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Hang-On & Astro Warrior
Two super hits in one!
Race a souped-up cycle around the world in HANG ON.
Turn back the invaders and save the galaxy in ASTRO WARRIOR.


Hang On

What's Happening
"HANG ON" is an amazing new racing technique that enables the racer to maneuver through perilous curves with a minimum loss of speed.

It greatly increases the power of your motor-cycle. But it also increases the danger, particularly when your opponent is closing in. So hang on tight!

Who's Who

Your motorcycle is FEARLESS 4. It was specially developed with the sole aim of allowing you every possible advantage. Greater power. Greater speed. And untouchable maneuverability.

Your opponent is riding the SIZZLER 7. It too is loaded with extras. In fact, some say it's every bit as good as the FEARLESS 4. So watch out!

Taking Control

The following illustration shows you the control points of your SEGA SYSTEM control pad. Throughout this instruction book we will refer to these controls by the names indicateed in this illustration.

1 (Start button) = BRAKE button
2 = ACCELERATOR button

Maneuver FEARLESS 4 (+)

Shifting down
Left < > Right
Shifting up


| O | yellow
| O | yellow
| O | blue
Game starts when the color of the Xmas tree lamp's light changes to blue in the sequence of yellow-yellow-blue.

60 seconds

When clearing one STAGE, the remaining time is added to the time limit for the next STAGE.
When clearing a course, the remaiming time is a time bonus and scores points. The more the remaining time the higher time bonus you earn.


| = | Low Gear
| = | Second Gear
| = | High Gear

For gear shifting, use the DIRECTION CONTROLLER.

Choose Your Level

TO SELECT A STARTING LEVEL -- press the arrow keys up or down, then press BUTTON 1.
Choose any one of the following 3 LEVELS:

Level Number of Courses Time Limit Per Stage
1 8 60 seconds
2 8 60 seconds
3 8 60 seconds

Once you complete the 8 courses in LEVEL 3 you'll repeat it again, but your time limits will be shorter.

The Course

A course consists of the following 5 stages.
1st Stage--Circuit
2nd Stage--Seaside
3rd Stage--Monument Valley
4th Stage--City Night
5th Stage--Circuit
Finish Line

Oops. Try Again.

Each of the five courses is 4 kilometers long. If you don't finish the course before your time is up, the game is over.
If you run into an obstacle or another motorcycle, you'll be temporarily out of the race and you'll lose precious time. However, you will be able to resume racing from the point where you crashed.

Know the Score

At the end of each race, your score is added up from these three elements:
Passing Sizzler 7..............................300 points
For every second of remaining time..1000 points

The faster your overall speed, the greater your score.

Helpful Hints

Even though you have the "HANG ON" feature, you must slow down somewhat on the curves--so learn the appropriate speed for each curve.
If you take a curve too fast, you'll probably slide out. So take it easy.


Astro Warrior

What's Happening

An assortment of nasties called the Devil Star Imperial Forces are set to invade the galaxy. There's only one hope--you, the ASTRO WARRIOR. You've got to lead the Allied Forces from the deck of your flagship Astro Raider on a daring mission. Breakthrough a triple zone defense, destroy the enemy, and ultimately take out the mother ship.

Remember, between you and "Mission Accomplished" there are some brutal creatures out there. On their ships, in the fortress, on the mother ship. So be careful, and good hunting!

Who's Who

It's just you and them. But there's help available. Capture the weapons supply ships and you increase your speed and power. As for them--they've got hi-performance space fighters, combat-proven pilots and the will to conquer the galaxy.

Taking Control

Start Your Engines.
For one player, push CONTROL PAD 1 START button.
For two players, push CONTROL PAD 2 START button.

On The Offense. From the start the action is hot and heavy, so be ready. Enemy fighters will fly a variety of patterns. They must be eliminated. A huge fortress on a floating platform blocks your way, it must be destroyed.

Oops. Try Again

You've got three chances to have your ship neutralized and still survive. After that it's GAME OVER. So stay alert and stay alive.

Helpful Hints

If you're going to win, you've got to increase your power by capturing the supply ships. Don't just go after the fighters. You've got to destroy the fortress if you want a shot at the mother ship.

--transcribed by Joe Musashi for Sega Master System World

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