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Alex Kidd in Miracle World

The game's action

Centuries behind, on Aries Planet, lived a boy named ALEX KIDD. During seven years he lives on Etern Montain estuding Shellcore, a old martial art who teached peoples to be who much strong that them could break big rocks whith themselves hands.
On day, after leave the Etern Montain to go to his spiritual home land, he found a moribund who made a revelation: the pacific town of Radactian was on a great danger. Before his last breaf, the man gave to ALEX a map's fragment and a medalion made with a part of the Sun's rock.
What this all would want mean? The only way to discover would be travel to the Miracle World and there look for the answers.

The eleven places of Miracle World

In Miracle World, there are eleven diferent places, across you and Alex must travel. Each one of it has a special beauty and its particular dangers.
So, stay prepared. To everything!

This is the 11 places:

1. Etern Montain
2. Deep Lake
3. Santo Nurari man's island.
4. The little city of Namui
5. Kave Montain
6. Dark woods.
7. Down lands of Bingoo.
8. Radactian Castle
9. Radactian town
10. Nibana's kingtown.
11. Cragg lake

Take the control

To move to the right side or to left side.
* Press the right arrow or the left arrow
To Alex crouch
* Press the inferior arrow
To Alex jump
* Press button 1
To Alex jump and break blocks above him
* Press button 1 and button 2 together
To Alex pass under blocks
* Press quickly the inferior arrow and at same time the right or left arrow
To Alex punch or throw capsules
* Press button 2

Who is Who

You are Alex, Shellcore master, dressed with a red overalls.
Into your family and friends are: King Thunder, the true Alex's father; Nurari Sant, Alex's spiritual father; Patricia, Alex's mother; Egle, Alex twin's brother; High Stone; Nibana's king; and Princess Lora; groom's Egle. Sometimes, you can call this people to help you.

Soon you will discover that Janken, the Great, imperator of planet Janbarik, is your enemy. His plan is takeover the beautifull city of Radactian e dominate it forever.
Janken, the Great, has this name because his hability in Janken game - most knowing on ocidental world like the rock, paper and scissors game.
Like all bad liders, Janken, the Great, have a army, between it are: Parplin, the pursuing; Chokkinna, the dissimulated; and Gooseka, the cheating. Janken also have a lot of helpers from the animal kingtown, like the moster-bird, the sea-monkey, the bat, the monkey, the frog and much others.

To don't let Janken, the Great, dominate Radactian, you must travel across the Miracle World, defeating any enemy and all your helpers.

What is what

The rock blocks
Miracle World is made of thousands of rock blocks. Because that the importance of a martial art like Shellcore.

You must use the Alex's Shellcore hability to destroy the blocks and go ahed between it. But, stay warned since now: Not all blocks can be destroied.
OBSERVATION: in each on of the eleven places the blocks that cannot be destroied have diferent colors from the others. To discover it, press button 2.

The treasures
Exist five treasures you will find on many places, across your way. This treasures will help you to take peace to Radactian. The way of your use will be reveled with you advance on the game.

The treasures are this one:

* The Sun Stone Medalion
* The Moon Stone Medalion
* The Gold Crown - It have magic powers, but cannot be find without the Sun Stone Medalion and Moon Stone Medalion
* The Hirotta Stone - It ends the misteries about the Gold crown
* A pessoal letter to Nibana's kingtown - Without this letter, some itens cannot be found.

The boxes

On you travel across Miracle Wolrd, Alex discover a lot of strange boxes. Each box has a diferent thing inside and diferent powers. Some of this boxes are benefics, anotherres are pretty dangerous. Here are what the boxes have inside:

* Golden Coins Bag - The big bag has 20 U. The little bag has 10 U (U is the simbol of the money on Aries Planet).

* The Power Bracelet - Use it to make the "Destroier chock waves" (Read more about it on page 12).

* Alex Kidd - with it, you obtain a extra life

* The Gost - He will try to diminate you and assume your personality. So, stay away from him

* The Skull Box - Will make Alex be nervous

* The pink box - Inside it has a important secret

* The pink skull box - Jump over it, or else a ghost will leave from it and will go behind you

The Telepatic Sphere

This miraculous sphere lets you to read the other peoples mind. It will be very utifull, principally when you be playing the stone/paper/scissor's game.

The Shop

Always when you come to the shop, dont lose the oportunity to buy some itens. The shop have a lot of usefull things you can buy with your money.

How to come in the shop
* Put Alex on front of the shop's door, and press the up arrow.

How to buy on the shop
* Press the button 1, jump and touch the item you want.

What you can buy in the shop
* Magic dust - 100 U
This dust make you become invencible and lets you pass across the enemies. But do not forgot, the power of the magic dust just works on a little time.

* The Power Bracelet - 100 U
Use this bracelet to create the "destroier chock waves", a old secret from the martial art Shellcore.

OBSERVATION: The bracelet desapear when you lost a life or when you enter in a new place. And it cannot be used in water.

* Alex Kidd - 500U
You can buy a extra life for yourself!

* Flyer Bengal - 120U
A psichyc power lets you fly, for a limited time.

* The magica Capsule A - 100U
When you really need for a help, throw this capsule and eight friend of you will appear like magic.

* Magic Capsule B - 120U
When you throw this capsule, you will create a barrier who will protect you from the enemies.

* Sukopako Motocycle - 200U
Besides it is fast, it can also breack big rocks. But, cannor enter in water and reverse gear either.

To speed up the motocycle
* Press the right arrow
To speed down the motocycle
* Press the left arrow
To jump with the motocycle
* Press button 1

* Peticoper - 200U
Looks like a helicopter but it has missiles.

To pilote the peticoper
* Use the arrows
To speed up the peticoper
* Press the button 1
To lauch the missile
* Press the button 2

OBSERVATION: None of the itens bought on the shop can be used on water.

The Suisui motor boat
Whe you arrives on the river, you will see a special high speed motor boat you can use to cross the river

To Speed up the motor boat
* Use the right arrow
To Speed down the motor boat
* Use the left arrow
To lauch the missile
* Press the button 2

OBSERVATION: On the river, you cannot destroy the red blocks

A Game inside a Game
Every time you find Janken or one of his gangsters, you will challenge them to the three stone/paper/scissor's games.
Here it's how this games works: Paper is more strong than stone, but is more weak than scissor. The scissor is more strong than the paper, but is more weak than the stone. The stone is more strong than the scissor, but is more weak than the paper.
You and your enemy choosem, at same time, one of the threes (scissor, paper, stone). Who made the strongest choose wins.

To choose bettwen the stone/paper/scissor
* Use the up or down arrows while the music still is playing.
To start the next game
* Press the start button

If you lost two of the three games, Alex will become on stone and you lost a life
If you win two games, you can go ahead to another place.

Mantain the control of the situation
Because the big number of places and objects you can find, you need a system to mantain the control of the situation. You have access to a subpicture who will give to you all the informations.
To see that screen, press the PAUSE BUTTON.

This is the informations:
* Your localization on a map.
* A list of all your objects
* How many lifes you have
* Your points
* How much money you have

To select a item from the subpictu

Move the white arrow to the item you want, do this using the joystick's arrows, and press the button 1. To back to the game press the PAUSE button.

OBSERVATION: You dont have access to this screen from inside of the shop, or when you be playing the stone/paper/scissor's game.

Try again
In the beggining you have three lifes. If you lost all it, the game ends.

There are two ways to lost a life:
1. If you are attacked by a enemy
2. If you lost some stone/paper/scissor's game.

OBSERVATION: You can buy a extra life in the shop.

All you points are additioneds to made you final pontuation.
Look how you can gain the points.

If you destroy a:
Monster-Bird 200 points
Monster-frog 200 points
Scorpion 200 points
Fly-fish 200 points
Poison-fish 200 points
Rolling stone 200 points
Bat 400 points
Monkey 400 points
Hopper 400 points
Killer-fish 400 points
Sea-Monkey 400 points
Merman 600 points
Ox 600 points
Crizzly Bear 800 points
Rice Ball 1000 points
Octopus 4200 points
Parplin 2000 Points
Chokkina 2000 points
Gooseka 2000 points
If you hit the head of any one among the last three above: 200 points
Janken, the Great 10000 points

Util Tips
* The secret to jump and hit the enemy is always wait for the right moment to do it.
* Pick up all the money bags you can. This way you can buy items in the shop.
* Don't forget yo eat the Rice Ball at the end of each place. It gives energy to you, and you gain 1000 points.
* Don't try to attack the FLAME, because it is, simple, indestructible.

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