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Game : Enduro Racer
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This wild race through the perils of diverse and rough terrain will make you
grip your Control Pad while you search for the next obstacle.

Your objective is to drive your fastest, pass as many speeding cars and
motorcyclists as possible, take the jumps without losing speed and do as
little damage to your bike as possible. Think you can handle it?

You'll be given five separate scenes which will introduce you to every
pitfall known to Mother Nature. If you survive them, you'll be able to repeat
each scene once more for a total of ten scenes in all.

So start your engine, you're in the fast lane now.


Before you begin playing, orient yourself with movements and functions each
button is geared to prompt. You'll have to hand-to-eye coordination in order
to speed quickly ahead and avoid all the obstacles. And remember, you'll do
much better with practice.


Each button on your Control Pad will prompt it's own critical moves.

A Your Directional Button(D-Button):
* Will move your bike in two different directions: left and right.
* Wheelie: running on your rear wheel for about a second.
* Provide a neutral zone by pressing center of button.

(1) Button 1: Brake
(2) Button 2: Accelerate

Now that you're familiar with the basics, here's the setup for sophisticated
driving techniques.


When you need quick moves out of tight places, you need to use your D-Button
to guide your bike in the desired direction.

* While holding Button 2 down, press your D-Button directly on the right side
center. This will give you the quickest move to the right.

* While holding Button 2 down, press your D-Button on the left side center.
This will you give you the quickest move to the left.


To accelerate, you must hold Button 2 down at all times.

* When your bike starts to slow down, either time is running out or you've
hit too many obstacles or loose dirt, etc. ... Continue to hold Button 2
down, you'll gain momentum again.


Braking can be overused and cost you important seconds in the race. You need
to use a light hand when applying Button 1.

* When you need to slow down, you can simply release Button 2. The bike will
immediately lose speed.

* When you need to stop immediately and avoid an obstacle, press Button 1 in
a series of quick presses. If you slam on the brakes pressing all at once,
chances are your bike will crack-up.


The main objective to jumping blocks is not to lose speed and gain the
greatest distance.

* Once you've run on to the jumping block in a wheelie position, look for the
moment when your rear wheel is right on the top.

* Just before jumping off, press your D-Button in the neutral position.

* Maintain Button 2. The speed will carry you further.

* Remember, the D-Button does not control a forward direction. There is no
need to press it ahead when taking a jump or at any other time on the

* If you jump without assuming a proper position and execution of the
D-Button, your speed will decrease by 25% and you will not increase your
jumping distance.

* Sometimes your landing spot will be on the top of an other jump. When this
happens, follow the above rules to maintain speed and gain distance.

* If your landing spot looks dangerous, you can change direction in
mid-flight. Follow left to right instruction and your bike will assume your
new direction upon landing.

* Unless the tires are touching the ground, brakes and accelerator will not
function. So don't try to brake or speed out of a dangerous landing,
instead follow the above suggestion.


Before you actually start the race, the following will guide you through game
rules and requirements.

(1) Time limit
(2) Jumping block
(3) Damage
(4) Speed


You are allowed a specific amount of time to complete each race sequence.
Should you fail to meet this time requirement, you will be disqualified and
the game is over.

Since the race scenes are repeated following the finish of race scene 5, they
will be to as Scenes 1 ( 5, 6 ( 10 and when they over lap, Scene 1 & 6, 2 & 7,

* Scenes 1-5: Time Limit-60 seconds.
Scenes 6-10: Time Limit-50 seconds.

* When you reach the finish line in less than the time allowed, your reserve
time will be awarded to the next scene's time limit so you can help
yourself win in more time consuming races.

* However, there is a limit to the amount of transferable time. The maximum
amount you'll be allowed to transfer is 99. If the amount of time limit for
one scene plus the amount of time you've been awarded to transfer exceeds
99, the overage of time will not be transferred.

* The time on the screen, located in the upper left-hand corner, will change
depending on the race mode.

- Jump Time = 1/2 the actual seconds passing by
- Damage Time = 2x faster than the actual seconds passing by.


There are several types of obstacles presented off-road and on-track in this
course. When your bike makes contact with any of them, it will be reflected
in damage points which will increase from scene to scene. This will be
reviewed at the end of every scene. Once your damage points exceed 98, your
screen time will pass twice as fast as normal.

The following charts your damage intake.

„ Rocks, small pieces „ Speed decrease „ +4 „
„ Sinking in water „ Dead stop „ +8 „
„ Large obstacles (cars, „ Crash/ „ „
„ bikes, trees, ruins, „ Crack-up „ +10 „
„ stones, etc.) „ „ „
„ Cloud of dust „ Speed decrease „ 0 „


When you finish a race, the screen will evaluate your performance and award
you skill points as well as damage points. Your skill points are based on how
many cars and bikes you pass during each individual scene.

The following will be reviewed:

* Lap Time: Time spent finishing one race.

* Passed: Number of cars and bikes passed.

* Total: The total amount of points awarded to you for use in the next screen.

After the 10th scene, the 'Total' message will start blinking to notify you
that the game is over.


Once you've reviewed your evaluation screen, you'll be able to tune-up your
bike in the next screen.

Here you can exchange points that have been earned in passing for parts that
will improve the performance of your bike.

Choosing parts follows these move:

* Position the arrow along the left of the part or condition you want to
improve by moving your D-Button up and down.

* Once you decide which part, press Button 1 or 2 to choose it.

* If you wish to return to the game without choosing any part, position the
arrow next to "Exit" and press Button 1 or 2.

* Following your choice, repeat the above to begin play again.

Below is an outline of the benefits given and the points needed for each part
or condition.

„ „ „ 1-5 „ 6-10 „
„ Handle „ Faster turns to left/right „ 5 „ 10 „
„ Accelerator „ 0 to 200 kmh more quickly „ 5 „ 10 „
„ Tire „ Improves speed in rough terrain „ 5 „ 10 „
„ Engine „ Allows top speed of 263 kmh „ 10 „ 10 „
„ Suspension „ Jump without loss of speed „ 10 „ 20 „
„ *Item „ Minimize you damage „ 10 „ 20 „
*Depending on how many items you have acquired. You can reduce your damage

„ Spanner „ -4 „
„ Tape „ -6 „
„ Tire „ -8 „
„ Tool Kit „ -10 „
„ First Aid Kit „ -12 „
„ Health Drink „ -16 „
„ Poly-tank (reserve) „ -18 „
„ Battery „ -24 „
„ Mechanic „ -30 „
„ Key „ -50 „

When you choose any item, you will automatically lose the stated amount of
damage points.

Decide which item you need, then choose it. There is no fixed order for
choosing an item.


The only part of the game left is to play. So read the following and then go
for it.


After you're positioned at the Starting Line, the countdown will immediately

The counting will begin at 3 and end at 0, start pressing Button 2 to rev
your engine and leave the lineup.


There are five race scenes in all which you'll be able to repeat. The second
time around they will be more demanding and quicker. So practice well in the
first set and you may be able to survive the grueling driving in the second.

SCENE 1: A Country Track.

This scene will open on a groomed track in the country. You'll be racing
against cars and the obstacles are obvious. Watch out for:
* Big rocks, riding on the green, trees.

SCENE 2: The Ruins.

Here you'll find yourself in a wasteland of stone jumps and ruins where you
can really knock yourself up. You'll be racing against bikes in an
unstructured terrain with no track. Watch out for:
* Ruins, rocks, riding away from jumps.

SCENE 3: The Red Desert.

This place is as hostile as any desert can be. You're racing against cars in
another unstructured terrain with no track. The land is very hard on your
bike, so stay in the open red area away from obstacles. Look out for:
* Cactus, dirt, areas of green foliage, rocks.

SCENE 4: Marshland.

This is 90% water and 10% track. You'll wish you were a fish because in this
scene it's tough to stay on dry land. And when you hit the water, you sink.
Be careful and drive well. Watch out for:
* Water, water, water.

SCENE 5: Mountain Roads.

Welcome to the hardest and last scene. You're competing with cars and the
scene is wide open, unstructured, rough and relentless. Watch out for:
* Trees, rocks, hills, cliffs, dirt, slides.


The best time will automatically replace the old time when you've won the
game and made it through all ten races.

This time will appear at the end of the game and remain in the game until a
new time is achieved, just like a real arcade game.

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