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** Note: This document is NEITHER a Game Boy FAQ nor is it a Super Game Boy
FAQ. It's a Game Boy COLOR FAQ. If you need info on the Game Boy or
have questions about it read Marat Fayzullin's FAQ at If
you have any Super Game Boy inqueries read Jeff Bogumil's FAQ at

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quote from it, please contact me by e-mail.

The Gameboy is the longest lasting game sytem to date. It has surpassed
many other game systems in terms of longevity. Gameboy has been supporting
Nintendo company ever since it's official Japanese release in 1988. It
was released to the US in 89'. Gameboy has sold over 60 million units
worldwide and Over 1000 (close to 2000) games have been programmed for
the Gameboy. That number grows daily.

1. How do I use this FAQ?
2. My printout looks crappy!!
3. What's inside the Game Boy Color (GBC) ?
4. Does the GBC have any built-in support for Super Game Boy (SGB) ?
5. Is it backwards compatable?
6. Will the new GBC games be backwards compatable with the old GB?
7. What colors does the casing come in?
8. Any other features?
9. Is it possible to link a GBC to a GBP?
10. How do I link a GBC to a GBP?
11. Will my Game Genie work with it?
12. I don't like any of the new colors, can I change them?
13. How do I change colors?
14. How much does it cost?
15. What is the IR used for?
16. Does it come with a pack-in?
17. Is it backlit?
18. Do the printer and camera work in full color?
19. Is it true that Nintendo is re-releasing old NES games to play on the GBC?
20. How will that work?
21. What's the best palette to use with _____?
22. Release Dates (American)
23. Links
24. Thank-you
25. Credits

*1* How do I use this FAQ?
Every section has a number that goes with it. For your convenience I have
put an asterix around each number. This way, when you want to go to a
certain section, all you need to do is type the number enclosed by an
asterix in your "find" option. The best Resolution for view is 800x600 or
greater. This FAQ is in ASCII format, to make sure your viewing it right,
the 2 lines below should be equal.


If the lines above are not lined up I suggest you use notpad or a
4.0 browser to view it.

*2* My printout looks crappy!!
For some reason Notepad makes really crappy printouts. When it comes to
printing out FAQ's a 4.0 browser is the best way to go.

*3* What's inside the Gameboy Color (GBC)?
CPU: 4/8-bit Z80 work-alike at 8MHz (MAX)
It has 2 modes, Single (4MHz) and Double (8MHz); designed by Sharp

RAM: 8kB; For carts: 64KBit, 128KBit,

ROM: 256kBit, 16MBit, 32MBit, 64MBit (not all are listed)

VRAM: 16Kb

Sound: 4 Channels FM stereo, Single speaker (it turns off when headphones
are plugged into the headphone jack), Stereo headphones jack

Display - 160x144 pixels (dots), Highly reflective Thin-Film Transistor
(TFT) color liquid crystal display made by Sharp
Colors - 32,000 colors; Supports 10, 32, or 56 colors on-screen at once
Sprites - 40 sprites of either 8x8 or 8x16 [switchable]; 10 Sprites per
line; Sprites are 4 color with one always transparent (3 diff.
colors max on 1 sprite)

Serial: 512Kbps; up to 4up at a time

Power: Indicator LED - it fades as the battery power runs low
2 AA Batteries (Duracell) - 30+ hours
AC adapter (DC 3V IN) - Infinite

Input: 8 way D-Pad, 4 buttons, volume dial, power switch

Infared: Have not tested the distance yet...

Size: Slightly larger than Gameboy Pocket (GBP)

Tiles: 512 on screen (? in memory, I'll find out)

*4* Does the GBC have any built-in support for Super Gameboy (SGB)?
I wrote to Nintendo with that question. They said no. It makes
no use of the SGB color presets. I think this was smart, it
would be kinda redundant to do so. Instead, most first-party
SGB compatable games should have support built into the GBC.

*5* Is it backwards compatable?
Yep. Your old carts will work fine with the new system. You can choose
from almost 13 different color palettes (depending on what game you are
playing), to play them in. The palettes range from 7-10 colors. Games
designed for the new system will, of course be more colorful than those
12+ palettes that you choose from.

*6* Will the new GBC games be backwards compatable with the old GB?
I asked Nintendo. Here is what they told me:

"That depends. It is possible for developers to make games which work for
both systems, but they will be limited in the amount colors that they can
use. To take full advantage of Game Boy Color's capabilities, some
developers may choose to make games which only work with Game Boy Color. Be
sure to check the packaging for these compatibility issues before
purchasing a new game."

*7* What colors does the casing come in?
1)Red 2)Purple 3)Yellow 4)Light Blue 5)Clear Purple 6)Clear

*8* Any other features?
It does a lot of cool stuff for a Z80 run machine. Rastar effects are
possible. They were possible on the original Gameboy also. The old GB also
did polygons but they weren't shaded, only vectors. They added IR. Read
more to find out what it's for. As for the screen. It's designed to last
longer on batteries and not drain them like Game Gear does. It can connect
to the Nintendo 64. I think the GBP does too, not sure about that...

*9* Is it possible to link a GBC to a GBP?

*10* How do I link a GBC to a GBP?
Contrary to what people say about a Universal GameLink Cable (UGC), all
you need is the cable you used to hook up to GBP. But if you don't have
ANY cables THEN you should get the UGC.

*11* Do Game Genie and Game Shark work with it?
Game Genie works, i don't know know about Game Shark since I don't have
one. Someone please tell me if it works on Game Shark.

*12* I don't like any of the new colors, can I change them?
Nope, the 12 (plus the default), palettes is all you have to play with. I
suggest you use Left+A which makes the screen go back to it's original
gray color. You can't go wrong with gray :)

A cool feature of new games would be to let you edit the color of sprites
and such like that but I doubt developers will spend their time doing

*13* How do I change colors?
You should read your game manuals. Seriously. It clearly states:

1. To change the color palette, first insert a Game Pak and turn on the

2. When the Game Boy logo appears, press the + Control Pad and button
combination shown below for the desired color pallet.

(Authors Note: You are not limited in time. You can keep rotating the
D-Pad till the cows come home and you'll still be able to
change colors. But choosing a color should be a snap with
the chart I'm compiling in section 21.)

Combo Background Sprite1 Sprite2
Default Green/Blue Red Red
Up Brown Brown Brown
Up + A Red Green Blue
Up + B Dk. Brown Brown Brown
Left Blue Red Green
Left + A Dk. Blue Red Brown
Left + B Original Original Original
Down R/B/Yellow R/B/Yellow R/B/Yellow
Down + A Red/Yellow Red/Yellow Red/Yellow
Down + B Yellow Blue Green
Right Red/Green Red/Green Red/Green
Right + A Green/Blue Red Red
Right + B Negative Negative Negative

*14* How much does it cost?
Canada - 99.95 Canadian Dollars
Japan - 8900 Yen
Spain - 300,40 Peso
Taiwan - 2800 NT
United States - 79.99 Dollars

* Prices listed are the cheapest I know of

*15* What is the IR used for?
I asked Nintendo. They were quick to reply:

"The Game Boy Color comes equipped with an infrared communications port
located at the top of the case. It allows you to exchange data from one
Game Boy Color to another without purchasing or carrying a Game Link
cable. It will be used for such things as trading items, sharing custom
characters, and exchanging other types of statistical information. The
infrared communications port will only work with games specifically
programmed to take advantage of it. You will still have to use the Game
Link cable for head to head action, but the cable works much more
efficiently on Game Boy Color than on regular Game Boy."

The manual states the following:

Note: The systems must be kept between 1.5" and 2" (4-5 cm) apart for the
communication to work propperly.

The triangular marks on the front of the Game Boy Color systems above the
display must be aligned and pointed toward each other. The infared
connection will be more reliable if both Game Boy Color systems are placed
on a stable surface such as a table.

When using the Communications Port feature, please note the following:

- No more than 2 Game Boy Color systems can be used at one time.
- Do not use in direct sunlight, because the bright light will interfere
with the infared transmission.
- The lens over the communication port must be kept clean and free from
- Do not place tape or material such as stickers over the communication
- Do not place any object between the communication ports.
- Do not use around any other infared devices, such as a TV or VCR remote,
because they can interfere with each other.
- If the batteries get low on power, the communication feature may not
work properly. Replace the batteries if the Power Indicator LED starts
to become dim.

*16* Does it come with a pack-in?
Mine only came with a Gameboy and 2 crappy batteries. Nope, no pack-in :(

*17* Is it backlit?
Nope. It's still reflective LCD. There is a backlit Gameboy called the
Gameboy light if you REALLY feel like playing in the dark. Another thing
is the screen is smaller. I don't know why Nintendo did this...

*18* Do the printer and camera work in full color?
Well, I'm not sure. I'm guessing at least the printer won't be in full
color. It's black and white to begin with no? The camera, I guess you can
have colors, but not like a real camera. In other words the color mode
will work like any other old cart you plug into the GBC. I'll get more
info on this soon.

*19* Is Nintendo re-releaseing old NES games to play on the GBC?

*20* How will that work?
No idea. Here's the specs of the NES. As you can see, GBC is WAY superior
in terms of raw power. I hope NOA/NOJ re-release Super Mario Bros. 3 to
play on the GBC!!!!!

CPU: 8-bit Custom Motorola 6502 class running at 1.798 MHz

RAM: 2K (Snicker!)

ROM: ????

VRAM: 2K (HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!)

Sound: ????

Display - 256x240 pixels (dots)
Colors - 52 colors; 16 on-screen at once
Sprites - either 8x8 or 16x16

Serial: None silly :p

Power: Plugs into the wall

Input: 8 way D-Pad, 4 buttons, On/Off, Reset

Infared: HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!

Size: Um.... Bigger than Dreamcast....

Tiles: ????????

*21* What's the best palette to use with _____?
(J) - Japanese Version
Automatic - A different color than the default built into the GBC Bios,
specifically for that game.
Color - This game was programmed for GBC.
Default - The color you get without pressing anything.
· nameofgame - This means the game is bootleg (In other words, a homebrew)
·· nameofgame - This means I played it from a '200 in 1' type cart and if
the game has an automatic pallete I would not know.

·· All Star Challenge - Left+A [Players have real skin tone :)]
Baseball - Automatic [Team1 = red; Team2 = blue; Amazing!!]
Bomberman Pocket (J) - Left [Blue BG, Green Bomberman]
·· Bouken Jima 2 (J) - Left [Do I always have to write something]
·· Bubble Bobble - Right+A [The hero is pink like he should be]
·· Bubble Bobble Junior - Up+A [Enemies turn blue when pissed off :)]
·· Chase HQ - Left+B [Nothing works with this game, too dull]
·· Roger Clemens MVP Baseball-Right [Looks like Baseball to me :)]
·· Detective Conan 1 (J)- Down+B [Dressed as he should be...]
·· Detective Conan 2 (J)- Up+A [Same as Above :p]
·· Dodge Ball (J) - Up [Technos makes the best games, I love SD]
·· Dodge Danpei (J) - Up [Same as above :D]
·· Doraemon 2 (J) - Left+B [Doraemon is _supposed_ to be blue...]
·· Dr. Mario (J) - Left+A [Clearer to see]
·· Felix The Cat - Left+A [Sprites are better highlighted]
Final Fantasy Legend III - U+A [Green Fighters]
·· GB Genjin 2 - Up+B [Well, rocks are supposed to be brown]
Kirby's Star Stacker - Automatic [All Brown]
Kirby's Pinball - Automatic [Yellow/green BG, pink sprites]
·· Kureyon Shin 4 (J) - Right [This game is the template of SMario 4]
·· Maruko Dxsiata (J) - Left [Do I have to describe EVERY SINGLE ONE?]
·· Master Karateka - Right+B [Black uniform, James Bond Looking :)]
Megaman II - Down+B [Blue Megaman sprite!!!]
Mole Mania - Automatic [Slightly darker than default]
Nettou King Of Fighters 96' (J)- Up+A [P1 = green; P2 = blue]
Pokémon Blue (J) - Automatic [Red sprites, Blue BG]
Pokémon Green (J) - Automatic [Lighter than default]
Pokémon Yellow (J) - Automatic [Yellow&Red Sprites/BG (like Down+A)]
·· Puzzle Bobble GB (J) - Right [The only combo that works, besides grey]
·· Real Bout Special 3 (J) - Left [You're red... "BANG!! Blue Mary wins!!]
·· Rockman World 1 (J) - Down+B [Same game as Megaman Diff. name]
·· Rockman World 2 (J) - Down+B [Capcom has made over dozens of comics]
·· Rockman World 3 (J) - Down+B [based on the adventures of Rockman and]
·· Rockman World 4 (J) - Down+B [his sis Role. In fact, she came from]
·· Rockman World 5 (J) - Down+B [the comic book. Very well drawn too :)]
·· Sailor Moon R (J) - Left [This pallette seems to work the most]
·· Snow Brothers JR - Left+A [Really looks like you are in the Arctic]
·· Sonic 3D Blast 5 - Down+B [Sonic is blue, what else is new?]
·· Space Invaders - Right+B [White monsters, Black BG]
· Super Mario 4 (J) - Right [Clearer sprites, the trees flash]
Tetris Attack - Automatic [Sprite 2 blue, sprite 1 green]
Tetris DX - Color [The demos are cool, great effects]
·· Ultraman Ball (J) - Right [Looks like he does on the show :p]
Wario Land 1 - Automatic [Flesh Colored Wario, Light green BG]
Wario Land 2 Color (J) - Automatic [Everything has been apropriatly colored]

*22* Release Dates (American)
* These release dates were copied from NOA's Website *

TBA: 10-Pin Bowling (Majesco)
Aladdin (THQ) Re-release
Bust a Move III (Acclaim)
Centipede (Majesco)
Daedalian Opus (Re-release)
Flying Dragon
Frogger (Majesco)
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (Titus)
Jungle Book (THQ) Re-release
Lion King (THQ) Re-release
Little Indian Big City (Titus)
Metroid II: Return of Samus (Nintendo)
NBA In the Zone '99 (Konami)
Quest Challenge (SunSoft)
Shanghai Pocket (Sun Corporation)
South Park (Acclaim)
Super Breakout (Majesco)
Taz-Mania (THQ) Re-release
V-Rally (Ocean)
Xena: Warrior Princess (Titus)
Yoda Stories (THQ)

December: Blaster Master Boy (Re-release)
Carrot Crazy (Infogrames)
Gex: Enter the Gecko (Crave Entertainment)
Las Vegas Cool Hand (Take 2 Interactive)
Looney Toons: Carrot Crazy (Infogrames)
Men In Black (Crave Entertainment)
Montezuma's Return (Take 2 Interactive Software)
Mortal Kombat 4 (Midway)
NBA Jam 99 (Acclaim)
NFL Blitz (Midway)
Pitfall: Beyond the Jungle (Activision)
Power Quest (SunSoft)
Rampage (Midway)
Rats! (Take 2 Interactive Software)
Shanghai Pocket (SunSoft)
"Twouble" (Infogrames)
V-Rally (Ocean)

December 14: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX (Nintendo)
Quest For Camelot (Nintendo)

January: Titus Jr. (Titus)

January 25: Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 3 (Nintendo)
Shadowgate Classic (Nintendo)
Wario Land 2 Color (Nintendo)

February: Top Gear Pocket (Kemco)

Winter: Arcade Hits: 720 Degrees (Midway)
Arcade Hits: Defender/Joust (Midway)
Arcade Hits: Spy Hunter/Moon Patrol (Midway)
Asterix (Ocean)
Conker's Pocket Tales (Rare)
Déja Vu 2: Ace Harding (Kemco)
NBA In the Zone (Konami)
NHL Blades of Steel (Konami)
Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA (Midway)
San Francisco Rush Extreme Racing (Midway)
Spawn (Konami)

* These release dates were copied from NOA's Website *

*23* Links
Dave's Video Game Classics - If you've never been here go NOW!!!

GameBoy (oh boy!) - They are also more up-to-date than NOA

GameFAQs - A kickass Website for game info.

Nintendo (America) - For those who can't read Japanese.

Nintendo (Japan) - Better than the US site.

*24* Thank-you
Marat Fayzullin - My inspiration for writing this FAQ. Although it isn't as
detailed as his FAQ is, I hope to get more info in the

Nintendo (US) - They helped me out a LOT in getting this info.

Karl - Corrected my spelling errors and explained Raster effects and
Vectors to me.

Everlyn - A girl that's into videogames as much as I am!! Hey, thanks
for explaining to me how to translate Japanese games!! And
also for haveing your friend translate Pokémon for me. Now I
can do it on my own! Kick Ass!!!

GameFAQs - For letting me put up my FAQ and helping me out in over 100's
of games. I hope GameFAQs is around forever.

Arturo - For showing me HEY, I still have that dumb site
at Angelfire!! They never deleted it!! Yo e-mail me. You can
tell Mike that I give him permission to give you the 10 ten
bucks he owes me. :)

??? - Who have I missed???

*25* Credits
Nintendo - Copied the release Dates from their website. And like I said
before, I got a lot of info by e-mailing them.

Nintendo Japan - For info on the diff. GBC casing colors.

Nintendo Spain - System Specs. I was wrong on some thing the last time.

Marat Fayzullin - Copied his format for displaying system specs. Got NES info
from his old FAQ.

GBOB MSG Board - I got many of the questions from the Game Boy (oh boy!)
message boards.

*@* Other Stuff
"For years, our players have asked us for a Game Boy that could play their
favorite games in color. But the technology, and the high demand on battery
life, made it impossible. As the first to surmount the technical obstacles,
we’re able to introduce a whole new generation of color games to the millions
of people who love Game Boy." - Howard Lincoln, chairman, Nintendo of America.

"Since its initial release in 1989, Game Boy has dominated the worldwide
market for handheld video game units, selling more than 60 million units in
less than 10 years time. In North America, Game Boy products claimed nearly 90%
of all category revenues in 1997." - Nintendo Of Canada, Ltd.

"Note: a few monocrome Game Boy games may not work properly when used with
the Game Boy Color system" - GBC Manual [Author's note: I'll try to find out
which games these are]

The manual mentions a Wrist Strap Attachment... I'll find out what this is
soon enough.

The manual also says that AC adapters aren't sold or used in Taiwan. Not
true. That's where I got mine for Pete's sake!!!

More crap from the manual:

"Caution: Leaving used or dead batteries in the Game Boy Color for
extended periods or time may result in damage to the system."

"Note: Because of differences between the Game Boy Color and other Game
Boy systems, a few two player games may not work propperly. Only connect the
cable when you are using twoo player mode games."
* *
* DISCLAIMER: Nintendo of America nor affiliates neither endorses This FAQ. *
* All information is provided without guarantee, nor is the information *
* under warranty. I am not responsible for any damage done to your Game Boy *
* after reading this FAQ. All trademarks and copyrights are recognized. I *
* take no responsibility for any false information contained in this *
* document. If any of this information is false, do tell me immediately. My *
* intentions are neither to mislead nor to withhold the truth. *
* *

NOTE: This FAQ is way overdue. I put this stuff at the last minute, I been busy
lately, I'm sorry about that. The FAQ will be updated weekly (hopefully),
from now on. I have TONS of info on the thing now so i now I can go on
weekly. Also I got many emails with info so those corrections will be
added in 3.0 and the people will be credited. I still need to update the
release list. The biggest change was incorporating the manual and adding
motre color codes. - Later

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