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    Archive for July, 2001

    Tuesday, July 31, 2001

    Microsoft Games has released the MechCommander 2 Demo, which can be found at the main site. The demo weighs in at about 100 megs, in which you can, "Control a company of mercenary MechWarriors in the first two missions of the Carver V Campaign and battle it out with a selection of six different 'Mechs (Fire Ant, Razorback, Bushwacker, UrbanMech, Starslayer, or Hunchback)."

    Eurogamer has taken a look at the ELSA LANCOM and Airlancer wireless networking equipment, based on the IEEE 802.11b standard. 11mbps may not seem very good for us gamers, but would the absence of annoying network cables be better? Possibly. Here's the poop..

    As far as corporate consumers are concerned, 802.11b-based Wireless LANs are a godsend, as long as they are configured correctly. One of the biggest problems with WLANs is security, as highlighted by American “War Drivers” who ride around big cities with wireless-equipped laptops hooking themselves up to insecure WLANs left in their default configuration. When first initiated a WLAN base station is set to accept connections from clients with the workgroup set to “Any”, and with no qualms about transferring unencrypted data around to any client with the correct workgroup designation. What some administrators were forgetting to do was turn on the various security protocols.


    - Surebrec @ 2:03 pm PST

  • The Messenger @ Gamitopia
  • The Settlers: 4th Edition @ Gamitopia
  • Robot Arena @ Gamitopia

    Monday, July 30, 2001

    Fans of this isometric role-playing RTS should be happy. Kingdom Under Fire Patch Version 1.101 has just released. The file is a heafty 11 MB, but should be just what the doctor ordered for fans, offering balance changes and altering the cost to train units.

    The gang over at Khabal have done up a short little number of Troika Games role playing game, Arcanum: Of Steamworks And Magic Obscura. The preview is only a short article, and doesn't contain any new information, from what I read. However this article is still a good starting point, for anyone who doesn't know about this exciting upcoming title. Head here to read the story. Heres a sample:
    "The general worldview was great, the characters themselves were large (not very detailed though) and everything seemed easy enough. The first thing I noticed though (besides all the corpses strewn around next to me in the beginning) was that the interface bar all nice and dandy, you can access whatever you want in a fraction of the time (or you could use hotkeys… duh). The only thing I had beef with was the fact that I can only have 2 skills in my hotbar at any one point, this really cramps up my playing style.
    The guy who wrote this article is in serious need of a life :/.

    Thanx goes to Voodooextreme for this number;
    Anyway back on track, before the boy and girls over at Ion Storm Dallas are forced to give in their penholders and computer cases, they are going to try and publish one more patch for their strategy game Anachronox. The patch should be released in the coming weeks, if your interested you can view this message post for more details.

    Sierra have made a somewhat surprising announcement today, stating that they in association with D-Link and VitalStream will be running a series of Tribes 2 Tournaments, with over $30000 in prize money. Here the official goss:
    "D-Link, Sierra™, and VitalStream today jointly announced that they will be running a series of free online Tribes™ 2 game tournaments beginning July 28th, with up to $30,000 in prizes.

    The Summer Games 2001 Tournament will consist of a series of weekend online competitions open to the public. The winners of each of these weekend competitions will win prizes and earn a spot in the "Tournament of Champions" at the end of the summer. An additional free-for-all event, the "End of Summer Deathmatch," will give everyone an extra chance to compete.

    For additional details, a complete list of rules, and an online application form, visit D-Link Gamer's Haven."

    Head over to the official site for more.

    Funcom have certainly been busy over the last couple of weeks, trying to correct the ever growing number of known bugs and glitches for their somewhat under-developed Massive Multiplay Online Role Playing Game, Anarchy Online. This new patch is the latest result. Head on over and download it.

    It appears that Massive Multiplayer Online Role Play Games, are becoming more and more unsavory, with a huge number of promising and exciting RPG's (Ultima Online 2, Wizardry 9, Torn)kicking the can, and falling under the corperate quicksand.

    Sadly another great Role Playing Game title, Fallen Age, appears to be about to follow suit. What follows is an official press release off their site:

    "For Immediate Release


    Diamond Bar, California, July 27, 2001-Fallen Age, the innovative massively multiplayer online game from Netamin has been placed on hold indefinitely, the company announced today.

    "We have run into creative differences with our partners in Korea, and have decided this week that we had no choice but to put the game on hold," said Daniel "Savant" Manachi, Producer of Fallen Age.

    "We sincerely apologize to our testers for the time and effort they've put into helping test the game and hope we will be able to re-launch the title soon," said Manachi. "Because of their dedication, we are working with the folks at Mythic Entertainment to enable Fallen Age testers to move to the Dark Age of Camelot Beta."

    "We'll have details in the coming week(s) for the testers regarding this move, and we greatly appreciate Mythic for working with us. While we are all competitors, it's nice to know that the players can come first," said Manachi.

    For more information about Netamin, contact Kathleen O'Guin, Director of Business Development, at (909) 598-7177, extension 103, or email at

    I was really really looking forward to this game, especially after the disapointments concerning Anarchy Online. Who knows though? Maybe one day we will see this title back on the developing blocks, however I doubt it. The official Fallen Age site can be located here.

    Sunday, July 29, 2001

    3DWW2 Status

    - Falcon @ 7:03 am PST

    Status of 3D World War II development:
    The current build is v2.7, while the final version will be v3. At this point we're done with most development, only things remaining are finishing up the in-game music, fixing up bugs (the beta testing process is going on right now) and implementing a few small features, as well as creating a new introduction movie for the game.

    Saturday, July 28, 2001

    GamespyDaily scored 3 shiny screenies from Realm Interactive's upcoming title, Trade Wars: Dark Millennium.

    Alex of MAF-Soft has created an unofficial smaller version of the recently released Q3 1.29g patch. It's a mere 261K, which is a lot better than the 26 megs, and does exactly the same thing as the larger version.

    Friday, July 27, 2001

    GameSpy Industries Re-Launches

    Comprehensive site covers the Team Fortress series of games and add-ons

    Irvine, Calif. - (July 27, 2001) -- GameSpy Industries, the leading online entertainment pioneer, is proud to announce the re-launch of, the Internet's most comprehensive resource for fans of the Team Fortress series of action games and add-ons.

    PlanetFortress features complete information about Team Fortress, Team Fortress Classic, and the highly anticipated Team Fortress 2, as well as other Fortress-related add-ons and downloads. The Team Fortress series, which first exploded onto the online gaming community in 1996, is among the most popular online games of all time. PlanetFortress provides up-to-the-minute news and information for fans, as well as screenshots, strategy guides, downloadable files and more.

    "Team Fortress has always been one of the few super-engrossing online games, the kind that naturally creates a huge community of energized fans.
    PlanetFortress is the touchstone for that community," said Mark Surfas, CEO/Founder of GameSpy industries. "The re-launch of the site shows our
    commitment to continuing to serve that great group of people."

    "The success and redesign of PlanetFortress is a credit to the TF community," says Robin Walker, design manager at Valve. "We look forward to working with PlanetFortress as we unveil TF2 and what lies beyond."

    Over 200,000 Registered TRIBES 2 Players Online

    Sierra today announced that over 200,000 people have registered to play TRIBES(tm) 2 online. Accomplished in only four months after the game's release, this milestone comes shortly after the most recent update, raking in registrations at an unbelievably rapid rate.

    "There are now over 200,000 TRIBES 2 competitors and spectators out there," said Alex Rodberg, brand manager for TRIBES 2. "The community has really embraced the game, and we saw a dramatic increase in the rate of registrations after the last TRIBES update. We're fast on track to reaching our goal of a million TRIBES 2 players."

    The most innovative first person action franchise takes team-based warfare to new heights with TRIBES 2, where only superior teamwork and cunning tactics will ensure a Tribe's survival. With unprecedented innovations to team-based play and in-game communications, massive multiplayer support and new vehicles and weapons, TRIBES 2 is the ultimate team-based action experience.

    Sierra On-Line, Inc. , a subsidiary of Vivendi Universal Publishing and part of the Vivendi Universal Games division, is one of the original developers and largest worldwide publishers of interactive entertainment and productivity software. Sierra is renowned for releasing critically acclaimed and award winning titles that represent a wide variety of computer entertainment on both next generation console and PC platforms.

    Vivendi Universal Games (VUG) is a division of Vivendi Universal Publishing, a world leader in mass-market multimedia communications. A leading publisher of online, PC and console-based interactive content, VUG's portfolio of entertainment software brands includes Blizzard Entertainment(r),, Sierra(tm) and Universal Interactive Studios. Games are one of parent company Vivendi Universal's key content areas, along with movies, music and other publishing activities. Vivendi Universal aims to be the world's preferred creator and provider of personalized information, entertainment and services to consumers everywhere, and across all distribution platforms.

    PC Dash 2 Review (P8000)
    Flight simulations are a complex form of entertainment and sometimes all the buttons and switches on even the most complex HOTAS don't seem to be in plentiful enough supply. Enter Saitek's PC Dash 2, a powerful command pad that is more sophisticated game controller than keyboard emulator.


    Microsoft today announced that the official Web site for A.I. Puzzler is now live at Following on the heels of the release of "A.I.," Steven Spielberg's new film, A.I. Puzzler will be available for an estimated retail price of $24.95 (U.S.) and will carry an ESRB rating of "T" (for Teen).

    A.I. Puzzler allows players to relive the excitement of A.I. on the PC with visual images of the futuristic world, David and his family, Gigolo Joe, the Flesh Fair, and more. Players will enjoy 130 mind-bending puzzles that bring the movie to life. It's a journey through the film, with never-before seen images unveiled when players conquer the intriguing world of A.I. through puzzles. A.I. Puzzler was designed by Alexey Pajitnov, famed creator of Tetris and Pandora's Box. Players can try a demo of three of the many puzzles in the game by visiting the official game site at

    Sony shares have taken a tumble this morning after the company's latest results showed a 90% drop in operating profits for the group, with the games division up compared to last year but still in the red. More at:
    "Analysts suggested that slow sales of the PlayStation 2 were contributing to the poor figures, with the company's gaming division losing around £18m, an improvement on the previous year but still not reaching break-even. Meanwhile there are questions over whether Sony can reach its target of selling 20 million PlayStation 2 consoles by the end of March 2002, although the growing number of quality games for the machine after a poor start last year should help, with titles like Metal Gear Solid 2 and Gran Turismo 3 likely to drive sales and help Sony withstand the onslaught from Microsoft and Nintendo later in the year."

    Thursday, July 26, 2001

    EuroGamer has taken a look at Rally Trophy, the retro rally sim from Bugbear and JoWood featuring classic cars of the 1960's and 70's, which is due out in December for PC, with a Xbox version following the next year. Here's a quick clip:

    Finnish developer Bugbear Entertainment are trying to break the mould with Rally Trophy, which follows in the tyre tracks of Grand Prix Legends by ditching the familiar Ford Focus and Peugot 206 of modern racing in favour of a dozen classic cars of the Sixties and Seventies, including the Hillman Imp, Porsche 911 and Mini Cooper.

    Gamitopia sent word that they scored an interview with Patric Sundstrom, Marking Manager for MindArk about their upcoming game entitled Project Entropia. In the interview, they talk about the game itself, as well as the company behind it.

    Here's the skinny..

    Microsoft announced that the Links Championship Edition, the most complete golf experience in one box, will be available at retail locations throughout North America in October 2001 for an estimated street price of $49.95, with a $20 USD mail-in rebate for owners of Links 2001. Links Championship Edition is the entire Links 2001 collection in one package and includes a full version of Links 2001, the powerful 3D Arnold Palmer Course Designer, 13 championship courses, 14 professional and amateur players, and new course design tools for the Links 2001 franchise.

    Links Championship Edition adds four all-new golf courses to Links 2001. Pennsylvania's Oakmont Country Club, Australia's Royal Melbourne, The Frankfurter Golf Club of Germany, and The Judge Course at Capitol Hill from the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail in Alabama are all included, along with five original Links 2001 and four Links Expansion Pack professionally-designed golf venues.

    The most significant upgrade to the Links series in over a decade, Links 2001 features a rendering engine that delivers unprecedented ball physics and graphics; as well as the Arnold Palmer Course Designer, which allows PC golfers to re-create their home courses with the same tools used by the Links 2001 team. A new dynamic camera feature allows players to view each shot from different perspectives. Links 2001 offers gamers new tour players including Sergio Garcia, Annika Sorenstam, Mike Weir, and more, as well as new golfer animations and personalities, customizable club distances that allow for an even more accurate re-creation of a player's actual game, and faster and easier online play. Additionally, the long-awaited Arnold Palmer Course Designer (APCD) makes its debut in Links 2001. The APCD provides users with the power and versatility to accurately recreate courses in a powerful, real-time 3D system. Players can tweak every inch of fairway with the APCD, and create tunnels and arches with full control over each point on the course. Over 300 fan courses created with the APCD are available free of charge online. (Visit for a list of sites under the "Downloads" section.)

    For more on Links 2001, go to:

    RPGVault has smakced up an interview with President of Past Tree David Ullman on their interesting new product, MMORPG Construction Kit, which will allow you to create, host, and maintain your own MMORPG. Here's a clip on what this bad boy features:

    Jonric: What are the Kit's main features? What's included in the way of tiles monsters, weapons and other items, and other components?

    David Ullmann: The Kit's main features include the server and mapmaker. The Server allows the player to set hundreds of different options to make his world just the way he wants it, including spells, chests, items, monsters, quests, NPC texts and much more. The mapmaker includes well over 4000 unique tiles, over 20 monster graphics, hundreds of item graphics, four different races (both male and female), tons of ambient sounds and a lot of other cool stuff the player can customize. sent word that they have slapped up a Win2K Boot Logo Gallery, filled with over 50 boot logos which you can download and use for yourself. They are also accepting submissions, so send your's in if ya have any. Also, if you don't know how to modify your boot logo in Win2K, check out this article on

    Eidos has announced that they are working on Soul Reaver 2, the sequel to Soul Reaver: Legacy of Kain, which should be out in winter for PC, and September for PS2. Once again, Eurogamer has the poop, including the details and 5 shiny screenshots.

    Codemasters has announced TOCA Race Driver, a new game in their multi-million selling TOCA Touring Car series, and Eurogamer has the juice. They got all the details, as well as 5 shiny screenshots. Here's a clip:

    In keeping with the name, Codemasters are promising a more plot-driven game this time round, with more focus on the drivers themselves than usual. Exactly how this will work in practice isn't entirely clear, but it's being hyped as "a true convergence of racing gaming and cinematic experience".

    Here's some screenies for ya tonite..
  • Valhalla Chronicles
  • TOCA Race Driver

    Montreal, Quebec. July 25, 2001 - Europa Universalis has been fully localized in more than ten languages around the world and has earned a reputation for being one of the most solid historical games ever released. Scheduled for release this Winter, Europa Universalis II broadens the scope even further.

    Executives of Strategy First Inc. and Paradox Entertainment shook hands today after signing yet another North American publishing agreement for the highly anticipated sequel to the award-winning, Europa Universalis.

    “Europa Universalis has received an overwhelming positive response from North American gamers,” said Steve Wall, V.P., Business Development . “The standard was set very high for the sequel and Paradox has come through again with Europa Universalis 2. Players are in for a real treat.”

    "Our team has been able to add the ideas that gamers from around the world have requested through our very active website. It is our goal to build a range of games for this audience, and we are delighted to have Strategy First onboard with their clear understanding of this market segment, " says Theodore Bergquist, CEO of Paradox Entertainment.

    Europa Universalis II broadens the game's scope further, allowing players to not only choose between the 8 European superpowers, but any nation that ever existed in the world! That is over 100 playable nations, including African tribes, the Japanese Shogunate, and the Chinese Empire. The sequel will also feature 100 years of additional history - including the hundred years war and the whole Napoleonic era. The game will span more than four hundred years (1419-1820) providing players hours of additional game play.

    Several key features will be open to change, according to the player's own tastes, such as historical event flow and scenario constructions etc. A matchmaking function to simplify online gaming and server hosting will be implemented, as well as a completely new tutorial system that will lower the learning curve.

    Some other features that distinguish it from the original are the following; ▪ Greater control over countries and their development ▪ more bargaining power during times of war and peace ▪ more religions available ▪ new technology ▪ new units ▪ new elements, such as Privateers, Mercenaries, Missionaries and a ▪ Scenario editor.

    Europa Universalis II is a must-have for any serious strategy gamer. For more information and a complete update on the Europa Universalis series, visit

    Neverwinter Vault is taking their course to prepare
    for scripting in Neverwinter Nights to the next level.

    Having trouble with the lessons and the forums just aren't cutting it? Well, NWVault will be holding weekly moderated IRC workshops, going through each lesson, step by step to help you get through it.

    Their first workshop is this Saturday at 9pm EST and will be on the newly revised Lesson 1. Here are all the nitty-gritty details.

    WHERE: NWVault Chat
    (IRC clients connect to: in channel #neverwinter)

    WHEN: Saturday, July 28th, 2001
    6:00 pm Pacific Time
    7:00 pm Mountain Time
    9:00 pm Eastern Time

    WHY : To go over lesson 1 - Installing the LCC compiler have an interview with the games newest Level Designer, Thearrel "Kiltron" McKinney.
    Ritual: How has the transition into professional level design affected your outlook on creativity and artistic freedom? Have you found the addition of tight scheduling and pre-realized concepts to be constricting, or simply a good starting point? Any unexpected problems?
    Kiltron: I've always wanted to develop for a professional company, and since being here, they've pretty much given me a lot of creative freedom. Learning new tools and applying new techniques can sometimes be challenging, but overall, nothing is too complex to handle. You just have to be patient, take the time to learn and do it. The scheduling of milestones, and using concept art for level design is a part of the development process, and I'm sort of used to that style of work, as that's how I tried to prep myself with community work before coming to Ritual.

    Wednesday, July 25, 2001

    RPGVault has slapped up a new beta journal for Mythic Entertainment's online RPG, Dark Age of Camelot, in which they take a look at the questing system. Here's a quick snippet from it:

    By typing responses which include the bracketed text (this highlighted text may also be clicked on to proceed), I prompt Labhras to continue. This can be a simple restatement of the text, or a more complete reply, depending on your roleplaying tendencies or current mood. Labhras went on to tell me of an ancient grove which is being guarded by an unknown creature, but that it is unsafe to visit the grove at night. They believe that the grove holds some untold story and he asked me whether I would seek the story out. As he asks this, a box pops up asking whether I will "find why the grove is guarded and remove the guardian".

    Oy! Gamitopia is smokin' tonite. They sent word that they also slapped up a review on Dracula: The Last Sanctuary. Here's a bit about the game..

    Follow Jonathan as he pursues Dracula through London to Carfax, Borgo Pass, the Catacombs, and finally to Dracula's secret Sanctuary. Numerous puzzles, challenges, plenty of bad guys, and confrontations with the boss himself (Dracula), await you in this 360-degree graphically splendid, continuing story of Dracula.

    Gamitopia has opened up a new section, called Retro Gaming, where they take a look at bad and good games of the good ol' days, as well as various other things. Tonite, they take a look at Cannon Fodder, a war game from 1993, and an article on how to squeeze some classic-gaming out of your high-end rig.

    RPGVault takes a look at Reakktor Media's upcoming cyberpunk MMORPG in their intelligence report. Here's a quick clip on the tech:

    Technology: Neocron uses an advanced 3D engine developed in-house. It features the ability to combine BSP tree design and large terrain allowing for large amounts of space with detailed structures in the same place. The engine is specifically designed for a persistent online world with many zones. A server can be run on more than one machine to allow for load balancing as traffic increases.

    3DSpotLight has posted the weekly price guide for Wednesday, July 25. Some of the bargains this week are an Athlon Tbird 1.2ghz for $92, or Kingston 256MB PC-133 Ram for $35.23.

    Going to the London CPL? Do you modify your own case? If so, this one's for you..

    The Overclocking Store (, one of the fastest growing on line retailers of specialised computer hardware will be holding the first European Consummate Computer Competition (C3) on 3rd-5th August as part of their sponsorship of the ELSA CPL European Championships (

    Today's trend for faster and more fashionable computers has led users to engage in custom modifications to their own systems. As a result of this tiresome quest for cooler, faster and smarter systems - and to encourage more users to experiment with such radical ideas - the C3 competition will be run to reward the most inventive and original of today's system 'designers'.

    Taking place over the full 3 days of the event, the C3 competition will comprise two categories; one which judges systems on their overall artistic design, and one category that focuses on the 'greed for speed' through thermal acceleration.

    The CPL Europe is thrilled to have The Overclocking Store on board for the upcoming cybersport spectacle in London, the ELSA CPL European Championships. "Having such wicked constructions on display at the event will entertain even the greatest of sceptics and only adds to the already exciting program we have prepared for all spectators, BYOC players, and tournament participants" said Ralf Reichert, Managing Director of CPL Europe.

    The boys at Eurogamer sent word that they have slapped up a hands-on preview of From Dusk Till Dawn. They also include 4 shiny new screenshots from the press beta version. Here's a clip:

    From Dusk 'Til Dawn is a sequel to the movie rather than a straight remake, and instead of setting the game in the confines of the Titty Twister, lead designer Hubert Chardot has put George Clooney's character Seth Gecko on death row in a prison barge called the Rising Sun. As if having only 72 hours left to live wasn't bad enough for Seth, he now has to face a ship full of blood-sucking creatures of the night after a group of vampires tried to spring one of his fellow inmates from the barge.

    Lucid Games sent word that they have released Dive! Advanced, the follow-up to the fairly popular arcade game, "Dive!", which can be directly downloaded here. Here's a quick description of the game:

    Dive! Advanced is the enhanced version of the popular arcade game Dive!. In this exciting and challenging game you will be placed at the helm of a deep-sea submersible in the middle of troubled waters. You are responsible for retrieving a number of precious artifacts off the ocean floor in waters ruthlessly patrolled by enemy nuclear submarines and riddled with depth charges, mines, and torpedoes. It will take razor-sharp skill and split-second thinking to dodge and weave through these dangers and complete your mission.

    Dive! Advanced features excellent graphics and sound with an original gameplay style that combines quick thinking and tense arcade action! In Dive! Advanced it is Sink or Swim. What will it be?

    PC Hardware posted a nineteen page review of fifteen AMD and Intel coolers. You can find coolers from Taisol, Thermalright, Coolermaster, Pentalpha, Millennium, AKASA, Tiger Electronics tested with various CPUs including an overclocked Thunderbird 1652Mhz. We like to think that quantity is not the only reason to read this roundup. :)
    “As you may know we split the market in three segments: low price, medium price and high end. We have many coolers ready for testing today in all the three segments. From the beginning I was tempted to test the coolers in every market segment and to publish the results separately. The other option would have been to publish the results for every manufacturer that entered the roundup. In the end I decided to go for both. First I tested the coolers in every market category and in the end I make a comparison based on price and performance.”

    RPGVault has slapped up a lengthy interview with Lead Game Designer Francis “Drake” Lahaie on Black Moon Chronicles: Winds of War. Here's a quick snippet:

    Jonric: As gamers, what are some of the major interests among the members of the team, and in particular, are there any you'd consider noteworthy in terms of having influenced the design of your game?

    Francis Lahaie: More than half of Vircom's staff is made up of hardcore gamers. The others are PC, console and even board-game players. Basically, everyone at Vircom has an interest in games in general. Amongst our most enthusiastic players, many are FPS and RPG addicts, others are anime/Manga fans, as well as fantasy and sci-fi novel readers. In fact, the core design and animation team actually met on a BBS, in a text-based multiplayer game called Tele-Arena.

    PlanetDiablo has done a major update to their Item Database, which features items from D2, and D2: LoD, including base, exceptional, and elite, even class-specific armor. You can also look up stats for all armor except the new uniques and set item armor, which will be added later on.

    Gamitopia has smacked up a preview of Zoo Tycoon. Here's a brief description of the game:

    In Zoo Tycoon, you'll be challenged to build the most healthy and vibrant zoo possible. You can begin planning your strategy and building your ultimate zoo the moment you start the game.

    ECTS is traditionally Europe's biggest computer gaming show. However, this year, things are a bit different. It seems not a lot of people are going. Here's the poop:

    It's looking like a deathly quiet year, with all of the console manufacturers and most of the big publishers staying away, leaving the floor open to smaller publishers, developers and hardware companies like NVIDIA and Guillemot. Whether the show can carry on haemorrhaging exhibitors like this for much longer remains to be seen, but it's not looking promising for ECTS. Every year they announce that more people are visiting the show and more exhibitors are taking part, but if none of the big players bother to turn up it's going to become something of a sideshow.

    The boys at Eurogamer sent word that they reviewed Microsoft's Train Simulator, calling it "one of the more .. unusual titles that we've come across in recent months". Here's a clip:

    Trains are perhaps not the most obvious vehicle to simulate, locked as they are to two strips of metal which prevent them from doing anything other than going forwards or backwards. But that hasn't stopped Microsoft and British developer Kuju from attempting the impossible.

    Monday, July 23, 2001

    BG2 Review

    - Falcon @ 1:56 am PST have written a review of Baldurs Gate 2, but the review is written in German, with a translated version avilable but with somewhat dodgy language.
    German version:
    English Translation

    3DSL News

    - Falcon @ 1:47 am PST

    The PowerVR Kyro II is the latest in PowerVR’s Series 3 of Graphics Cards and perhaps the most well known so far in the PC Graphics Card market. 3D Spotlight has prepared this tweaking guide to maximize your Kyro II performance and visual quality in both Windows 9x/Me & Windows 2000.

    They have also modified a bit their on-going contest in which we have been giving away free Duron's 900, well... starting from this week, we will give the prize winner the option to choose between the Duron and a 32mb GeForce 2 MX videocard.

    Pretty much as before, everything you've to do to enter the contest is signing up on our newsletter, enter here for more details:

    LITTLEWHITEDOG.COM has just completed their review of an Acrylic Case Window Kit put together by the folks over at PCMods. An inexpensive pre-fabbed case window kit, that you can install yourself with only a few simple tools and about forty-five minutes of your time.
    "That's all there is to it. It took me a total of about 40 minutes from start to finish to install the window kit. Not bad for the first step down the road of case modding. Of course it would look much better if I had some neon lights installed, or some yellow ATA/100 rounded cables, but that just gives me all the more reason to get some. Like I said at the beginning, I decided to mod the hell out of my case, and this is just the first step. By the time I'm done with this thing, it's going to be water cooled and lit up like a night at Vegas; mag wheels, painted - the works...."


    Microsoft announced today that the Links European Open, the second event in the Links 2001 Virtual Golf Association (VGA) Tour, begins today. Participants are urged to visit to register and begin play today through the last day of the event, next Sunday, July 29. This week's tour stop takes place on the venerable Old Course at St Andrews Links, considered the "birthplace of golf."

    Last year's runner-up, Mike Scheutz (SCHEUTZ) is tied for the lead with MikeM, who both shot a -65. Defending champion Paul Willey (Paul_Willey) is a close second and tied with HanSomVinner, both only 2 strokes back after shooting a -63. The current rankings, following the Links American Open held in June, can be found at

    This year, VGA Tour participants are comprised of cyber-golfers from up to 12 different countries, all of whom are competing for a share of over $75,000 in prize money. All PC golfers who use Links 2001, Microsoft's award winning golf simulation for the PC, are eligible to join. With just a few clicks of the mouse, golfers who visit can be part of the most realistic golf tour on the Internet. Registration will continue throughout the VGA Tour.

    Over 12,000 golfers participated in Microsoft's inaugural Virtual Golf Association Tour last year. The champion, Paul Willey, took home the VGA Tour crown in Hawaii along with over $100,000 in tournament winnings. Joe Montana and Russ Francis were on hand to present the grand prize.

    The 2001 Virtual Golf Association Tour includes three preliminary major tournaments, a semi-final for the top 70 on the money board, and a final event in a location yet to be determined which will pit the top four players against each other head-to-head.

    For more information on Links 2001, visit the official Web site at:

    Monday, July 23, 2001

    MindArk Reveals Project Entropia Operations Center Preparations for Phase II beta test continue in high gear

    Gothenburg, Sweden - July 23, 2001 - MindArk AB announced today that construction and staffing of the Project Entropia Operations Center are well under way. Located in the company’s offices, the facility, which will have primary responsibility for participant support and service, is slated to be operational by
    the beginning of the Phase II beta test. As previously announced, selection of approximately 500 additional testers will begin on July 23.

    “It is vitally important that the citizens of Project Entropia derive maximum enjoyment from the time they spend in our virtual world, and we have planned accordingly,” stated MindArk Chief Operating Officer Jan Welter. “We recognize that the Operations Center is critical to the success of the entire project, so even though we are announcing it today, we have already put a tremendous amount of planning and of effort into it.”

    Project Entropia is a revolutionary new form of Internet-based inter-active entertainment that will be made available at no initial cost and with no subscription fees to millions of Internet users around the world. In the roles of human colonists on the virtual planet Calypso, they will be able to meet and socialize or adventure into wilderness areas where they will face challenges from wild indigenous creatures and invading robots. Prospective beta testers may still apply at has posted it's review of Cossacks - European Wars. This has been one of the most popular and widely acclaimed RTS games released 2001.
    "After reading about the huge amount of units present in the game I wondered how many nations were actually featured in Cossacks. The answer? Sixteen entire nations, all with their own technology trees, all with their own units and buildings, and every one of them playable. Age of Empires, eat your heart out (with a spoon!)"

    Sunday, July 22, 2001

    According to Eurogamer a new government study in the UK shows that gamers are more smarter and "more adjusted". Here's a quick clip:

    People who play games regularly seem to develop a mental state that we have seen before only in serious athletes or professionals such as astronauts, whose life depends on concentration and co-ordination", project leader Jo Bryce added. "Their minds and bodies work together much better than those of most other people.

    Salsa Shark Productions has re-released the old DOS game, Shadows of the Lost Citadel (which I've never heard of..) in a new Windows version, with hi-res support. Here's the press release:


    Salsa Shark Productions Releases Hi-Res Windows Version Of Their Original Dos Title SHADOW OF THE LOST CITADEL!

    HOUSTON, TEXAS -- July 22, 2001 -- Salsa Shark Productions today announced the release of Shadow of the Lost Citadel v2.1 for Windows, adding windowed and full screen play, and all new 640x480 graphics!

    Stacy Davidson, designer of SHADOW OF THE LOST CITADEL said, "With a crisp new hi-res look and standard windows compatibility, it is my hope that this new version of Shadow, our Dark Tower re-make, can reach beyond retro enthusiasts and catch the eye of the more casual gamers out there. There's a lot of fun to be had in this previously un-released classic from 1984."

    In SHADOW OF THE LOST CITADEL, you traverse a series of dark forests searching for special items, treasure, magic shops and extra party members while contending with dangers such as disorienting fog, deadly plague, and horned dungeon beasts. Your goal: find several keys hidden throughout the land, locate the Lost Citadel, solve it's riddle and lift the dreadful curse over the realm of Broodweed!

    SHADOW OF THE LOST CITADEL is a fun and addictive arcade/adventure game for the entire family with a dark sword & sorcery theme. The game can be ordered on CD from for $14.95, or $12.95 for online delivery (no CD). Includes both Dos and Windows versions.

    Two reviews for the Diablo II Expansion Set, Diablo II : LoD. One by Gamespy and the other by FiringSquad.

    FiringSquad Review - a lenghty eight page review, a good reading with final score of 86%. - 85%, LoD couldn't have been much better according to the reviewer.

    We now have the previous poll results. The question was "What Type/Speed is your CPU?", and I must say the results are very interesting:

    Pentium 3 <700Mhz.............161...........16.53 %
    Pentium 3 700Mhz-1Ghz.......213...........21.87 %
    Pentium 4 1.3Ghz+...............42.............4.31 %
    Celeron..............................57.............5.85 %
    AMD Athlon Classic...............81.............8.32 %
    AMD Athlon T-Bird <1ghz.......72.............7.39 %
    AMD Athlon T-Bird 1ghz+......194...........19.92 %
    AMD Duron..........................61.............6.26 %
    Other.................................93.............9.55 %
    ------------TOTAL----------974------100.00 %

    "Pentium 3 700Mhz-1Ghz" option won, followed closely by "AMD Athlon T-Bird 1ghz+". "Pentium 3 <700Mhz" got third place and "Pentium 4 1.3Ghz+" was last. Some thoughts about these results:

    From out the 974 people that participated in the poll, the majory has a powerful CPU. And note the close distance between Pentium and AMD. The fact few people have Pentium 4 can lead us thinking that this CPU isn't much affordable or that it doesn't provide much improvement from the higher Pentium 3.

    People seem to have good and fast CPU's but Pentium 4 isn't well established yet, showing that perhaps isn't taking advantage of it's full potential.. or that it's just too expensive.

    After asking you about your CPU we propose the following: "What game can't you stop playing?". Head on to the poll and vote!

    Saturday, July 21, 2001

    Horizons Vault sent word that they scored an in-game model of a Dryad from Artifact Entertainment's upcoming RPG, Horizons.


    - Falcon @ 5:56 am PST

  • Sudden Stike : Forever review
  • Army Men Advance Review
  • Twisted Metal: Black Review
  • Heart of Winter: Trials Of The Luremaster Review

    Friday, July 20, 2001

    Seems to be a lot of interviews this morning. EuroGamer sent word that they did a quick interview with Spanish developer Pyro, in the first part of two. In it, they talked to the Commandos 2 development team about the soon to be released WWII sequel and the future of the popular series on the PC, next-gen consoles. Here's a little snippet:

    One thing which is definite though is that "there will be no add-ons for the game", with Pyro instead choosing to concentrate on making brand new games, probably including another Commandos sequel. "We are thinking about making a Commandos 3, as we have many ideas on
    how to expand and improve the Commandos environment and gameplay. Commandos 2 opens so many possibilities for the future that we feel tempted to explore them."

    The author of popular Half-Life single player mods, such as ADAM and Hour-Glass, will be reopening his site at PHL on July 21, 2001.

    Neverwinter Vault has posted a lesson reference sheet which breaks down each lesson into a quick summary for easy viewing. There's also several new Q&A's on fuctions offering more info, as well as a tips and tricks section.

    Also on Stomped this morning is an interview with Hubert Chardo from Gamesquad regarding their game, From Dusk Till Dawn. In it, they chat it up about the development and what players can expect to see in the game.

    Stomped has slapped up an interview with Silicon Ice Development team, the folks behind the Urban Terror Quake 3 mod. They mainly cover the mod, as well as a few other things. Also included are exclusive screenshots of upcoming levels Austria, Casa, and Rommel.

  • 8 new Divine Divinity Screens
  • 8 new Gothic Screenies

    Thursday, July 19, 2001

    British police have expressed their concern at a LAN party which is giving away a genuine deactivated AK47 assault rifle as one of its prizes. Full story here -
    The deactivated weapon is perfectly legal to own, and the event organisers said in a statement that it was "acquired from a company specifically licensed by the Government to decommission weapons and as such is totally inoperable".
    However, given the current debate over replica weapons the police are worried about the prospects of someone wandering around the streets with an AK47, inoperable or not.

    Today in GameSpy Arcade, join 3DActionPlanet for an exclusive chat with Codemasters' Richard Blenkinsop, External Producer for the new hit tactical action game Operation Flashpoint. Set in the Glasnost-era Soviet Union and packed with explosive tension and unprecedented freedom of action, Operation Flashpoint has already established a rabid following among European gaming audiences -- and it's currently preparing to storm U.S. shores. Here's your chance to gather some advance intelligence: drop into Arcade and interrogate Richard Blenkinsop until he spills the game's every last secret!

    The invasion begins this afternoon at 2:00 p.m. PST, 5:00 p.m. EST, 9:00 p.m. GMT in the Operation Flashpoint lobby of the Arcade software. Don't miss it!


  • Download Arcade
  • Launch into Chat:
  • 3DActionPlanet:
  • Codemasters:
  • Operation Flashpoint Bio on


    A Battalion of 700 British get ready for war in Europe.

    July 19, 2001: The Sudden Strike UK Championships, organised by top European games publisher CDV, has smashed through all previous records to become officially, the biggest RTS tournament ever held. With 700 contestants already registered via the dedicated web site at, CDV believes that there will be 800 players by August 1st, when the tournament officially begins.

    Last-minute entrants, or anyone still wishing to polish up their skills at the RTS blockbuster Sudden Strike now have just two weeks to sign up for the Championships and join one of the online battalions from where the 24 UK finalists will emerge.

    The online tournament will take place during August and September, with every single entrant who plays at least one game eligible for a campaign medal to mark their participation in this historic event.

    Unveiled today is the unique Sudden Strike map which has been created especially for the Championships' qualifying tournament by renowned map designer Taliesin. Taliesin has created custom maps for each stage of the Championships - anyone interested in seeing, or practising, the qualifying tournament map can download it from it will also be hosted on many other sites on the web. The 24 best players from this campaign will meet in the flesh at UK finals day on October 7 at The Playing Fields, London's premier multiplayer gaming venue. As well as the chance to represent the UK in the European Final, finalists will also be competing for prizes including top quality PC hardware. There are PCs, NVIDIA Geforce 3-based 3D Prophet III graphics cards from Hercules, and Touch Force Optical mice from Saitek, featuring the latest optical technology with fast, accurate response rates on offer.

    "Over 700 entrants is an unprecedented response for any single game tournament," says Leo Zullo, marketing manager of CDV UK. "We can't wait for the tournament to start - we have some incredibly good players already registered and I'm sure some exciting new stars will emerge during the competition."

    "These are truly exciting times for multi-player gaming," said Daniel Allen, Product Manager at Saitek. "The combination of cutting edge peripherals and the best players in the UK together will produce an experience that is both inspiring for competitors and excellent fun."

    Edward Watson, director of The Playing Fields, adds: “In the four years that The Playing Fields has been organising events, I have never seen anything quite like this. The interest, support and response from entrants has been overwhelming.”

    Players finishing in the top three at the UK finals will progress to the grand European showdown in Paris on October 19. All three will win an all-expenses paid weekend in Paris which will include the unique three-way tournament to find the Sudden Strike European Champion, playing against the Sudden Strike champions of France and Germany.

    For more on the Sudden Strike European Championships and for an online entry form, go to Details of how to enter can also be found in the packaging for Sudden Strike Forever, the Sudden Strike expansion pack, available now for PC CD-ROM at £19.99.

    Montreal, Quebec. July 19th, 2001 - Strategy First and TimeGate Studios released a "new features" patch today for their award-winning real-time strategy game, Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns.

    Kohan has been praised for reviving the RTS genre by combining fantasy warfare, turn-based thoughtfulness and a twist of RPG in one award-winning game experience. Now, the development team is further enhancing that experience by providing its players with additional features.

    Among the features that will be included in the patch are the following:
    · GameSpy Chat functionality
    · Ability to ban players from a multiplayer game
    · Several climate options added to the random map generator
    · Retreat/Rout buttons added to the regiment interface
    · New art for the Dreadlord and Paladin
    · Automatic detection of new versions and downloading of patches
    · Support for official expansions and mods
    · AI Player Improved

    For more information about the game, log onto

    Camelot Vault now has online a new Dark Age of Camelot Beta Journal from the eyes of a beta tester who recounts his first steps in the Celtic realm of Hibernia which was released earlier this week. Covering character creation, combat, exploration, and forming a party, he covers many things a fledging Celt may expect to find when they first travel in the Dark Age of Camelot. Eight new screenshots illustrate this tale.

    Dark Age of Camelot is a massively multiplayer online RPG which takes place in the period following King Arthur's death, when Briton, Norse, and Celtic realms battle for control. Currently in closed beta testing the game is due for release this October.

    Tell you on thing, Fatherdale: The Guardians of Ashgard, has centainly been given alot of press lately. To add more wood to the fire, Geek Girls Guide 2 Games -Someone got pretty desperate when searching for a domain name....- have gone and interviewed Gleb Vlasenko, one of the key members in the development team of this RPG. In the interview he makes afew interesting comments, when talking about the general community worldwide, heres the goss:
    ": 6- A general question: Gaming industry seems to be rapidly developing in Russia. What is your opinion for this fast development wave?

    Russia is traditionally strong in programming and all kinds of storytelling, so it's quite logical to see small teams gather experience and attempt more and more daring games projects. The revenue from the local market is still not enough to fund the development of a decent title, though, so the overall model is still underperforming -- at the moment a team must seek local publisher that would be willing to invest in hope to recoup from the international sales. Once the local market
    grows to be big enough to allow the smaller teams return all of the funding from sales in Russia alone, though, we will see a many more projects -- and that would be a real wave :-).

    As well as a few of my own.

    :: Why do you think most of the RPG development going on right now is in Europe?

    It could be well argued that no matter how many good RPGs we make in Europe, Japan will be still ahead :). Seriously though, in the US there's Arcanum, there's Pool of Radiance, there's BioWare and their mighty projects, there are Interplay's Feargus and Guido, so I would't say there's not enough going on in the Americas. What really makes the difference is the breakdown of sales. Good RPGs enjoyed a tremendous success in Nordics and in Europe overall (especially in the Eastern
    Europe -- I think for Planescape Torment Poland's CD Projekt published the best edition all over the world!), yet the US market was less excited as it's more about action and value-based products. The best illustration would be the difference between American and French movies -- it's all rooted in the cultural tradition."

    Morrowind Q&A

    - Raven @ 8:19 pm PST

    RPGvault, have posted the third installment of their Morrowind Interview. This time with Project Leader Todd Howard, talking about attributes and skills in Bethsoft's eagerly anticipated Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. Heres a quote:
    "Jonric: Similarly, please explain how Personality and Luck are being implemented and what they impact in terms of skills, derived stats et al.

    Todd Howard: Personality determines how much people like you, and is playing a larger role in Morrowind than in the past two games. It also governs the skills of Speechcraft and Mercantile. Luck is sort of the oddball attribute; it affects everything you do in a small amount. It governs no skills at all, but has a subtle effect on all of them.

    Jonric: For those who are familiar with the past Elder Scrolls RPGs, what changes have been made to the skill system? How many total skills will be available in Morrowind, and what scale are they measured on. Will there be pre-set characters or classes with pre-selected combinations of skills?

    Todd Howard: The skill system was introduced in Daggerfall (Arena worked off experience points). The basic system from Daggerfall remains, but is much better balanced. There are 27 skills in all, broken into three categories: magic, combat, and stealth. So, there are nine skills in each category. Skills range from 0 to 100. All 21 classes that come with the game have preset skills, but you can also make your own class. A class for us is really just picking which skills are important to you."

    Electronic Arts has announced that the expansion pack for Shogun: Total War will be delayed. EA is claiming that Total War: Warlord Edition is being held back because of documentation quality problems, but EA is sure the game will be ready to roll by late August.

    Pheonix Entertainment have today announced a new title, The Underworlds. This game, is said to be a mix of Role Playing, Strategy and First Person Shooter elements. Right now, from the very little media I have seen, The Underworlds, looks like it is going to be a very good game, to me the idea of managing my own crime syndicate is very appealing :).

    Aswell, the recently opened website contains screenshots and afew other teasers, sure to build up suspense and kindle some interest. Here is the press release:

    "Phoenix Entertainment Announces The Underworld: Crime Does Pay

    CHARLESTON, South Carolina (July 19, 2001) -- Phoenix Entertainment(tm) today announced a revolutionary 3D game in development called The Underworld: Crime Does Pay(tm). The game is a fully 3D combination real-time strategy game/first person shooter which includes significant role playing game elements. It is the first title from Phoenix Entertainment.

    The Underworld: Crime Does Pay incorporates revolutionary 3D engine technology that has been developed by Phoenix Entertainment. This proprietary technology will enable The Underworld: Crime Does Pay to seamlessly combine the key features of a real-time strategy game, a true first person shooter and a role playing game, providing the player with the ultimate gaming experience. As a result, the game will successfully bridge the three major genres of gameplay.

    The Underworld: Crime Does Pay places the player in charge of a criminal organization. The player assumes control of a small organized crime group and works to expand his or her power and operations while battling with law enforcement and other organized crime groups for supremacy in a modern day city. The gameplay is exciting and extremely diverse, making the game addictive both as a single-player experience and as a multiplayer experience.

    About Phoenix Entertainment

    Phoenix Entertainment(tm), a division of Uhlir-Williams Technologies, LLC, is an innovative developer of 3D multimedia entertainment. The company is presently focused on developing PC games which combine cutting edge technology with revolutionary gameplay. Phoenix Entertainment was founded in 1999 by Clint Uhlir and Jonathan Williams and is currently located in the U.S. in Charleston, South Carolina. The Underworld: Crime Does Pay(tm) is the first game to be released by Phoenix Entertainment. For more information, please visit the Phoenix Entertainment web site at"

    It appears that starved Final Fantasy fans in the western world shouldn't have to much long to wait, until they can get their hands on the latest hit in the ever popular Final Fantasy role playing game series. Eurogamer says that Final Fantasy X is hitting store shelves in Japan right now, whichs means that the game sure be ready for an english release within the next 3-6 months.. Heres the news:
    "Final Fantasy X for the PlayStation 2 has been released in Japan. In time-honoured tradition, popular Tokyo software stores opened as early as 6:30am to let people get their hands on the game, which is part of a 31 million selling series.

    Square CEO/President Hisashi Suzuki told Reuters that the company had delivered initial shipments of 2.14 million units as of July 17th, and advanced orders of 1.4 to 1.5 million. Which, all in all, is good news for the company. Square’s costs have been extraordinary in the last couple of years, with the development of a number of games (from popular titles like Final Fantasy IX to bloopers like The Bouncer), and the simultaneous financing of the full length feature film Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.

    As an added bonus for fans of the series, Final Fantasy X ships with preview footage of Final Fantasy XI, the game that Square executive vice president Hironobu Sakaguchi described as the first multi-platform fully online RPG only a couple of days ago. The trailer can be downloaded separately from Ruliweb, but given that the page is in Japanese, here’s a direct link. Beware that most of the world is currently trying to download this trailer."

    Sharon Shellman of Troika Games will be holding another chat in room #troika on on Friday July 20th 2001, 4:30 Mountain Standard Time. The chat is open to everyone so if you can, why not try to get along. Arcanum is a highly anticipated Role Playing Game, featuring a word where the powers of magic and science clash head on. For more information head over to the official Arcanum Page.

    After the demise of Looking Glass Studios, word on the third addition of the best selling, first person shooter, Thief series, has been very hard to come by. Today breaking that trend, Gamespot have a short three paragraph article up, detailing the changes that have gone on over at Edios, after purchasing the rights to the Thief series. The article even includes afew new screenies, sure to wet your appetite. Heres a snip:
    "The new images included with the update show some of the early areas that have been constructed using the Unreal engine. One shows a bedroom, while another shows an outdoor area that was adapted from a piece of concept art. The shot of the cathedral is actually just a test ground to showcase some special effects, but Smith said that they expect the environments in Thief 3 to look just as good. The rest of the images are all pieces of concept art used to set the mood and feel for the game. An official release date for Thief 3 has not been announced."

    Looks like Mechcommander 2 is starting to hit store shelves across the US. Here's the juice:

    MechCommander 2 gives gamers more than amazing gameplay -- it draws them into the rich, 16-year history of the BattleTech Universe. Players will simultaneously command up to 16 enormous BattleMechs in real-time combat, where outsmarting the enemy is the key to victory. MechCommander 2 is fully 3D, with state-of-the-art terrain that influences player tactics. Players knock down trees, blow through walls, jump jet onto cliffs and crush anything standing in their way to victory.

    While a lone MechWarrior wields up to 100 tons of "Mechanized" death, the MechCommander rules the battlefield from above imposing his strategic will and mastering all he surveys. When he issues an order to jump, MechWarriors obey. When something needs to be destroyed, the MechCommander need only finger the target. He rules the battlefield with an iron fist, commanding his units from the orbital dropship.

    CPL Europe published detailed information on their event website today concerning their spectator area at the ELSA CPL European Championships, set to take place in London early this August.

    Together with The Playing Fields (, CPL Europe announced that they not only promise to uphold their tradition of highest-quality offline coverage but take it to the next step as well.

    With 8 plasma screens and projector walls showing live ingame footage and tournament results, live onscreen interviews and ingame commentary done by such well known faces as Stevie 'Killcreek' Case, Sujoy Roy, and Anja 'Vildkatten' Moeller, CPL Europe hopes to offer everyone attending the event a one-of-a-kind experience. BYOC participants will have free and unlimited access to the spectator area. Spots are still available and can be reserved under Everything will be recorded on television cameras and will be broadcast after the event on Qurt. (

    3DActionPlanet takes a look at an underappreciated classic, Monolith's Blood. Here's a clip:

    If there's something I've always liked about Blood, it's the weapons, which are both varied and original. The shotgun in Blood is one of my all time favourites, as it packs such a meaty punch and sounds so good at the same time. But the other weapons in the game are also just as cool -- you get a flare gun, which is used to (unsurprisingly) fire flares at people and set them alight, a nice little Tommy Gun, dynamite -- which can be of normal, proximity or remote flavours -- and a pitchfork for a bit of stabby-stabby action.

    EuroGamer sent word that they scored 12 new screenshots from the upcoming role-playing game, Divine Divinty. Also included is a concept sketch and a character render.

    Gamitopia has slapped up a preview of Bacteria, the upcoming "sim" from FINarts. Here's the poop on this game:

    While outer space seems to be getting all the attention these days, there's another unexplored world deep within your own body. No, we're not talking about puberty -- we're talking about 'Bacteria', the new simulation that takes you and a micronized vehicle inside a scientist's body in the fight to save his life.

    Horizons Vault has recently smacked up a new developer's diary from Doug Shuler from Artifact Entertainment. Here's a quick snippet:

    Recently, I've been finalizing the look of the Ancient Dragons. I want them to be impressive, so I'm putting a lot of time into them. After all, Ancient Dragons require years to build, and the final result should be worth it. I started the week on Ancient Dragons, yesterday I drew some emergency pieces of Elf Women in chainmail, and will finish the week on Saris Fashions. Of all the jobs in the world, I have the coolest!

    FFXI Trailer

    - Raven @ 9:15 am PST

    Thanks goes to for this peice of news. The first teaser movie for Squaresofts up and coming role playing game Final Fantasy XI can now be downloaded from over at the Japanese Redwin site. This trailer comes in at a total combined weight of 46 megs, in a resolution 608 by 464. Abid FF fans, head here, your download awaits.


    Dungeon Siege's Farm Girl has traded in her pitchfork for a fiery sword and is preparing to invade the Gen Con Game Fair in Milwaukee August 2 - 5, 2001. Which of these women will become the official Dungeon Siege Farm Girl at Gen Con?

    Gamers can visit the official Dungeon Siege site until July 25 to choose from a selection of aspiring Farm Girls, and pick which one best represents the persona of Dungeon Siege's heroine. The winning model will need to have the fresh-faced looks of Farm Girl, combined with the poise and strength of the sword-wielding heroine.

    In Dungeon Siege, the new role-playing game from developer Chris Taylor, players start off as a humble farmer under attack. While gamers can choose to play as either a Farm Boy or Farm Girl, it has been Farm Girl that has won the hearts of RPG fans around the world.

    Slated for release in Fall 2001, Dungeon Siege is an action fantasy role-playing game featuring an immersive fully 3-D environment. Dungeon Siege plunges players into a continuous 3-D fantasy world on a quest to stop a mysterious evil that has been unleashed. Beginning with a single character, players can travel through the world and gather a party of up to eight characters, or choose to face the challenge alone. The fusion of action role-playing and real-time strategy controls in Dungeon Siege impels players into one over-the-top battle after another as the storyline unfolds.

    For more information about Dungeon Siege, visit the official Web site at:

    Wednesday, July 18, 2001

    News is, that over at Bioware, they have just released patch version 23037, for their best selling Role Playing Game expansions, Baldurs Gate II: Throne of Bhaal. This patch weights in at 8.3mgs and fixes over 30 known bugs and glitches. As always there are things, that you need to note before downloading the patch:
    "Most fixes are not retroactive. The patch will prevent certain bugs from happening, but it won't magically fix your save games.
    Your save games will be functional after the patch.
    You can install this patch overtop of BG2, whether it is unpatched or Beta patched.
    For Multiplayer, only same version games can play with same version games. People without the patch won't be able to play with people with the BETA patch, nor with people with the final patch.
    Once the patch is installed, the only to go back to an unpatched version of BG2 is to uninstall and reinstall BG2.
    If you need to reinstall the patch you can do so at any time as the patch simply overwrites the files.
    If you are mirroring this patch file on your web site, please shoot an e-mail to so we can update the mirror list."
    Still interested? Then head here to start downloading.

    RPGPlanet scored an exclusive movie of the farm girl defending the farm where you start the game. She uses both a melee weapon and magical bolts of fire to slay the marauders. The movie is about 30 seconds, and is 14 megs.

    Action Vault smacked up a review or Gearbox's recent Half-Life: Blue Shift. Here's the poop:

    Over the course of the game, a good variety of enemies will be encountered, ranging from bizarre aliens to human soldiers. While all of them are the same types seen in Half-Life, they are evenly spread throughout the environments and pose a worthy challenge. Most of the alien creatures seem to run on fairly rudimentary AI algorithms of base aggression, but will retreat when near death. Humans exhibit more complex behavior patterns. At times, they'll take cover, and in other cases, flee the vicinity of any remote charges thrown at them such as grenades. Unfortunately, not every enemy model from Half-Life returns in Blue Shift. Perhaps the most glaring omission is the female assassin type, which served as one of the most challenging of the bunch.

    I hear the next expansion is gonna feature you as one of the janitors, where your only weapons are the mop and pale.

    RPGVault sent word that they have scored an interview with Designer and Level Builder Brian Wood on Fighting Legends, which recently went into beta 2. Here's a quick clip:

    Jonric: Please give us an overview of your beta test so far. What would you list as the highlights, and have there been any significant unexpected delays, complications or problems?

    Brian Wood: Beta is great so far. The highlight would be that Phase 1 beta was designed to test hardware compatibility, server load and backend structure so there was virtually no game play content included but the testers enthusiasm for the game was still awesome. So we are eager to introduce more of the game play to see their response to it.

    We've had unexpected delays due to 3rd party vendors and that's really tough. Especially when we pull out all stops and put in all-nighters to launch beta on time only to have a shipment of key hardware delayed by the vendor. There have been a few complications, but it is beta after all and nothing out of the ordinary has happened. The one thing that has been most prominent in the feedback is that the server side is far more stable than other titles at this stage of beta. We are extremely pleased about that.

    Stomped has a neato little feature up tonite on Why Gaming Sites Implode, which talks about why gaming sites are biting the dust and how they can stick around for a while. Here's the juice:

    Even if a company has an excellent site with incredible writers churning out quality articles, it must still be able to discern themselves from the
    other hundred websites that offer similar content with similar quality. The importance of standing out is the second requirement for survivability. The reason why sites like died is because there were thousands of other gaming sites just like it. Although they had quality content, there were numerous other websites that provided the same quality articles. TZ had no special layout, no special marketing, and no special way to make themselves stand out of the crowd. In the end, they drifted out of site like so many other ordinary content providers on the web.

    3DSpotlight has smacked up a first look for MS Windows XP, which covers installation, features, compatability, and more. Here's a quick clip:

    Everyone is talking about Windows XP right now, and now that the release date is getting closer, and the candidate versions are out, you would think the talk would be focusing on its usability, stability, or compatibility but unfortunately that's not the case... XP talk is mostly focused on product activation, and most of it is pretty damn negative at that.

    3DActionPlanet has a neato feature up today, called Before They Were Characters, which gives a little backstory of who game characters were before actually becoming game characters. Today, they tackle Solid Snake and Gordon Freeman.

    Shadowbane Vault sent word that they have posted an Unofficial Shadowbane Economy FAQ which deals with the (you guessed it) the economy and how it is implemented in Wolfpack's upcoming MMORPG, Shadowbane. Included in the FAQ is info on the economic system, player run shops, production, building maintenance, and hirelings.

    Tuesday, July 17, 2001

    SEATTLE, WA, July 16, 2001 - Super X Studios has just unveiled their new web image, at, revamped in anticipation of the upcoming North American release of their current title, "Far Gate". The new site features updated information and screenshots of "Far Gate", as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the game studio itself.

    Super X Studios, located in sunny Seattle, Washington, was founded in 1996 and is enjoying the success of their first independently developed PC title, "Far Gate", winner of the 2000 Independent Games Festival Audience Award.
    More information on Super X Studios and screen shots of "Far Gate" can be found at

    RPGVault has slapped up the latest installment of the Mimesis Online Developer's Diary. In this one, writer Tannhauser Gate and designer Derek Handley offer us us a peek into the design and implementation of the game's monster ecology, with a little story illustrating a bit of fun that the team experienced during the process as an added bonus.

    Today, Sierra announced that they will be posting the sheet music for the entire Arcanum soundtrack over the coming weeks before the game's official release worldwide on August 24th. The first score, which has been posted today at the official site, is the main theme for the game. A new score will be posted every week.

    Neverwinter Vault has posted Lesson 7 in an ongoing course to prepare for scripting in Neverwinter Nights. This lesson deals with style, and how to properly format your code so others can read it.

    StrategyPlanet sent word that they have taken a look at a classic addictive windows game called Slay. Here's the poop:

    Slay is a turn based hex game loosely set in the medieval era. You are to overlord of a group of economically independent territories. In each of these territory every square you control that isn't infested with trees earns you one point per round. These points are used to fund your current units (who die if you run out of credit) and pay for new units. While the game only has four mobile units (arranged in a linear hierarchy) and one stationary unit (the castle which defends the surrounding 6 squares from attack) the beauty of the funding system (where the basest unit only needs two squares to support it while the best unit requires 54) makes the rules easy to learn yet hard to master. The key to success lies in unifying all of your territories so that your entire army of units can move to any point of conflict and centralising the funding of that army.

  • Aliens: Colonial Marines (PS2)
  • From Dusk Till Dawn
  • Aliens vs Predator 2
  • No One Lives Forever (PS2)

    Yesterday, Mythic Entertainment debuted the Celtic Realm of Hibernia in the Dark Age of Camelot beta test. Today, Camelot Vault has smacked up 14 new screens of the four new races introduced to the game from character creation to in-game scenes.

    For those that don't know, such as myself, "Dark Age of Camelot is a massively multiplayer medieval RPG due for release in October of this year. The game's theme is a conflict between three realms, each with their own distinct races, professions, weapons, and magic."

    The guys at Gamitopia have been busy lately, with 3 news reviews on offer:

  • Starship Troopers
  • Mario tennis
  • Traffic Giant

    VERADO 2.0 - The Glitch is Back

    Version 2.0 Now Available:

    Verado has released the first computer game specifically for Information Technology (IT) professionals called "Verado: The IT Security Game."

    "Verado: The IT Security Game" is a hilarious, frenetically paced, and poignant first-person shooter game that puts the player in the position of a harried IT worker with too many responsibilities and too few resources. Featuring constant attacks from a wild collection of eccentric but dangerous adversaries, Verado takes the experiences that IT experts face daily and turns them into a humorous barrage of data threats.

    Fending off an exaggerated assortment of spammers, pingers, data thieves, and corporate spies, the player must use any weapons at his disposal -- from a low-tech trash can lid to a souped-up PDA -- to defend his data and save his servers from certain destruction.

    New Version 2.0 Now Available:
    The Network Nasties are back in full force -- tougher, stronger, and meaner than ever before. If you thought VERADO version 1.0 was a trip, buckle up. Version 2.0 is an even bumpier ride.

    Some of its features include:
    * Fourteen total levels
    * Two new levels-"Rats!" and "Load Balancing"-each with an "easy" and "hard" round
    * New soundtrack
    * Web-based scoreboard - impress your friends and mock your enemies

    Download your free copy now

    Program name: Verado: The IT Security Game (Version 2)
    Program's homepage:
    Direct download URL:
    Screenshot URL:
    Scoreboard page:
    Program's download size: 7.9 MB
    Version number: 2.0
    License Type: Freeware
    Which platform is it available for?
    Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000
    System Requirements: 32MB RAM. 16MB HD Space. SVGA Video. P133 CPU.

    Monday, July 16, 2001

    If you're needing to upgrade, here's a good chance to get some free hardware. 3DSpotLight is giving away an AMD Duron 900MHz processor everyweek for 6 weeks. All ya gotta do is enter you is enter your email, sign up for their newsletter, and you're set.

    The latest weekly price guide has been updated, showing off the latest prices on hardware. Although CPU prices haven't seen any radical changes, both AMD and Intel will be cutting them in the next couple of days. If you're looking for bargain hardware, check out the AMD Duron 700 for only $26 bucks, or the Geforce2 MX 32mb for only $65.

    Also at SimHQ tonite is some new downloads from Battle of Britain. They've got a screen saver, a mini movie he calls Fritz the Fox in Dogfight, and some wallpaper of a very nice rendering of a Spitfire.

    The guys from sent word that they have reviewed the Kyro II chip based Hercules Prophet 4500 and puts Falcon 4.0 through its paces. Here is a quick snippet on the card's tile-based rendering:

    I actually feel quite excited about discussing the KYRO II architecture since this was something that I spent a great deal of time talking about while I was at 3dfx. Some are referring to Tile-based Rendering as "Hidden Surface Removal" but while similar, one is clearly a software based solution and one is a hardware based solution. Many refer to 3dfx’s final drivers as an example of "HSR" and really, this was a poor example of what Tile-based Rendering can do. ATI’s HyperZ was a better example but still one that is different from a "Tiler."

    The guys at Horizon Vault sent word that they scored a peek at a model of a Skeleton from Horizons, including an AVI.

    Also tonite at RPGVault, they have smacked up a NPC Gallery for Troika Games' upcoming techno-fantasy RPG, Arcanum.

    In this week's Throne of Darkness Elements of the Week feature at RPGVault, they take a look at information about the Blacksmith and related functions, with four shiny new screenshots.

    Recently, Zoo Keepers Station had a chance to sit down with Charlie Peterson, Program Manager of Microsoft on the upcoming Zoo Tycoon, in which you (gee whiz) create and maintain a zoo. Here's a clip:

    Zoo Keeper: What means does the player have of attracting visitors to your zoo? Will you have to advertise, for example, or will the animals alone lure them?

    Peterson: Visitors are attracted to a healthy, beautiful and vibrant zoo. The goal of the game is to create a zoo where both the animals and the visitors are happy. Happiness is dependent on several factors such as the animal’s environment, their health etc. More visitors will come to the zoo if the animals and the visitors are happy.

    In addition, there is a feature where you can pay for a marketing campaign which has a good chance of increasing your zoo’s attendance for a specific period of time.


    - Surebrec @ 2:38 pm PST

  • Traffic Giant @ Gamitopia
  • Starship Troopers @ Gamitopia


  • Robert Stevenson on Ozzy's Black Skies @ GamespyDaily

    Everyone always says that they would give their right arm for a chance to go to E3. That is, until they actually go to E3. Then they realize how mentally draining such an assault on the senses can really be. Realism, zombies, and World War II. Where is the innovation we used to see in both mods and retail games?
    Read the article by 3DAP here:

    Credit Card Payment for London CPL available

    CPL are happy to offer all participants the possibility to pay the entrance fee for the ELSA CPL European Championships with a credit card. This will allow most participants an easier signup and instant confirmation of their spots. Everyone who has already signed up will be able to pay via credit card as well.

    If you haven't signed up by now make sure to do so fast, only a very few tournament spots are still available.

    Sunday, July 15, 2001

    Noticed at that a new version of Night's Edge, a cyber punk mod for Unreal Tournament, has been released. The new version fixes some more bugs, fixed game browser code, "warning" messages in logs fixed, and the weapons now break items such as glass (wewt!). Download the the full thing here, or the patch here.

    According to Shack, the highly-anticipated Max Payne has gone a shiny gold color. Max Payne should be popping up in stores late this month, with it appearing in Europe around the same time. A demo will be released shortly after it begins hitting shelves.

    PlanetDungeonSiege recently scored an interview with Chris "FreezeWeasel" Widak from Riot Games. His team is working on a Dungeon Siege modification temporarily titled Project Horizons. Chris discusses Riot Games, his team, choosing Dungeon Siege as a platform for development, and plans for their first mod.

    The official site doesn't contain much information on the game, as it's not open yet, but it does say the game is a first person strategic action game. It also gives this piece of background info into the game.
    An epic battle is unfolding upon the horizon...
    A story of untold proportions and unsung heroes.
    The life of a planet rests in the fragile balance of a broken people...
    So few against so many, so much is at stake, there is so much to loose.
    You must succeed.

    Saturday, July 14, 2001

    The guys at Speedy3D have posted a little how to guide on fixing NVIDIA refresh rates on Win2k and XP. Many people have been having problems with this, as their refresh rates in OpenGL and D3D default to 60Hz and can't be changed. Here's a little snippet:

    It seems that ever since Windows 2000 arrived gamers with a Nvidia based card were stuck at low 60Hz refresh rates at all resolutions. For windows 2000 there have been several non Nvidia fixes such as the "Windows 2000 Refresh Rate Fix" by Sten Uusvali, and even the popular powerstrip offered gamers the much needed fix. However, things have changed as with Windows XP RC1, these fixes namely Sten's very popular one have become useless as they would not, and will not run on Windows XP.

    The boys at Camelot Vault sent word that they received an exclusive screenshot of Dark Age of Camelot, courtesy of Mythic Entertainment, which shows off the Lurikeen and Firbolg, two races available to Hibernia's players. This massively multiplayer RPG is set in the period following King Arthur's death and features the Albion, Midgard, and Hibernia realms at war with one another. The game is currently in beta testing with a release target of October.

    Friday, July 13, 2001

    The guys at 3DActionPlanet scored an interview with Tony Ray, the creator of Punkbuster. Punkbuster is a useful utility in detecting cheaters in Counter-Strike. In the interview, they discuss some personal stuff, a little about Punkbuster and how it works.

    Fileplanet is now mirroring the Soldier of Fortune Gold v1.07 patch, which fixes a few small bugs, removes WON Swap, and adds Gamespy.

    The latest updated server files from Valve Software are now being mirrored by FilePlanet. Grab them to start or update your current Half-Life servers to prepare for the client release later today.

  • Win Full
  • Win Update
    Linux Full
    Linux Update

    FilePlanet is now mirroring the Half-Life Client upgrades to version and also the retail only version of Counter-Strike
    Half-Life Clients

  • HL full
  • HL update
    Counter-Strike Retail Patches
  • Full
  • 1.1 - 1.2 Update

    FilePlanet is now mirroring the Conquest: Frontier Wars Demo by Fever Pitch Studios and Ubi Soft Entertainment. Based in space, this cool real-time strategy title pits Terrans against a dangerous insect like race after discovering the key to interstellar travel.

    RPGVault has smacked up the latest installment of the BIS: TORN Designer Diary, number 8. In this installment, Lead Designer Dave Maldonado fills us in on what he, the team and the composer are trying to accomplish in terms of the music for the game. And as a cool bonus, he sent along a new screenshot and rendered character shot.


    - Surebrec @ 2:21 pm PST

  • Star Trek: Away Team Review @ Gamitopia
  • Max Payne Preview @ Stomped
  • Sudden Strike Review @ UKGamer
  • The Opera for HL @ 3DAP

    Here's the official press release:

    Nationwide Contest Calls On Train Enthusiasts To Capture Photos Of Dash 9 #4723 Locomotive

    St. Louis, MO. - July 13, 2001 - Train enthusiasts from around the world will be called upon today at the National Train Show in St. Louis for the ultimate rail challenge. Microsoft and are teaming up to call on train enthusiasts to capture the romance of railroading through a national contest.

    The contest calls for participants to capture unique photos of the actual Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Dash 9 #4723 locomotive that's featured on the cover of the new PC game, Microsoft® "Train Simulator." In conjunction with the photo contest, a virtual contest will also be held where participants can enter their best in-game snapshot of the BNSF Dash 9 #4723 utilizing the game's built-in photo capturing capabilities.

    Prizes will include a new PC, complete with a joystick and a Microsoft simulation series library of games, a HO scale model of the Dash 9 #4723 in a presentation case, copies of Microsoft "Train Simulator" and subscriptions to the different Kalmbach train publications, such as Trains, Model Railroader and Classic Toy Trains.

    To kick off the contest, Microsoft is bringing the actual Burlington Northern Santa Fe Dash 9 #4723 locomotive that's featured on the cover of Microsoft "Train Simulator" to St. Louis Union Station in conjunction with the National Train Show running July 13 - 15. The cab of the locomotive will be available for tours from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. In addition, Microsoft "Train Simulator" will be on display in Microsoft's booth throughout the duration of the show.

    The contest will run over a three-month period and is being hosted by, the most comprehensive railroading site on the Internet. A schedule of the Dash 9's whereabouts and official contest rules can be found at

    About Microsoft Train Simulator
    Microsoft "Train Simulator" brings the realistic excitement of some of the world's most famous trains to your PC, with fully functional gauges and working controls that you manipulate. As the engineer, you are put in charge of the regulator on a steam engine or the air brake system on a modern diesel.

    Experience six highly detailed train routes with over 600 total miles of rail that has been carefully recreated to mirror the real-world scenery, industry and towns along the routes. Featured trains include both historic and contemporary rail lines, such as the 1930's Venice Simplon Orient-Express or Amtrak's modern Acela "bullet train."

    Microsoft "Train Simulator" is available in stores now or by calling Microsoft at (888) 218-5617, or on the Internet at for an estimated retail price of $54.99 (U.S.). More information on the game is available at

    For more information on the Microsoft Train Simulator contest, please visit the website at

    For more information on the NMRA National Train Show, please visit their website at

    Got word that the boys at games xtreme scored 10 shots from the upcoming horror survival action adventure game, From Dusk Till Damn from Cryo.

    This seems to be a growing trend, games being turned into games, with reports that designer Hubert Chardot is working on a script for the Devil Inside movie. Here's a snippet:

    Chardot confirmed that "we're in negotiations with French film producer", although further details are currently scarce. In the meantime his company is hard at work on a new PC game based on cult horror movie From Dusk 'Til Dawn.

    Thursday, July 12, 2001


    - Falcon @ 8:50 pm PST

  • Startopia
  • DFI CS62-TC motherboard
  • King of the Hill
  • In Cold Blood


  • Brad Wardell (Corporate machine)
  • Valhalla Chronicles
  • Rick Johnson (Raven Soft)

    The extremely talented mod team Xtreme Gaming released the latest version of their Unreal Tournament Total Conversion Strike Force 1.60. It's one of the best mods out there and delivers high expectations to future versions. To play Strike Force you need to have UT updated to version 4.36.
    Be sure to step by their site at

    The Review is here.

    The latest version of Gamespy3D has been released for registered users, bringing it up to v2.54. This new patch adds required support for the latest Soldier of Fortune patch and XCOM: Enforcer.

    Serious Sam is a semi-new First Person shooter developed by Croteam. Featuring a powerful 3D Engine & frantic gameplay with literally dozens of enemy on screen at any given time & vast environments it’s hard to believe the game can run as good as it does. Of course, for many it doesn’t. This guide will take you through the mass of options available for the game.

    Take a look at the complete tweak guide at:

    Puerto Rico's Hardcore LANPartiers didn't have a proper representation or league they could join to. There was no structure to competition. There was no way to get to know other local gamers. Clans wandered aimlessly looking around for a place to get their LANParty on until they get so bored they just broke up.

    That was then. PRANGG is NOW. PRANGG, the Puerto Rico Area Network Gaming Group, is a PHAT organization that helps gamers throughout Puerto Rico by providing them with monthly tournaments at LANParties throughout the island of Puerto Rico. It also provides a little home on the Internet to all players that are from Puerto Rico, living in the US, or abroad. Be sure to check out PRANGG today to see how to get in on the action in Puerto Rico!

    Wednesday, July 11, 2001

    NWN News

    - Falcon @ 9:18 pm PST

    Neverwinter Vault has started a new feature today, titled "Function of the Day". With the help of an experienced programmer, they will be theorizing on all the functions currently in their database and presenting them in a daily feature.

    They've also setup a thread on the script forum, which has hit over a thousand post since it's inception only a few short weeks ago, to field questions for those interested in preparing for Neverwinter Nights.

    They've updated the script database, adding several new functions missed the first time around as well as adding function data types along with formatting for easier reading.

    Lesoon 6 in their ongoing course on how to script in Neverwinter Nights has been posted. This installment features conditionals and how they control your program, along with a D&D specific exercise to test your new skills.

    Kalisto and Wanadoo have officially unveiled NY Race, a flying car racing game based on the hit sci-fi movie The Fifth Element. Eurogamer has screenshots from the game on PC and PS2, as well as all the latest information.

    Stomped has posted a short but positive review of the S4 MidiLand 7100M+ADS2000 speakers.
    How much does a computer speaker system have to cost to sound good? S4 MidiLand seeks to answer that question with their S4 MidiLand 7100M +ADS-2000 Dolby Digital speaker system. If you want something a bit beefier than the Creative surround option and cheaper than Klipsch’s top-notch offerings, you may be in luck. For just under $200, S4 MidiLand’s offering gets you a 7-piece speaker system with 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound. The 7100M comes in a nice metallic finish.

    The latest patches have been released for Half-Life and Counter-strike! Here's the shibby on the latest changes:

    Client updates for the Half-Life update and the Counter-Strike Retail update. This update includes:
    - Deathmatch Classic
    - New Automatic update system
    - Fixed GL texture binding problem (white skin bug)
    - Optimized model drawing

    And the files..

  • Half-Life Full
  • Half-Life Update
  • CS Retail Full
  • CS Retail Update

    BTW, the Counter-Strike patches are for the RETAIL version, NOT the downloadable free version.

    Source: PHL


    - Falcon @ 4:25 am PST

  • Microsoft Train Simulator Review
  • Police Tactical Training Review
  • Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

    My return..

    - Surebrec @ 12:35 am PST

    Hello all, my name is Surebrec, and I'm the new co-webby here at Gamesurge. You may remember a guy named Cerberus.. well I am that guy :). Surebrec is just Cerberus backwards. Now that I'm back, I intend to improve upon Gamesurge, and make it one of the best gaming sites on the net. More news from me later on.

    Tuesday, July 10, 2001

    Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth Interview
    Some of you may have already had the chilling opportunity to explore the macabre horror of American author, H.P. Lovecraft. Believed by many to be the father of the modern horror novel, Lovecraft's work has inspired films, pen-and-paper RPGs, and now a blockbuster PC game.

    games xtreme have taken a somewhat quick look at the Expansion Pack for Baldurs Gate II: SOA, Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal. DAPsycho really liked this expansion pack and as such it has been given 90%and an editors choice award.
    "The magic is TOB has also taken an overhaul, you now have another character kit, the Wild Mage, this extra mage class allows you to use magic more powerfully and shape it into spells that you wish to cast. You can also use this to create special magical items in the Pocket Plane by combining items. However the problem with the wild mage is that the raw power of the magic that is being dealt with can cause magic surges, which are completely random and can cause unpredictable effects."

    Today begins the third week of 3DS's Duron 900mhz giveaway, they have already given away 2 Durons in the last two weeks, still 4 more to go !
    All you've to do to become eligible of winning the Durons is to subscribe to our newsletter and you will be automatically entered, no forms to fill... nothing !

    Winning is easy and there are still 4 more processors waiting for you.
    More details can be found here:

    Montreal, Quebec. July 10th, 2001 - The ANTicipation is over. Strategy First Inc. and Microids announced today that Empire of the Ants has shipped to retail stores across North America and will be available in stores nationwide in days to come.

    Empire of the Ants brings a refreshing twist to the strategy genre, immersing players into the microscopic world of the Ant Kingdom. Combining the need to build up huge colonies, lead armies into battle, hunt down food and breed to improve their numbers, the game puts players into the role of an up-and-coming ant commander who has been given the task of overseeing the welfare and expansion of a colony of russet ants.

    Superior AI replicates the instincts of each insect and faithfully reproduces more than 60 different species of insect and animal to exploit and engage in battle. Watch in amazement as the beautiful, microscopic world of the ants is brought to life in 3D graphics, with real-time 3D multiple camera angles and in-and-out zooms. For each mission, players are given specific objectives at the start of each level, which can vary from the collection of food units to killing the enemy. Multiplayer mode allows for up to 8 players over LAN or Internet.
    Enter the fascinating world of all things "great & small". Try Empire of the Ants. For more information log onto and

    Empire of the Ants will be distributed throughout North America by Infogrames for a suggested retail price of $39.99 US.

    Digital Tome is proud to announce the completion of its debut title Siege of Avalon. The recently released Chapter Six chronicles a small band of heroes as their last lines of defense crumble to invading hordes. Siege of Avalon is a story-rich experience told through detailed characters in magical and medieval landscapes. All six chapters are now available at

    Microsoft today announced their participation in the National Model Railroad Association's annual convention in St. Louis. Microsoft will run kiosks at the show where attendees can obtain a hands-on experience of driving the world's most famous trains, in the recently released Microsoft Train Simulator.

    In addition, Microsoft will show the simulator to young students through the NMRA Junior College Program. This program allows young enthusiasts (ages 6-15) to experience the hobby up close. Kids will have the opportunity to try out Microsoft Train Simulator. Drawings will also be held, with the winners getting boxed copies of the game.

    Microsoft is bringing a special thrill to the convention this year in the form of the BNSF 4723 Dash-9 locomotive. This engine, the same one depicted on the cover of Microsoft Train Simulator, will be at the St. Louis Union Station Mall, with tours provided July 13-15. The Dash-9 is BNSF's premiere freight locomotive in use today, and is used by all four major US rail carriers.

    Microsoft Train Simulator is Microsoft's newest simulator title, featuring six famous rail routes from around the world with hundreds of miles of highly detailed, accurately rendered rail routes. It also features virtual 3-D locomotive cabs with accurate, detailed control, a living world around the tracks, and seasonal effects that will leave players peering through snow-covered windshields while maintaining control on ice-slicked rails. Players can customize their own trains and create new routes and activities, bringing the constantly expanding depth of Microsoft Flight Simulator series to railroads around the world.

    Microsoft Train Simulator is available in stores now or by calling Microsoft at (888) 218-5617 or on the Internet at for an estimated retail price of $54.99 (U.S.). More information is available at

    The National Model Railroad Association is the largest organization devoted to the model railroading hobby. Since 1988, they have showcased model railroading at the National Train Show. A nationally sponsored industry and public trade show, its purpose is to promote the model railroading hobby within industry and the public at large. The annual show draws 20,000 attendees each year. This year, the show will be held from July 13-15 at the TWA Dome in St. Louis. The Junior College Program takes place before the convention, July 9-11.

    3D Spotlight's weekly pricing guide update is now up. You can go there and check the latest prices for Intel and AMD CPUs, Memory, Motherboards, Videocards and Soundcards. Among the best prices for this week we have the Athlon 1.4Ghz selling for only $182.95, 256mb Crucial PC2100 DDR RAM for $54.95 and a GeForce 2 MX for $65.00, not bad ;).

    Monday, July 09, 2001

    Today, PlanetDiablo has a special surprise for everyone: a full listing of the currently active and functional Crafted Item formulae!

    What are Crafted Items? They are items modified by special Horadric Cube recipes which turn them into much more powerful pieces of equipment. They are easy to create, but finding the ingredients is a bit more difficult. PlanetDiablo have a basic guide to Crafted Items ready for a more detailed explanation of this new group of items. Remember, these items can only be formed in the Diablo II Expansion Set.

    In total, they have 76 functional recipes listed on the three pages of tables of Crafted Items formulae from Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. A basic guide and the full tabulation is available in the Crafted Items section of PlanetDiablo's Diablo II Expansion Set Items Database. has posted it's review of Star Trek Dominion Wars.
    Star Trek: Dominion Wars is very much what it appears to be, in that the storyline takes place during the Dominion invasion of the Alpha quadrant, where the Federation, Klingon Empire and the Cardassian Empire reside. The Dominion naturally cannot co-exist with these races and so try to get an all out war going between the three - the Federation are having none of it and instead ally with the pasty heads to gang up on the Dominion

    Stomped is running a 3D World War II Intro movie design contest. Here are more details:

    The Contest:
    Have you ever seen an intro to a game and thought "This sucks! I could write a better intro than this!" If so, here is your chance to do just that! GameActive Networks and have teamed up to bring you The 3D World War II Intro Movie Design Contest. To enter the contest, participants will submit an original idea/text for the 3D World War II game introduction movie. Both actual texts and overall ideas will be accepted. The five (5) best/coolest ideas/texts will be selected by LippieSoft's employees that are currently working on the game.

    Each of the 5 winners will get an autographed copy of 3D World War II - a few days before it hits stores. The best idea/text will have the chance (if it's good enough of course) to be used for the actual game intro and its creator will have his/her name listed in the game credits. Winners will be chosen by LippieSoft based on creativity, originality, and relevance to the game.

    Saturday, July 07, 2001

    A word of warning to all of the Black and White fans out there. This patch is not supported by EA and as such you can not bitch at EA if you run into any problems. Still this patch should do the job and its about time somthing was releaed to fix up all of those annoying in-game bugs. Head to one of the sites below to begin downloading the file/files (depends on whether you need the uninstaller or not.

    Tim Cain one of the co-founders of Troika Games, has been caught chatting with the staff from over at Electric Playground. In the article Tim talks about his personal involvment in the magic/science cross-over Role Playing Game, Arcanum, hopefully due to be released later this year. Tim also makes some general comments about previous games he has worked out such as Fallout and afew interesting comparisions with other upcoming RPG's such as Morrowind and Never Winter Nights. Sound good, well I am sure it will sound even better after you read a quote:
    "EP: The other thing that you've delivered that a lot of people are talking about of course is the toolset so that gamers can make their own maps and their own adventures. When did that decision come about? When did you say, "We should put that in?"

    TC: We really had that idea at the beginning. And the reason we felt it was important was when Fallout got so popular, probably the top request we got--besides doing the sequel--was "Can you release your mapper tools?" Even though it was single player, they wanted to make their own modules. We knew we were adding multiplayer capability to Arcanum, and we thought "Well gee, if we make these tools from the very beginning with the idea that somebody will be using them at home, then we'll have a lot more groundswell support. We'll have a much better community because these people have things that they can make themselves and share."

    We had the idea from the very beginning, and it actually affected our design. Sometimes we'd be arguing and one of the programmers would say, "Gee, that would be so easy to do...if I didn't have to support people at home wanting to edit that." In fact, that's where the big constraint of items came in, that you can't take items from one module to another. Somebody pointed out that if people could edit items any way they wanted, then there are so many ways of making items just too powerful. Even if we tried to catch it, there are just so many ways of doing it that people could sneak an item in under our tests and bring items from one module to another that don't really belong."

    Also around the web, Sharon Shellman, one of the originals who helped Establish Troika, can been seen in a close and personal relationship over on RPG-Vault. This interview doesn't contain much information on Arcanum or any other current projects, but it does contain alot of very interesting history about Sharon Shellman, and is still a very interesting article. Want to prove it, heres the proof:
    "Jonric: What have you done since you entered the industry? Where have you worked, on what games, and in what capacities?

    Sharon Shellman: I worked as a sub-contractor on Fallout until its completion, doing several of the cut-scene movies as well as several of the monster animations. The death screen, the dipped in the vats movie, the dog and the deathclaw were mine, to name just a few. Once Fallout was complete, Interplay was not in a financial position to hire people on, but luckily for me, Blizzard was.

    Blizzard was wonderful enough to offer me a spot in their newly created Cinematics department. I spent a very fun year at Blizzard helping to create StarCraft and BroodWar’s exciting cinematic cut scenes. I was the only woman in development at Blizzard at the time, and probably provided a first-hand experience for many of them in working with a pregnant woman. That would be a pregnant woman who threw up every day for five months yet loved to be involved in the frequent nurf gunfights that took place in the office, even once she looked like she’d swallowed a beach ball. (heh heh)

    The guys also got a big kick out of teasing me about being “barefoot and pregnant” since I usually don’t wear my shoes when I’m at the office. We had a lot of fun together working on the StarCraft games and we even nicknamed Gwyn the little zergling, because that’s exactly what she looked like in one of my ultrasound pictures.

    I left Blizzard shortly after the birth of my daughter to help establish Troika Games and create Arcanum. Aside from the fact that Troika is co-owned by my other half, Troika offered me something no other company did, space to create an on-site nursery so that I could have my daughter nearby while I worked. It doesn’t get much more perfect than that."

    Found this one over on RP-Gamers. Head over there to see the four new figurines released for upcoming motion picture Final Fantasy: The Spirit Within.

    Afew new additions have been made to the Official webpage, of the upcoming Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, Dark Age of Camelot. Here the heads up dirrectly from the source:
    "Astute readers may have noticed that descriptions of the Theurgist and the Mercenary in the Albion class section had no story behind them. Now they do.

    In other news, we have implemented the first stage of tradeskills. We're in the process of testing them here at Mythic at the moment, and we hope to release them to the beta players next week."

    And heres somthing new about the Mercenary:
    "Knowing his life and his earnings depend on his skill, a poor young fighter joins the Guild of Shadows to learn to kill swiftly and with skill so that he may live to collect his pay. Unique to the other fighters in Albion, this class learns to dual wield. Since speed is often of the essence to a fighter without an army, the Mercenary chooses not to weigh himself down with plate armor. Instead, he learns to evade the worst of the attacks, a skill that makes other warriors shake their heads in admiration.
    If you interested head over to the Official page to find out more.

    CPL Info

    - Falcon @ 5:10 am PST

    More CPL Europe Registration Details Announced

    On Tuesday, July 10th, at 1800 CET, registration for the ELSA CPL European Championships will commence. Demand is expected to be high as both tournaments are limited to 32 teams. Four autoberths have been reserved for Quake3 and seven autoberths have been reserved for Counter-Strike.

    On top of that, the top five teams from the Pentium® 4 Processor CPL Holland Counter-Strike tournament, Spirit of Amiga Sweden, Allstars, Clan Z, Mortal Team Work, and Schroet Kommando have been given autoberths, too. That leaves 28 free slots for Quake3 and only 20 free slots for Counter-Strike.

    300 BYOC slots will be available too all registrants, regardless of whether thay participate in a tournament or not. Payment is possible via wire transfer only. Registration fee is either 40 Pounds or 65 Euros for each player.

    For further information see

    Montréal, Quebec, and Calgary, Alberta – June 27th, 2001 – Make way for a new player in the e-zine arena. Today marks the entry of Gamitopia, a news and review source for PC and console gamers, to the world of online portals for gaming enthusiasts.

    Run by experienced gamers, and promising high-quality content for the tech-savvy gaming community, Gamitopia exists to provide the gaming community with a wealth of game-related news, reviews, interviews, and articles. Drawing on the experience of its team of skilled writers and discerning gamers, Gamitopia will provide visitors with daily news items covering both PC and console gaming markets, reviews of current games, previews of up-and-coming titles, articles on gaming and the games industry, and retrospectives on gaming classics.

    “Gamers are like any other community of hobbyists. They need a place to meet, to share their love of gaming, swap stories and adventures, share knowledge -- and we want to provide that for them,” said Raphael van Lierop, Gamitopia editor-in-chief. “Our goal is to be a one-stop-shop for all their gaming needs. News, reviews, streaming demos, forum communities – the total package. We believe that above all, gamers want industry coverage that cuts through the hype and gives them the information they need to make their own decisions about what they want to play.”

    In addition to daily updates of site content, Gamitopia offers visitors the opportunity to build communities around their favorite game, platform, or genre. Forum members are also encouraged to take a part in determining the direction of the site, and the Gamitopia staff is dedicated to providing them with the material they want to see.

    “We’re here for them. We want to create an environment they feel comfortable in, a place they can come not only for news and reviews, but to hang out with like-minded friends who share their love of gaming,” said Lucas Pawelczyk, Gamitopia co-founder and Web producer. “The games industry is such an interesting place right now, and we’re excited by the opportunity to leave our mark. But ultimately it’s about the gamers – they are the future.” goes live today, with news, content, and forums. Content should be refreshed daily, provided by writers and gamers with close ties to the entertainment industry. For more information about Gamitopia’s staff, visit the ‘About’ section of the Gamitopia Web site.

    Their first 2 pieces of content include:

    Fighting Legends Interview
    Gamitopia is excited to have had the great opportunity to take some time and talk with Steve Escalante, VP Sales and Marketing, Co-lead Designer for Maximum Charisma Studios about their upcoming game called Fighting Legends. We talked with Steve Escalante about Fighting Legends and the company in general. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it and we’d like to thank Maximum Charisma Studios for their time.

    Shockwave Interview on Classic Gaming Initiative
    Gamitopia recently had the unique chance to sit down with John Welch the Sr. Director & Executive Producer of and talk about classic gaming using shockwave.

    PlanetDiablo's Assassin and Druid strategy sections have been updated with a large amount of new Quick Tips, from the players who have already taken the time to master or develop their new characters. All of these tips are useful for any Assassin or Druid beginners, and many are continually helpful for more advanced players. These can be viewed here:

    If that's not enough to satisfy all the hungry players looking for tips and tricks, they have another update for many of the original five character classes' Quick Tips sections! Use the link to view the new additions and start up or strengthen your powerful characters.

    A few days ago, Black Isle released a free expansion to Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter called Trials of the Luremaster. RPGPlanet have a short review so you can decide whether to download the 73 MB.


    SoBe Love Bus Tour Rolls into the KKND 106.7 End Fest Bringing Best in Beverages and Video Games

    Microsoft announced today that New Orleans area residents will be able to try out Xbox and Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee on Sunday, July 8 at the KKND 106.7 End Fest. Attendees will be able to come to the specially equipped SoBe Love Bus and relax in the "Lizard Lounge", a traveling living room where gamers can play Munch's Oddysee on large television screens.
    Throughout the month of July, the SoBe Love Bus will give gamers the opportunity to play Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee and Xbox at these locations:

    July 8: New Orleans, LA - KKND 106.7 End Fest at Marconi Meadows in City Park

    July 12: Hanford, CA - Thrasher Fun Box Tour at the Hanford Kings County Fairgrounds

    July 13: Chula Vista, CA - Xfest at the Coors Amphitheater

    July 14: Gilford, NH - BFD at Meadowbrook Farms

    July 19, 20, 21, 22: San Diego, CA - Comic-Con International at the San Diego Convention Center

    July 22: Chula Vista, CA - Green Day Concert at the Coors Amphitheater


    Xbox is Microsoft’s future-generation video game system that delivers the most powerful games experiences ever. It will be available in North America on Nov. 8, 2001 at the suggested retail price of $299.

    “Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee” is one of the most highly-acclaimed video games of the year. This latest addition to the Oddworld series features the unique characters Munch and Abe in new worlds and new adventures only possible with the power of Xbox.


    An ongoing national tour, the SoBe Love Bus tour gives consumers the chance to sample the latest in their popular line of herbally enhanced refreshment beverages. The tour features eight different buses ranging from vintage school buses to international buses.


    Microsoft today unveiled new content on the official Dungeon Siege Web site, located at The site now provides even more detailed information on the game; including box art, exclusive screenshots, updated FAQ, and the first excerpt of the rich lore that provides the backdrop for the world of Dungeon Siege.

    "So far we haven't said much about Ehb, the Kingdom in which the game takes place," explains Neal Hallford, writer for Dungeon Siege. "Once everyone finally sees the game, however, I think they'll be surprised at how much depth and variety we've put into the story. It's truly a living, breathing world."

    Slated for release in Fall 2001, Dungeon Siege is an action fantasy role-playing game featuring an immersive fully 3-D environment. Dungeon Siege plunges players into a continuous 3-D fantasy world on a quest to stop a mysterious evil that has been unleashed. Beginning with a single character, players can travel through the world and gather a party of up to 8 characters or choose to face the challenge alone. The fusion of action role-playing and real-time strategy controls in Dungeon Siege impels players into one over-the-top battle after another as the storyline unfolds.

    For more information about Dungeon Siege, visit the official Web site at:

    Friday, July 06, 2001

    Firstly to get things rolling, Microsofts Dungeon Siege site has been updated with lots and lots of new content. Don't believe me, heres the blurb I received in my email:

    Microsoft today unveiled new content on the official Dungeon Siege Web site, located at The site now provides even more detailed information on the game; including box art, exclusive screenshots, updated FAQ, and the first excerpt of the rich lore that provides the backdrop for the world of Dungeon Siege.

    "So far we haven't said much about Ehb, the Kingdom in which the game takes place," explains Neal Hallford, writer for Dungeon Siege. "Once everyone finally sees the game, however, I think they'll be surprised at how much depth and variety we've put into the story. It's truly a living, breathing world."

    For more information about Dungeon Siege, visit the official Web site at:

    Its so nice when someone does the work of gathering news story for you :). In other slightly older news, another member of the Gas Powered Games team has been interviewed. This time its the founder Chris Taylor who has been interviewed over at Gamespot. In the interview Taylor discusses multiplayer modes, character classes, the skill system, and more. There are also afew little screenshots to go with the article.

    NWN Stratics has posted up a new chat log with afew of the team members over at Black Isle Studios. You can view the article by playing, follow the link.

    Charr Update

    - Raven @ 10:56 pm PST

    The website for the Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, Charr: The Grimm Fate, has been updated with new race art and a description for the Badland Elf, and two new Bestiary entries; the Mammuthus and Giant Land-Shark. Even though this game is still in early development, so far it looks very good :)

    Firstly in this segment, the Morrowind Website has ungone some serious updates. Heres a quick low down on what has been added:
    A tutorial on how to use the ES Construction Set to create landscapes for Morrowind

    A simple step by step the step-by-step "How To" in the Landscape section of TES Construction Set

    And some delicious new screenshots, three to be precise, are awaiting your viewing pleasure.

    In other news RPG-Planet have conducted a two part interview with Project Leader Todd Howards, in which he gives out afew more details, sure to add to the suspence of waiting for this Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. Heres a blurb:
    "Jonric: What were the main considerations involved in deciding how many races there would be and also what they would be? Which others if any did you seriously consider including, either in addition to or instead of the ones finally chosen? Excluding creatures, will any other races appear in the game as non-playable characters?

    Todd Howard: The first consideration was what races were in the previous games in the series. We wanted to include all of those. But we also wanted to add a few, to make things interesting. So we added the Imperials (a human race) and the Orcs (a beast race). We didn’t really consider any others, though we did consider not including the Argonians, Khajiits, and Orcs due to difficulties with handling their animations and “beast” status. But they are too cool to leave out. You can play any of the races you see in the game, we didn’t exclude any for the player. Since all the races have different art and abilities, time and game balance also become issues for other races."

    Head on over to view the latest part.

    Haven't heard anything about this game. But anyway, our good friends have a teaser movie available for the RPG/Adventure, Fatherdale: The Guardians of Asgard, by Snowball Interactive. Theres also a preview on their site, for anyone wanting more information.

    Thanx go to Gonegold for this first part. On the 3DGamers website there is a new downloadable demo available for Anachronox. The download is around 92mgs so anyone with dialup has better be prepared for a long wait. If you arn't familar with Anachronox here is a blurb to bring you up to speed:
    "Join Sylvester "Sly" Boots and Stiletto as they trek across the galaxy and the three dimensions, looking for both a long-dead alien race with the secrets of advanced technology, and the mysterious forces bent on crushing our universe out of existence!

    Are they the same beings? Five other characters join them in their quest to uncover the mystery of the Mystech devices, the plot to destroy our existence, and the evil chaos behind it all. Search through an amazing number of levels and fight tons of unique monsters in your quest to find the truth..."

    Finally Gamezone UK have done up a review for Anachronox. Here is a quote:
    "Tom Hall, the main man behind Anachronox, more famous for his involvement in Doom and Wolfenstein 3D, explains the title of the game as the compounding of the words 'anachronism' and 'noxious'. Of course, he's referring to the poisonous past of the city in the game and the characters that inhabit it, but considering the game has been in development for three years and uses the Quake II engine, its meaning seems altogether more significant.

    There's no denying that Anachronox looks like an old game.

    From the chunkiness of the polygons to the low-res textures, no amount of tweaking can hide the fact that the Quake II engine has had its day. While that will undoubtedly put many of you technology fascists right off, developer Ion Storm has managed to turn this to its advantage, to the point where I've even grown fond of its antediluvian looks. Anyone who enjoyed Final Fantasy VII knows that graphics can become secondary if the game has enough charm, and if there's one thing Anachronox has got, it's charm."

    The latest WebVoid column takes a humorous look at CD-keys, and the various methods we can use to keep from losing them. That "I lost my CD-key, can I have yours?" excuse just won't work anymore!
    Official CD-Key Safety Guide

    Don't be a victim! Hundreds of CD-keys are lost every day, and yours could be next! The Official CD-Key Safety Guide takes a detailed look at 9 different methods to keep your CD-key safe. Many people simply write their CD-key down on a piece of paper, but did you know that paper deteriorates over time, and even a simple house fire could destroy it? Read this article, or someday you'll regret it.

    An update for Age of Empires II: The Conquerors is now available for you to download.
    Here are just a few of the key changes (be sure to consult the readme for the entire list):
    * New ES Custom Maps are in the patch. To select one for play, go to Map Style and select "Custom"
    * New Multiplayer-only map type "Blind Random". This selects randomly between a number of different map types, and you're not told what kind of map you're playing on
    * New "Turbo Random Map" mode -- building construction, gathering of resources, and training units are 2.5 times faster
    * Adjustments made to the Korean civilization -- unit stats and Turtle Boat artwork
    * Changes made to palisades and some units in the Feudal Age
    * Changes made to stats of Fireships and the Galley line of naval units
    * Variety of Technology changes implemented
    * Many bug fixes (Including the infamous farm bug)

    Victory Interactive's X-Treme Air Racing is a sim that covers a rarely-modeled part of aviation's past, present, and future....the dangerous, high speed, and low level world of competitive air racing.
    SimHQ's Vince "Beer Camel" Putze, a former F-4 and F-16 pilot as well as an air racing fan and racing P-51 ground crewman, takes a first look at this interesting title in their hands-on preview.

    If No One Lives Forever is the current pinnacle of subtlety in FPS games, then Serious Sam is the exact opposite. Take a look to this quote from Thomas' full review:
    Where Cate Archer in the world of Serious Sam would get through by tossing a few coins behind a Werebull & running across the courtyard, as the Werebull charges off in the coins direction hoping she doesn’t get seen.

    On the other hand, Sam “Serious” Stone stuck in the No One Lives Forever world… he’d get through it by tossing a brick into the Guards face as he passes by. Then, Sam would hop out and unload a few clips into the Room/Courtyard/Office, which the Guard just came out of. Where there actually any enemies in the room at the time, all the better.

    Thursday, July 05, 2001


    - Falcon @ 5:06 am PST

    Inon Zur Interview
    Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel and Baldur’s Gate II: Throne of Bhaal are both credited to composer Inon Zur. Accordingly, we were very pleased when we had the opportunity to discuss this talented musician’s background, his music and of course, his connection with these two acclaimed games in today’s lengthy and interesting Inon Zur Interview.
    PlanetSide Interview
    Taking place in a futuristic world where competing empires vie for power, PlanetSide brings the first person shooter style of gaming into a massively multiplayer setting. Recently, we had the good fortune of catching up with Lead Designer and Producer Kevin McCann, who provided us with this extensive and informative PlanetSide Interview.

    UK-based e-tailer Software First has released what is probably the world's first top ten of games sold to prisoners.
    Unsurprisingly games like Tomb Raider, Grand Theft Auto and Carmageddon are particularly popular with criminals. Oh dear...
    "In one of the more bizarre press releases to pass across our desks in recent weeks, European e-tailer Software First has revealed the top ten games most commonly shipped to inmates in British prisons. Yes, it appears that consoles systems are commonly available in jails across the country, with the PlayStation apparently the most popular amongst
    felons. No doubt Sony are already working on a bizarre new prison advertising campaign directed by David Lynch... "

    CPL Europe Launches London Event Website

    The CPL Europe presented the official ELSA CPL European Championships event website today under the address The event website is the first public presentation of the upcoming CPL Europe event in London, set to take place from August 3rd through August 5th. In its initial phase, the event website will feature various information ranging from game rules to hotel lists. More content is set to follow in the following days. Registration should begin some time next week and will be announced beforehand. Demand is expected to be high.

    Qualifiers for the London event are being held in England (The Playing Fields), Ireland (Does Not Compute), Austria (Down Under 4 LAN), and Russia (Cyberfight). More are to follow.

    Visit or for details.

    BattleGoat Studios is pleased to announce new details on its upcoming release "Supreme Ruler 2010". Particulars are posted on the Official Website. Supreme Ruler 2010 is an Economic and Military Strategy game for Windows based PC's that is scheduled to be released Q1, 2002.

    What's new at the Web Site :
    1) New Screen Shots!
    A couple of new screen shots to wet the appetites! - Including the first look at Supreme Ruler 2010's included Map Editor
    Some of the shots are linked to higher rez versions that allow you to see the screen content more clearly!

    2) Ask the Development Team - The Answers
    Here's the answers to some of the questions that we've been asked about Supreme Ruler 2010. Everything from Scenario Information to Treaties to Unconventional Warfare...
    If instead of looking at other people's questions you want to ask one of your own, here's the direct link to that page :

    3 Equipment List - The First Draft

    Unlike many other strategy games, the Equipment File for Supreme Ruler 2010 is an open and modifiable file, and more than that, we are posting the file early in its development to get as much feedback and suggestions as possible.

    We understand that the modern strategy game player is our best resource for assistance with developing a complete and accurate Equipment File for modern military hardware.

    In terms of action gaming, the summer of 2001 looks to be a very dry season. Just because there aren't very many action games coming out this summer doesn't mean you can't have any fun. StoneWolf looks at the best that the mod community and the bargain bins have to offer.

    Wednesday, July 04, 2001

    Sorry but I couldn't pass up on a chance to post somthing about the upcoming motion picture, Final Fantasy the Spirit Within. This movie is simply CG Heaven... Anyway,

    Gamespy have had a nice little chat with the cast and crew of the Final Fantasy: The Spirit Within, due to be released later in the month. Head here for the full article. I can't wait to see this movie, and sure you'll be just as excited after reading this quote:

    "Because this was done on computers, you weren’t restricted by the physical limitations of the camera. But when you were planning the film, was a conscious decision made to stick to traditional camera angles?
    Because of the level of realism in the movie, they wanted to get away from the camera work in the game series, in which they had some weird camera angles, so they felt it was necessary to keep with more traditional camera work.

    What do you think of the way the film looks?
    Going into this, I understood that they would create characters for which we’d have empathy, and they succeeded. What I didn’t understand, and had never even dreamt, was the depth of the art that they would go to. You see Anselm Kiefer, you see Edvard Munch, you see Francis Bacon at the end when it gets glorious – it’s really extraordinary."

    Found this on Accordingly, a 16.7 MB avi trailer for the exciting Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, Shadowbane has emmerged on warcry. View it now.

    In other news Shadowbane Warcry has also done up an interview with Olaf "Dodger" Piesche, the newest programmer for Wolfpack Studios. Heres a teaser:

    "K: What's your favorite aspect of Shadowbane?

    D: I think what's most interesting is the great level of flexibility and detail that the players will experience in their 'virtual lives' in the world of Shadowbane. Not only does the diversity of the races and classes give the player a possibility to create their perfect character, but also the immense possibilities to 'live' and advance in the game are something that I haven't seen done before.

    K: What's your favorite class to play?

    D: I haven't really had the time to get familiar with all the classes that are available, but I have a tendency towards magically-active classes. Personally I like a good balance from muscle- and brainpower, brute force and spirituality."

    Since the release of Baldurs Gate II: Throne of Bhaal, most of the community have gone into a frenzy, releasing and publishing more news then you can poke a stick at. What follows is an effort to summarize the important things which have been going on over the last few days.

    So far atleast, Throne of Bhaal has managed to stand tall when being hit head on, by the critics. For example, Game-Revolution in a relatively good review -if somewhat short- gave an overall B+ Report Card to this RPG addition. Here is a quote from that article:

    "You begin the game at level 20 (characters imported from your previous BGII game are automatically advanced) with a full compliment of skills and items. In the D&D realm, that's very powerful and it's the reason that the characters you encounter throughout the game react to you the way they do - with extreme prejudice. As a result, these high-level battles can be a hoot to watch.

    The experience cap is set to 8 million points. That's 40th level for some characters...or pretty much demi-god status to us here on the Prime Material plane.

    The graphics in BGII:ToB don't look much better than those in BGII:SoA, which didn't look much better than Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast, which didn't look much better than Baldur's Gate. You'll have to wait until Neverwinter Nights before you can lead your party through a sparsely wooded plain without losing them behind trees and other stationary objects. We're all ready for a graphical upgrade."

    Aswell, both Action Trip and XGR have written good reviews, scoring ToB in the mid to high 80's (or 4 out of 5 Stars).

    In other news ,two free online Walkthroughs have appeared for anyone who is currently stuck and needs afew in-game hints, to help get back on track. The best of these walkthroughs has just been done up by Gamebanshee, and covers characters, locations and items/equipment. This walkthrough is still in its infancy, with lots more to added. GameFaq have also posted up three Walkthroughs, covering Endings, Items and General FAQ/Problems.

    Finally in this addition, Kevin Martens, Lead Designer for Throne of Bhaal, has been interviewed by Gamezone. The Interview covers expansion's details, Kevin's favorite part in ToB, and Bioware plans for future RPG's such as Neverwinter Nights. Here's a quote that finally put to rest the question most BG fan has been dying to know:

    "GZ: Is this really the end of the Baldur's Gate saga? Or is the door left open for spin-offs or other expansions?

    Kevin: This is the end of the Child of Bhaal saga.This particular story has reached its conclusion but Baldur’s Gate is a big city. Who knows what the future will hold?”

    Camelot Vault has added seventeen new PvP screenshots originating from the beta of the highly anticipated, Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, Dark Age of Camelot.

    After months of silence, Leif Jensen of Click Entertainment, finally releases more details on the upcoming medievil Role Playing Game, Throne of Darkness, which uses the Diablo II Graphics Engine. Good Interview, containing some new information. How bout a little peak:
    "Which enemies will players find the most interesting and refreshing?

    Unlike the played-to-death European RPGs, the monsters in Throne of Darkness have been exclusively drawn from Japanese fables. We covered all regions of Japanese mythology to find fresh characters. To name a few: the Kappa water spirit; the giant demon Oni; and the tree spirit sword masters called Tengu.

    Describe the AI. What are some clever tactics the computer can pull off against players?

    We designed a system that enables players to create formations from scratch or use preset tactics. Players can also select from differing styles of behavior and choose special weapons or spells. I think the most chaotic tactic we have is the Phoenix tactic. All your samurai are spread out, and the AI for all four samurai is set to Aggressive-Spell. This is a great tactic in multiplayer because the screen turns into a big fireworks display. It's not the best tactic to use if you want to conserve Ki, but it sure looks cool and it does a lot of damage."

    Blizzard has just released new details on The Footman, a classic Warcraft unit returing to the new world of Warcraft III: Reigns of Chaos. Head here for all the goss.
    Say hi to the pretty little footman!

    GameZNet's has conducted a quick sessions with Gas Powered Games' founder, Chris Taylor, touching on topics such as the Dungeon Siege beta and other upcoming projects. Here is a tasty little strip, to tempt your taste buds
    "Dolomiight - I have some idea that you are planning on creating another RTS, perhaps a long awaited TA sequel?

    CT - Yes, we definitely want to make another RTS, but we haven't decided on a name yet. We just know that it will be the craziest over-the-top stuff-exploding-everywhere RTS game you have ever played... :)"

    Tuesday, July 03, 2001

    Whilst not completely gaming related, I'm sure alot of viewers are interested in this. Filmforce at IGN have just completed a review for the MIB2, the sequel to the 1997 blockbuster. The review can be viewed here. But as a WARNING it contains lots of spoilers.

    Hironobu Sakaguchi bears all in a recent interview with Gamespot. The interview contains development details aswell as some general information on Squaresofts vision for its first online Role Playing Game. Get to it by clicking here.

    Morrowind's official website The Elder Scrolls, was recently updated with a brand new Imperial wallpaper as well as some additional item information containing in-game models, for a number of weapons that will be featured in Morrowind. The new images depict weapons made in a number of different styles, including chitin, iron, steel, silver, dwarven, Nordic, glass, ebony, and daedric. Like the races featured in the game, different types of weapons will have different advantages and disadvantages and will appear in different locations.

    RPG Vault has posted a new Question and Answer session in which Morrowind's Lead Designer Ken Rolston introduces the setting and scenery for the game. Heres a sample question from the article:

    "Jonric: How many different communities will there be, and how will they differ in terms of size and cultural/thematic influences and variety?

    Ken Rolston: The native Dunmer of the three Great Houses are the dominant culture. House Hlaalu architecture looks something like the civilized and prosperous Near East of Roman Imperial times. House Redoran architecture borrows its forms from the organic curves of native giant insects, and the Redoran themselves are conservative and aristocratic. House Telvanni is dominated by its ruling class of thousand-year-old wizards, and is eccentric and intimidating in customs and appearance.

    Another native Dunmer cultural style is that of the Tribunal Temple, an austere and grand monumental architecture, the predominant style of the city of Vivec. Distinct from the Great House cultures, the Ashlanders are Dunmer of an antique nomadic barbarian culture very unlike the settled Dark Elves of town and city. Many colonists of all races have come to Vvardenfell, and the Imperial style of towns like Pelagiad and Caldera recalls the towns of Daggerfall, medieval and Western European in flavor. In addition, there are several other architectural styles representing ancient and lost cultures. Many different communities, with sharply contrasting appearances, lifestyles, and values"

    Finally, over one Gamespy's website, there is a new interview up with, Bethesda's project leader, Todd Howard. The interviews covers a broad band of general information as well as a few specifics on x-box development and some teasers concerning what is next in the Morrowind Universe. You can view the article here.

    The final chapter is this episodic role playing game in finally complete. In Chapter 6 player must rally and lead the forces of Avalon, muster every skill and experience that has been acquired in the prior Siege Chapters, and come face-to-face with the most desperate hour of all the western civilizations. Go here more details or to download.

    Black Isle Studios, PlanetBaldursGate and FilePlanet are happy to announce that the free, downloadable expansion to Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter, called Trials of the Luremaster, is now available for download. Only the English version is offered today with a size of 71.3 MB (foreign language versions will be released in the coming weeks). The expansion offers twenty new maps featuring a haunted castle in the Anauroch desert, more monsters, additional items, and high adventure. Thanks to Black Isle for creating this for their fans and we have seven exclusive screenshots to entice you even more.


    - Falcon @ 8:06 pm PST

    StrategyPlanet has just posted 5 new exclusive screenshots from Best of E3 winner, BattleRealms from Liquid Entertainment. Each shot comes complete with a caption telling exactly what is going on in this beautiful sci-fi/fantasy/oriental RTS. See 'em here.

    Fresh today on EuroGamer are five exclusive new shots of Austrian-developed sci-fi action game nTrap in action.

    Today ends the first week of the Duron 900 giveaway at 3D Spotlight. All you´ve to do is to subscribe to their newsletter and you will be inmediately eligible to win the prize. Best of all, if you don't win this week, you still have 5 more chances since we will be giving away 5 more durons during the next 5 weeks. Oh, and BTW, there are no geographic limitations for winning the prize.

    PlanetDungeonSiege has an interview with Sarah "Calix" Boulian, self proclaimed Gas Powered Games level queen, and rightfully so! Sarah creates levels for Dungeon Siege and has taken time to answer some questions about the design process, inspirations, and even some tips for those of us out here that are planning on making some of our own level magic.

    Wallpapers based on the highres art of Unreal 2, Echelon and Aquanox are posted today here: has posted a review of Road to India .
    "This pleasant mystery surrounding the streets of New Delhi successfully offers the tone and investigative nature of a Shenmue chapter with the mouse-driven ease and satisfying puzzle logic of a MYST journey. Although a little soft on the challenge and short in length, the game's layered environments and engaging personality make it a worthy expedition.... "

    For some of you this might be a trip down memory lane!

    Dteam 3d Design Guild will become an extremely easy tutorial site for those with little or no game design experience.

    Monday, July 02, 2001

    AI Puzzler

    - Falcon @ 6:58 pm PST


    Mind-Bending Puzzles Bring the Movie to Life

    Microsoft today announced that A.I. Puzzler will be available this August at retail locations throughout North America. Following on the heels of the release of "A.I.," Steven Spielberg's new film, A.I. Puzzler will be available at retail for only US$29.95 and will carry an ESRB rating of "T" (For Teen ).

    A.I. Puzzler allows players to relive the excitement of A.I. on the PC with visual images of the futuristic world, David and his family, Gigolo Joe, the Flesh Fair, and more. Players will enjoy 130 mind-bending puzzles that bring the movie to life. It's a journey through the film, with never-before seen images unveiled when players conquer the intriguing world of A.I. through puzzles. A.I. Puzzler was designed by Alexey Pajitnov, famed creator of Tetris and Pandora's Box. Players can try a demo of three of the many puzzles in the game by visiting the official movie site at

    No, no, it's a Tomb Raider amusement park ride. Get your minds out of the gutter!
    "Adventuring guests are in for an experience unique to the theme park universe that is filled with all of Lara Croft's real passions : raiding tombs, besting bad guys and one extreme adventure after another", according to the press release. "The excitement begins with a journey into a foreboding ancient temple. As stone walls give way to others, guests will proceed through mysterious chambers, engraved with strange, runic symbols and the debris of failed expeditions, as a sense of impending doom grows."

    Oh, don't you worry - our well-honed sense of impending doom (a vital asset for any budding journalist) is growing already...

    LIGHTCUBE GmbH today announced the availability of gxSDK, a powerful software package for the development of realtime-3D applications for standard PCs.

    GX delivers a paradigm shift on how developers work with 3D middleware. Different from existing solutions, GX consistsof a full-featured Operating System for dynamic, multi-threaded 3D applications. It stands out for its great flexibility and enables programmers to built any kind of 3D application quickly and easily - from interactive games to 3D e-learning applications or walk-through experiences.

    The GX technology features Realtime Lighting, Shadows, Positional Audio, Particle System, Inverse Kinematics & Procedural Animation, Procedural Terrains, Portal Technology and a 3D Graphical User Interface (GUI).

    The gxSDK Package contains excessive technical documentation, examples and tutorials covering all modules contained in gxSDK Standard Edition.

    Topics covered:
    - Script Manual
    - Audio Tutorial for implementing 3D positional sound
    - GUI Module Tutorial
    - 3D Artist Guide
    - gxRun Sources for standalone applications
    - commented example script sources
    - C/C++ API includes and headers plus description for your own modules

    Just days away from release, Brian Gantt gives Strategyplanet the low down on his hot new real-time strategy title. Check out StrategyPlanet's interview talking about Remote Assault here. and The Stomping Grounds, in conjunction with Twin Galaxies, are proud to present the "Brawl at the Mall". The Brawl at the Mall will take place July 20-22 at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota with the Twin Galaxies Video Game Festival.

    The Brawl will consist of competitions in Counter-Strike, Quake 3 Arena, and Age of Empires II Conquers Expansion.

    The Counter-Strike competition will be a 5v5 event and will serve as a qualifier for the CPL World Championships to be held in Dallas this December. There will also be $2,500 in prize money awarded in the Counter-Strike tournament.

    The Quake 3 Arena tournament will be a 1-on-1 competition with $500 total prize money to be awarded. The Age of Empires II competition will be 1-on-1 competitions with $500 prize money as well.

    All matches will take place at the Mall of America's Sam Goody Central Rotunda.

    The Mall of America averages 100,000 visitors per day.

    Parties interested in registering should call The Stomping Grounds at 612-279-1960 or email Registration is $25 per person per event, $20 if you pay by phone with a credit card before July 20. All registrations must be paid by phone or in person at The Stomping Grounds before the event begins.

    More information about the "Brawl at the Mall" will be posted at and as it becomes available.

    Speedy 3D has just kicked up an article which focuses on tweaking windows9x/ME's boot up time. They explain a few simple procedures both in one's BIOS & Windows which will allow for an overall faster boot time.
    The first step to boosting your computer's boot speed would be to make sure you have properly optimized your mainboard's BIOS. In doing that you'll want to make sure you have the most recent BIOS release for your mainboard. Often times a manufacturer will release updated BIOS either to correct compatibility problems, or further optimize your mainboard.

    Sega's Dreamcast hit Crazy Taxi is the latest game to make the transition to the big screen, with word that the director behind Superman and the Lethal Weapon movies will be helming the project.
    According to a story in the Hollywood Reporter, Donner is promising to "make the action sequences feel like those in the game" and "to really put the audience in the front or back seat of the taxi". Sega are also reportedly going to be acting as consultants throughout the film's production, and we can no doubt look forward to some kind of game-of-the-
    movie-of-the-game tie-in.

    GG8 Contest

    - Falcon @ 7:19 am PST

    Sony has given GG8 10 pairs of passes to the Gran Turismo 3 A-spec launch event at the Paramount Imax Theatre on Monday, July 9th in downtown Toronto.
    And they have to give them away! While there, you and a friend will have a chance to play GT3 on a big Imax screen with a mystery celebrity who knows a lot about racing. For those who can't make it to the launch event (travel not included) they have 3 copies of Gran Turismo 3 A-spec to give away!

    Sunday, July 01, 2001

    Today's quiz: of all gamers, both hardcore and mass market, what percentage does the amateur development community make up? Probably less then you would think. The mod community is such a small part of the larger gaming picture. Should developers, publishers, and retailers pay any attention to it?

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