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    Star Wars EP1

    What is Pinball 2000? It's the next generation of Pinball machines that use projected images right on the playing field. Produced by Williams Electronics, the very first one is called "Attack From Mars" with the second one based on the Star Wars Movies! This page is devoted to one of the most exciting technologies in the Arcade industry to come out in a long time.

    Sadly, Williams have announced that they have shut down their pinball division, despite the success of the p2k series, but hopefully, someone else will pick up the technology.

    The Star Wars machine was released to huge critical success, and is still one of the top pinball machines out on the circuit today. This section is for all you pinball 2000 fans who can't get enough information on one of the biggest releases to ever hit the pinball industry.

    We are always looking for any material on Pinball 2000. If you have seen some material that is not found here, wish to contribute, or you wish to be a member of the GameSurge "family", please Email the webmaster
    to GalleryEven though information is a little scarce on the last Williams machine made, we sure do have a lot of pictures though of this awesome looking pinball game.

    Ranging from hardware, to playing field shots, to the various video modes, we have the largest collection of SW:E1 pictures and images on the web today, including some rara and hard to find images.
    To SW:E1 Gallery
    To reviewYes we have a review of the game. Written by ']['yrant234, you can find what he has to say about this great pinball machine. "This game has awesome holo-graphic scenes from the movie, which look almost as good as the movie itself! There's a scene where Jar-Jar hits all of those things, and knocks them down, and also the battle in space with young Anakin Skywalker, in the Naboo Fighter. I think that the best cut scene is the one with the Gungans. "
    To SW:E1 Review
    We have several rulesheets, in HTML format. The latest rulesheet is in text format, and you can find it right here. As well, we have HTML based rulesheets. You can find the listing for them at either our Walkthroughs section, or our Main Pinball site section.
    To SW:E1 Latest Rulesheet
    WAV files
    Listen to the sounds of Star Wars Episode one, with downloaded wav files for your listening pleasure.
    Audio Sample are in .WAV Format.
    --Jar Jar Binks--  
    "Wesa gonna be eatin" (49 K)
    "Big doo doo" (47 K)
    "Yousa play bery good" (61 K)
    "That's big oucho" (75 K)
    --Queen Amidala--  
    "I am Queen Amidala" (35 K)  
    "Now Viceroy, we will discuss a new treaty" (56 K)  
    "Get to your ships" (29 K)  
    --Anakin Skywalker--  
    "Control the Force" (62 K)  
    "Fire your laser" (34 K)  
    "How about some Podracing?" (35 K)  
    "I am C-3PO, human-cyborg relations" (70 K)  
    "I find Jar Jar to be a little odd" (69 K)  
    --Lord Darth Sidious--  
    "This is my apprentice, Darth Maul" (66 K)  
    "You have done well, Viceroy" (42 K)  
    --Darth Maul--  
    "It's the Jedi" (27 K)  
    "At last we will reveal ourselves" (101 K)  
    --Obi-Wan Kenobi--  
    "Once those droids" (75 K)  
    --Qui-Gon Jinn--  
    "You almost got us killed" (47 K)  
    "Let's get out of here" (48 K)  
    "Be mindful of the living Force" (52 K)  
    "Find what-a you need" (56 K)  
    "I warn you" (70 K)  
    "Mind tricks don't work on me" (69 K)  
    "We split the winnings fifty-fifty" (78 K)  
    "What you think you're some kinda Jedi" (52 K)  
    "Ah, hard to see the dark side is" (60 K)  
    "Fear leads to anger" (110 K)  

    Tournament Mode - First insert coins for a game,then Press and Hold the 2 flipper buttons. It should show a screen saying tournament mode. Now just press Start to begin.

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