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Note: the manual contains a map with the names of the Japanese provinces and the monsters and bosses from the game. There is also a page with an explaination of the game screen. Writting down and scanning the pics from all that material would be to time consuming so i skipped it.

Loading instruktions:

Starting up

make sure the power switch is OFF.

insert the game cartrige in the Power Base as described in your SEGA SYSTEM manual.

Turn the power switch ON. If nothing appears on the screen, turn the power switch OFF, remove the cartrige, and try again.

At the title screen, to start the game, press Button 1 or Button 2.

Always make sure that the Power Base is turned OFF when inserting of removing your mega cartrige.


The object in Kenseiden is to defeat the five evil warlocks to gain the five secret scrolls and recover the sword of the dragon king from the warlocks castle in edo.

Kenseiden has 16 rounds each named after the japanese province in which it takes place (see map). Most rounds can be cleared by finding the exit and making it through alive. But when you encounter a warlock, it will always be a battle to the death! You will not be able to advance to the next round util you defeat the warlock.

Each time you defeat a warlock you gain a scroll and will learn a new method of attack with your katana (samurai sword).

Number of lives

You begin kenseiden with three lives. You lose a life when your strenth meter reaches zero or you fall from a roof or a bridge.

You gain a life each time your score reaches a multipe of 20.000 points. You can also gain extra lives by getting certain items (see ITEMS). You can have a maximum of nine lives at one time. After that, you recive 5.000 bonus points for every multiple of 20.000 points you get.

Taking control

Kenseiden is a one player game. Push either button 1 or button 2 start the game.

Will move Hayato

To attack with the sword

To jump

Basic movements

Up - enter building. Go up steps.
Right - move to right.
Down - Go down steps. Squat-defence pose
Left - move to the left.

You begin the game knowing three methods of attack; the horizontal slash when standing, the low cut then squatting and the and the defence position made by squatting and holding down Button 1

Each time you defeat a warlock you will learn a new method of attack from the secret scrolls. There are five in all (see SECRETS OF THE SCROLLS).

The secret of the scrolls

When a warlock is defeated, you will be able to read the scroll.

Scroll 1:
High jump (taka tobi)
This will give you the ability to jump higher.

Scroll 2:
Crushing head attack ( kare take wari)
This will give you the power to attack from overhead. It increases the power and area of your attack. This is an effective move to get enemies who attack from above. Remeber this technique cannot be used when jumping or squatting.

Scroll 3:
Splitting the helmet (kabuto wari)
Increases your attack power by one level. This technique lets you cut downward with your sword while jumping.

Scroll 4:
Cutting the air (shinku kiri)
This technique gives you the ability to attack both front and rear, increasing you area of attack. This can only be use in a squatting position.

Scroll 5:
Wild wheel sword (ran sha to)
With this technique you can move left and right while cutting with the sword in a windmill of razor sharp steel!

Training rounds

There are several training rounds in the course of the game. You enter the training ground by going up the steps.

In the training rounds an elder teacher will order Hayato to study combat by dodging arrows and spears. If you succeed, your life meter will increase or you will earn an Omamori, the talisman of protection that reduces the amount of damage an enemy does to you.

But fail and your life meter will decrease by a small fraction.

If you with to skip the training round, move to the right past the steps and out of the round.

Special items

1. Gourd of life (hyotan):
Appears when you defeat some enemies. It will partially restore your strengh meter.

2. Sword (katana):
Strengthens your attack power. It can be found in diffrent rounds.

3. Medical case (inro):
Obtaining this item will replenish your strength neter when it reaches zero. Althougt you can only carry one at a time, you can take this from round to round until it is needed.

4. Talisman of protection (Omamori)
This increases your defence power. It is won in the training rounds. There are a red and blue Omamori. The blue is the most powerful. However your defence will be strongest if you obtain both!

5. Wooden doll (kokeshi)
Finding this item will give you an additional life.

6. Secret scrolls (hidensho)
There are five scrolls. Each contains a secret method of sword fighting. When you obtain scrolls by defeating certain warlocks, you will learn the techniques written in the scrolls.

7. Diary (nikki):
Finding this item will allow you to continue the game at once. If the game ends when you have the diary you will see the continue screen:
Use the D-button to choose ÓcontinueÓ or ÓstopÓ and press button 1. The game will continue from the point Hayato last fell.


After each round you will see a map screen of old Japan. Each area of the map is a round of the game. The black magic castle is in round 16, Edo.

After you clear Chikuzen, Round 2, you may select diffrent rounds. The round you should enter next will be flashing.
To select a diffrent round, press button1 until the desired japanese character begins to flash. Then press button 2

Helpful hints

The enemy creatures and warlocks attack in patterns. Learn these patterns and use them to your advantage.

Each warlock has a weak spot. Find it and attack them where it hurts! (Ex. strike the fire wheel warlock in the skull face while dodging his flames.)

The defence position can be very effective against that attack from above and below.

Continue mode: when the GAME OVER screen appears, push the D-button UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, and press button 2. The game will begin in the last round you played.

Rumor has it that Kenseiden has a ROUND SELECT FEATURE. Can you find it?

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