the foundation for Pinball 2000: the physical sensation of launching that silver ball and controlling its flight through the use of the flippers. But what distinguishes the game play of Revenge from Mars from games of old is monumental. The innovation of virtual video targets makes for a deeper, more realistic story line. In Revenge From Mars, you must battle your way through more than twelve distinctive waves, such as Paris in Peril, Mars Kneads Women, and Martian Happy Hour, to stop the Martian invasion. Complete any three waves to start a special bonus wave. Score 40 shots in the three bonus waves to reach the "Mothership Multiball". Light all the saucer lights and you'll attack Mars in the battle to make the Milky Way safe for all mankind.

    Forget everything you knew about pinball. This is something entirely different. Entirely better. It's Revenge From Mars, the first-ever game to utilize the technology of Pinball 2000.

    Click to enlargeThere is a page just for all the pictures, screenshots and images used for this section. It may not be as nice to look at, but it's a pretty sizable collection and growing.

    Also, clicking on any thumbnail will go to a larger image in the gallery itself. Just use your back button to return.
    The flyers for Revenge from Mars are also available.
    Flyer front
    l Flyer back
     To RfM Gallery

    click to enlarge
    GameSurge has several separate rulesheets written by different authors available for Revenge from Mars, which are listed in the Pinball rulesheets sections, or found on the main arcade index page.

    But the latest rulesheet available for Revenge From Mars, written by Roya Naini is now up. This is a pretty comprehensive guide to the game, and well worth the read. This is dated November 11, 1999, and is version 1.06.
     To Rulesheet

    Mode Rulesheet
    A resource guide that explains all the various modes that Revenge from Mars has. This extensive guide, including the various video modes, was written by Josh Sharpe.

    You can find the screenshots of the various modes in the Gallery page.
     To Mode Rulesheet

    Technical Information
    Click to enlargeCopies of technical information have been mirrored from the Williams Pinball 2000 site.

    In the Technical Information section, You will find a listing of the revision history of Revenge from Mars, a article on updating the Pinball 2000 machine, and Transferring the Update Manager to another Computer using only a Floppy Drive. A pretty good resource for all the pinball machine collectors out there.

    Advanced Strategy
    Another Rulesheet, but more orientated towards strategies when playing the game. Excellent guide, written by Keith Elwin.
     To advanced strategy

    Click to enlargeEver wondered about just what the heck the machine was saying? Some pretty funny stuff seems to come out of pinball machines nowadays, and we have the latest list of some of the quotes from the game.

    RFM quotes and pictures have been gathered together and recorded by Rob Willemsen  (with Martin Wiest) (Version 1.06)

     To Quotes 

    Some known bugs have made it to the machine:

    Click to enlargeRFM version 1.4 Bug(s)
    (with special thanks to the Williams employees (past & present) who have released updates on a skunk-works basis)

    Martian Bowling Reset Bug (Mar. 05, '00)
    I was hoping the Martian Bowling reset bug was fixed with release 1.4, but it occurred today. (This can happen when Martian Bowling is picked during Mystery Mode - usually the 2nd or 3rd bowling frame when the ramp shot is made.)  The Fatal Error reported was:

    *** Fatal: Last [XPid 105 APid -1 (Leff_run)] Current[XPid 128 APid -1 (Dispmgr)]
    *** Fatal: Displayable (RB): Bitmap Semaphore 78 is too high (1)

    No Ship Shown (Feb. 16, '00)
    Click to enlargeOccasionally when Weapons Bonus Wave Multiball start, there is no ship displayed - all the weapons are there, the mode works, there is just no display of the ship graphics.  The ship may reappear if an Extra Ball is earned during the mode.

    Reset Bug (Feb. 15, '00)
    (Editor's note: this bug was reported on RGP, but has not yet been verified and will be considered a fluke until validated by others.)
    I was playing my RFM 1.4 last night. Two player game ball 3. Player one on Multiball number 2. When I shot the ship for the second super jackpot the game did a hard crash then reboot. We dropped the glass and tried to recreate the bug and could not.  The Fatal Error log reported:

    ***FATAL: 15 FEB. 2000 23:40:16
    ***FATAL: MALLOC(307200): GETMEM (307232) FAILED

    If you have discovered a bug in Revenge From Mars version 1.4, you can e-mail with details so that it can be included.

    Overall 73" (185.42 cm) 48" (121.92 cm) 24" (60.96 cm) 360 lb. (163.30 kg)
    Backbox 28" (71.12 cm) 23.5" (59.69 cm) 24" (60.96 cm) 130 lb. (58.97 kg)
    Cabinet 45" (114.30 cm) 48" (121.92 cm) 22" (55.88 cm) 230 lb. (104.33 kg)
    To learn more about the technology behind Pinball2000, visit

    ©1999 Williams Electronics Games, Inc. All rights reserved.
    Pinball 2000 logo, Williams, Flying W logo, Flying Pinball logo and Revenge From Mars are trademarks of Williams Electronics Games, Inc.

    " "

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