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Game : Double Dragon
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-Double Dragon

In a city ravaged by war and corruption, law and order have taken a backseat
to terror and violence. Ruthless gangs rule the streets. Crime and bloodshed
are commonplace. The city lives in fear.

Your name is Billy Lee. Your twin brother is Jimmy Lee. On the streets they
call you the Spike, and your brother, the Hammer. That's because you are both
masters without equal in the ancient martial arts of Kenpo and Kung fu.
You've got what it takes to survive in the meanest streets in the world! And
now, you've got troubles.

The Black Warriors, the meanest of the street gangs, is out for revenge: They
want you dead. To bring you out into their territory, they've kidnapped your
sweetheart, the beautiful Mary Ann.

Now you must venture out into the war-torn wasteland to rescue Mary Ann,
defeat the Black Warriors, and return law and order to your city.

-Taking Control [SEE DRAGON-1.BMP]

(2) BUTTON 1
(3) BUTTON 2

* The Directional Button moves Billy or Jimmy in eight directions.

Button #1:
* Press Button 1 to kick.

Button #2:
* Press Button 2 to punch, or pick up and use items on the ground.

Two Player Game

Double Dragon can be played by two people at the same time by connecting
Control Pad 2. Press Button 1 on Control Pad 2 to start. Both players will
fight on the screen at the same time. A second player can also be added to a
one player game at any time by pressing the Start Button on Control Pad 2.

-The Missions

In order to rescue Mary Ann, you must fight through four different missions,
each of which is divided into several scenes. You must defeat all the enemies
in each scene to progress to the next scene. If you do not, you will be
stopped at the right of the screen.

At the end of each mission, you will be confronted by a Black Warrior
lieutenant. You must defeat him to proceed to the next mission.

At the end of the last mission, you will have to fight the leader of the
Black Warriors gang to rescue Mary Ann. His identity may surprise you!

Mission settings:


(1) Mission 1:
The Slums

(2) Mission 2:
The Factory District

(3) Mission 3:
The Park

(4) Mission 4:
The Black Warriors Headquarters

-Viewing the Screen [SEE DRAGON-3.BMP]

(1) Billy Lee
(2) Score
(3) Life Meter
(4) Remaining Lives
(5) Jimmy Lee
(6) Score
(7) Life Meter
(8) Remaining Lives

When you receive a blow from an opponent, a portion of your life meter will
turn from blue to red. When it is all red, you lose a life.

Continue Feature

When all three of your lives are lost, "Push Start" will appear in the upper
corner of the screen. Press Button 1 to continue the game from your present

You can continue in this manner until you enter Mission 4. You will begin
Mission 4 with three lives. After this point, if you lose all three lives,
you must restart the game from the beginning.

-Fighting Techniques

The Black Warriors are skilled fighters, but you are a true master. Your
arsenal of kicks and punches will be your only hope as you battle your way
through the crime-infested streets.

(1) Leaping Reverse Kick
Press buttons 1 and 2 simultaneously, and you will leap up and execute a
powerful kick opposite to the direction you are facing.

(2) Jump Kick
Push Buttons 1 and 2 simultaneously while pushing the Directional Button
either right or left, and you will execute a jump kick in that direction.

(3) Elbow Smash
Push the Directional Button in the opposite direction to that you are
facing and simultaneously push Button 2. Your elbow becomes a deadly

(4) Head Butt
Push the Directional Button left twice or right twice to give your
enemies a real headache.

(5) Roundhouse Kick
As you press Button 1 to kick your opponent, your front snap kick will
become a more powerful roundhouse kick.

(6) Uppercut Punch
As you press Button 2 to punch your opponent, your punches repeat and
become more powerful uppercuts.

(7) Head Knee Smash
When you stand on top of a downed enemy, you automatically place him in a
headlock. Press Button 1 to jab him with your knee. Brutal but effective.

(8) Shoulder Throw
When you've placed your opponent in a headlock, press Button 2 to fling
him over your shoulder and slam him to the ground.

-Weapons [SEE DRAGON-4.BMP]

In addition to your hands and feet, you have other lethal weapons at your
disposal, which you will find on the ground from time to time. To pick these
weapons up, move over them and press Button 2. (When an enemy wields one of
these weapons, knock him down to make him drop it on the ground.)

(1) Drum
(2) Box
(3) Rock

* Press Button 2 to throw these at the enemy.

(4) Whip
(5) Bat

* Press Button 2 to swing these against the gang members.

(6) Knife

* Press Button 2 to throw.

(7) Dynamite

* When thrown at you, pick it up and throw it at the enemy before it explodes.

Weapons can only be used in the scene in which they are discovered.

-The Black Warriors Gang [SEE DRAGON-5.BMP]

Here are some of the bad guys you'll have to beat to win!

(1) Abobo
(2) Rowper
(3) Williams
(4) Jeff
(5) Linda
(6) Willy

Know The Score

Each time you strike an enemy, you are awarded points:

Punch 50 points
Jump Kick/Elbow Smash 100 points
Knee Smash/Shoulder Throw 180 points
Leaping Reverse Kick/Head Butt 200 points
Roundhouse Kick/Uppercut 300 points
Whip/Drum/Bat/Box/Rock 200 points
Knife 500 points
Dynamite 800 points

Each mission you clear earns bonus points:

Mission 1 3,000 points
Mission 2 5,000 points
Mission 3 8,000 points
Mission 4 12,000 points

-Helpful Hints

Many of the gang members attack in predictable patterns. Learn these,
anticipate them, and use them to your advantage when planning your attack.

Many of the gang members will come up fighting even after being knocked down
a number of times. When an enemy is knocked down and starts flashing, it
means he's down for good. Move on to another target.

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