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Game : Golvellius: Valley of Doom
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-Valley of Doom!

Rex. In the language of kings, it means tyrant. It was a title used in legend
to describe Golvellius, an evil king who had destroyed his kingdom and
disappeared a thousand years ago.

Under new kings, the country was reborn and knew decades of peace and
prosperity. In time, the kingdom became known as Aleid after the current
ruler, the good King Aleid. The kingdom only had one problem. For water, the
people had to go to the river valley. But the people of Aleid were honest and
hardworking, so they didn't mind the walk. Until demons began to appear in
the valley!

The tales of demons continued to grow. And when people who went to the valley
for water failed to return, the feared name Golvellius... once used just to
scare bad children... was whispered from stall to stall in the marketplace.
And the valley of life now became called "The Valley Of Doom."

The good King Aleid was so worried that he fell sick with remorse. Only a
magical, medicinal herb, called Mea, found on the valley floor, could save
him. So against all objections, his good and faithful daughter, the Princess
Rena, journeyed to the valley to obtain the herb. She never returned. The
people knew what had happened. The evil Golvellius has captured her! And
nobody was brave enough to get her back!

Then, a wandering lad with wild green hair and a taste for adventure came
into the village. His name was Kelesis, which in the language of the kingdom
of Aleid meant, "Bane of Demons".

Kelesis listened to the story of the missing Princess. He listened to the
terrible legends of Golvellius. Then he looked at a picture of Princess Rena
and fell in love.

After that, there was no stopping him. He said, "I'm going into the valley
for Rena. Any who tries to stop me... shall feel the bite of my sword!"

Kelesis entered the cave leading to the Valley of Doom. And thus began his

-The Object of Golvellius

The evil Golvellius has kidnapped the Princess Rena. As Kelesis, you must get
her back! He has hidden her somewhere in the valley. But beware... the valley
is long and wide... and filled with surprises.

Golvellius has sent seven of his fiercest demons to stop you. Before you do
battle with Golvellius, you must defeat his demons. You will find them in
caves hidden throughout the valley floor. Some caves can be opened by
defeating some of the wild beasts of the valley. Some will appear when
certain objects are struck with your sword.

But despair not! For in caves you will find fairies, sorceresses and wise
women who will help you in many ways. If you die in the course of your quest,
write down the Password that appears. By entering this Password, you will be
able to begin the game from the opening of the valley (if you get that far)
with all your possessions intact.

Now get in there and save the Princess! Can't you hear her calling for help?

-Taking Control

Directional Button (D-Button):

Horizontal Mode: Moves player in eight directions; UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT and
Vertical Mode: Moves player UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT.

Button 1:

Horizontal Mode: Press to use sword.
Vertical Mode: Press to use sword.

Button 2:

Horizontal Mode: Press to jump.
Vertical Mode: Press to use sword.

-Starting the Game

Insert the Golvellius cartridge into your Power Base and press the Power
Button. When the title screen appears, you can either;

1. Wait for the demonstration mode to begin so you can see the Golvellius
story, or;

2. Press the Start Button to begin a game.

If you are beginning a new game, select NEW GAME using the D-Button and press
Button 1 or Button 2.

If you are continuing a game, select CONTINUE. You can then choose LAST GAME
CONTINUE, which lets you continue the game you just played.

If you have turned OFF the power and have restarted the system, choose
PASSWORD CONTINUE, which lets you use your Password to continue the game you
were playing before the power was turned OFF.

-Using The Password Feature

You receive a Password when the game you are playing is ended. The Password
allows you to continue the game at a later time with all the possessions you
have found and half your gold.

Use the D-Button to select the numbers and letters. Press Button 1 to
register the number or letter. When the last number or letter is entered, the
game will begin at the mouth of the valley.

If you have entered an incorrect Password, the message "WRONG PASSWORD" will
appear. Check your Password and enter the numbers or letters again.

-Playing Golvellius

You begin Golvellius with a full Life Meter and one extra Life Potion. You
will be able to purchase additional Life Potions from certain people in the
course of the game.

Each successful attack from the enemies will deplete a portion of your Life
Meter. When your Life Meter has turned white and you have no more Life
Potions, you expire and the game is over.

Horizontal and Vertical Play Modes

Golvellius takes place above and below ground. The game begins in the
Horizontal mode, where you must take Kelesis through a danger filled tunnel!

When traveling above ground in the valley, the game play will be in the
Vertical mode. Either Button 1 or Button 2 will operate the sword.

Inventory Screen

When you enter the valley, pressing PAUSE will access the Inventory Screen.
This lets you keep track of how much gold you own, how much gold you can have
in you possession, how many Life Potions you own and what special items you
have acquired.


All the people and demons you will encounter in the valley live in caves
below ground. In most cases these caves are concealed and you will have to
defeat some of the enemies on screen for the entrance to be revealed.

As you get further into the game, some caves can only be opened by striking
certain objects with a magical sword... if you have a special object!
REMEMBER: Caves will often appear where you least expect them to be.

-Know Thy Friends

Here are the friendly folk you will meet in the course of the game. They
will all turn up from time to time and each has something special to offer.

Wise Woman
The Wise Woman will have special items that you need to complete the game!
They are kind, despite their sharp wit. But remember that you will have to
pay for many of their items!

Rio is full of interesting hints and occasional bits of humor. She loves snow

Annie (Enny)
If your Life Meter is running low, Annie will restore it for a price.

For the minor sum of 150 pieces of gold, Randar will restore your Life Meter
and all your Life Potions. What a deal!
When you are in need, Randar is a good friend indeed.

For some of your Life Potion, Dina will give you gold. It really doesn't hurt
so bad when she puts the bite on you!

Winkle has the ability to see into the future and give you a Password. When
she does, write it down and use it to get back into the game if you die!

-Special Items

Special Items can be found or purchased throughout the game. You will need
them to defeat Golvellius and his evil minions!

Long Sword
Zest Boots
A Wise Woman will give these to you when you enter the cave to the valley.
Zest Boots allow you to quickly regain footing after an enemy attack.

Remedia's Shield
Will deflect the missiles of all creatures except Golvellius' demons.

Mea (green)
Mea (purple)
Mea is a magical herb that will restore life. This was the her Rena went
looking for. There are town kinds. The green will restore one-quarter of your
life. The purple will restore one-half of your life.

Arusazu's Shield
This shield will deflect bullets fired by bees and spiders.

Aresta's Pendant
Aresta's Pendant reduces the damage done by enemy attack by one-quarter.

Valley Sword
The Valley Sword is powerful. With it, you can defeat your enemies much

Aqua Boots
Aqua Boots will let you walk on water. They will greatly aid your travels.

A Bible increases the amount of gold you may own. You need Bibles, because
some items in the game are very expensive!

Life Potions
Buy every Life Potion you can. Golvellius and his demons are very strong...
and can do much damage when they strike you!

Ramurasu's Pendant
Reduces the amount of damage done to you by one-half.

Ring of Invincibility
This ring gives you the power to crush stone with your sword.

Ascent Boots
Ascent Boots let you walk on land, over water, trees and rocks!

The magic Mirror will make invisible enemies appear before your eyes.

The seven Crystals hold the key to Golvellius' power. You will find them after
you have defeated certain demons.

Legendary Sword
The Legendary Sword was once carried in battle by a great warrior. Its power
may astound you; if you can set it free.

-Know Thy Enemies

These enemies appear all throughout the valley. But be careful. Some may look
the same in different colors but are much more powerful!

Snake Potato Bug Bat Spider
Troll Bee Porcupig Water Spirit
Fire Spirit Koranda Fly Vortex
Jellyfish Frog Crow Mole
Basketworm Stone Knight Pigmy Skeleton Death Lord
Tick Shark Fin Flea Rat
Snakelet Giant Snake

The Demons

These are the minions of Golvellius. Each is strong and fierce. Only by
defeating them will you be able to get the seven Crystals from the Wise

Desba Saipa (Rolick)

Taruba (Bachular) Fosbus

Waruso (Warlic) Jasba (Crawky)

Heidi Golvellius

-Helpful Hints

Write down your Passwords! They will make returning to the game after the
power has been shut OFF much easier.

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