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The Entertainment News you can trust

In the wired world of today, it's essential that you stay on top of the latest news and announcements from the business world. The NewsEye Business section gathers headlines from around the world, and using only the best sources, to give you that edge you need to get to the top, and to stay there.

The information you need

Get the news you need quickly, with a brief overview of some of the top stories affecting the entire computer industry today
Computer News in brief
A special section just for desk top, portable, and notebook news and information, including the latest developments on accessories
Desktop NewsEye
The Penguin rises, with news and new developments on KDE, GNOME, graphical desktop environments, kernels, consolidation, GUIs, and adoption of existing technology. Get the latest impact reports and news from companies like Microsoft, VMware, Redhat, Corel, and the PowerPC.
Linux NewsEye
Get the latest information for the Apple Mac, including OS X, ADC, monitors, and Darwin

Microsoft Windows
What's a computer news section without Windows? Find out all OS issues like file searches, FooBar, dealing with lost clusters, desktop settings, and MS Millennium (ME).
Windows NewsEye
Get the most on networking, including management providers services, connectivity, termination distribution and Mbps gateway info. This section also deals with ISA, PCI, and USB ports, firewalls, access attempts, DSL, wireless LANs, Fiber channels, Gigabyte systems, Ethernet networks, and Broadband issues and resources.
Network NewsEye
A large category, dealing with hardware like multipurpose devices, fax, sound cards, (digital analog), hard drives, RAID, video monitors, CCD cameras, projectors, microscope cameras, color flatbeds, and scanners. This section also supplies information on accessories, such as PC cards, PocketZip, Zip drives, onboard electronics micro-controllers, flat-panel displays, with issues about s-video, c-video, and XGA resolution, Get the latest on firewire issues, as well as dvd-rom, dvd-ram, and wireless printer sharing. Printer issues include dpi, 42-bit, 32-bit, 16-bit color depth, picoliters, and droplets. Other topics range from disks, cd, cdr, CD-RW, speakers, and subwoofers, it's all here.
Peripherals NewsEye
PDA, Telecom & Handheld Devices
he latest on Personal Digital assistants, including brands like PalmPilot, Handspring, and Win CE. Topics include type II PC cards, synchronization, dropped, sticky, and blocked signals issues and solutions. This section also deals with networks, platforms, and wireless modems.

Servers and Supercomputers

Issues, resources, and help on massively parallel computer systems, especially on
up and downtimes, outage, scaling applications (either horizontally or vertically) and clustering. Hardware news includes Linux, RSD, Sun Solaris & Ultrasparc, Windows NT & 2000. Leran all about operating systems, wireless technology, databases, OS issues, scalable & legacy platforms, WebLogic, E-Business, Java, Solaris, server integration, global indexing cataloging systems, log file processing, threads, and programing APIs.
Servers and Supercomuters NewsEye
OpenSSh, xBSD, ssh, scp, Linux, FreeBSD,and DBMS platforms, it's all here, Also, find out the latest on encyrpted Telnet configuration, and on commercial, freeware, or open-source database managers.
Unix NewsEye



Table of contents

- Home
- In Brief
- Desktops
- Linux
- MacIntosh
- MS Windows
- Network
- PDA, Telecom, Handheld
- Peripherals
- Servers & Supercomputers
- Unix

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