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Game : Mortal Kombat 2
Publisher : Virgin
Developer : Probe
Year : 1994
Manual transcribed by : Stephen Sharp. (


500 years ago, the shapeshifter Shang Tsung was banished from the outworld to the Mother Realm (Earth) for his crimes. There, with the aid of his pupil Goro, a hideous half-human dragon, he was to atone for his crimes by unbalancing the furies of the realm, allowing his master Shao Kahn and his minions to enter the dominion and rule forever.

He was defeated.

He returned to the Outworld a faliure, facing execution at the hands of Shao Kahn, supreme ruler of the Outworld, the Astral Planes of Shokan and the surrounding kingdoms. With the apparent demise of Goro, his fate seemed sealed. But Tsung told Kahn of his plan for revenge, a plot so evil and twisted even Kahn was persuaded to grant him one final opportunity to redeem himself. He cleverly lured his adversaries to the bizzare Outworld where they would face a new challenge - A tournament hosted by Shao Kahn himself.

Today, the Tournament Begins... Again!


1 - Make sure the power switch is OFF.

2 - Insert your Mortal Kombat II Game Cartridge as described in your Sega Master System manual.

3 - Turn the power switch ON. When you see the Mortal Komabt II title screen, press the 1 BUTTON to advance to the Difficulty Screen. You will be presented with the following Difficulties : Easy, Medium, Hard. To select a difficulty, move the D-BUTTON UP or DOWN and press the 1 BUTTON to select.

Next you must select your warrior. The Choose Your Fighter screen has pictures of all the warriors avaliable to a player. To select a warrior move the frame onto a warrior using the D-BUTTON. When your choice is framed, press the 1 or 2 BUTTON to select him.

To select a warrior randomly, leave the frame on the initial warrior (Liu Kang for player 1, Reptile for player 2) and press UP and the 2 BUTTON. A second player may start any time by pressing the 1 BUTTON, returning both fighters to the "Choose Your Fighter" screen where they must select a warrior.

NOTE : A player cannot "jump in" during a fight against either Kintaro or Shao Kahn.


While the kombatants in the original Shaolin Tournament for Martial Arts wagered their very lives upon their skills, in Shao Kahn's Outworld tournament, they wager much more!!!

The Outworld tournament first tests a warrior's fighting skill by pitting him against each of the formidable Earth warriors. In all Mortal Kombat battles, meters in the upper-left and upper-right corners of the screen measure the health of the warriors. The meters begin each round completly red but each time a warrior is hit, an amount of back, signifying the degree of injury is added to his meter. When a warrior's bar becomes completly black, he is knocked out and the round goes to his opponent. Should time run out before either kombatant is knocked out, the warrior with less injury is declared the victor. The first warrior to win two rounds takes the match and moves on to his next opponent.

NOTE : If five rounds pass without a match winner, both kombtants will be disqualified from the tournament.

Once a warrior has defeated the other kombatants in the tournament, he then takes on the first of his Outworld hosts, the demon Shang Tsung. His youth restored bu his master Shao Kahn, Tsung possesses both powerful magic and considerable physical skill.

Should a warrior defeat Tsung, his next opponent is the massive Kintaro. Kintaro is of the same race of half-human dragons which spawned Goro. Enraged at his comrade's death at the hands of a mere mortal, Kintaro sought entrance to the tournament to seek revenge. Shao Kahn granted him this privaliege in exchange for his servitude.

Defeating Kintaro proves a warrior worthy of meeting Shao Kahn, supreme ruler of the Outworld, in battle. Defeat him to end his rule and become the Supreme Warrior in the Outworld realm!


The basic moves:
The art of Kombat is as it has been for thousand of years. A wise warrior will begin his training with the art of defense. Far more valueable than learning how to inflict blows is learning how to avoid or deflect them, for an opponent who attacks is an opponent who is vulnerable to attack. Defensive lessons are as follows (based on default settings):

To move Forward or Back: Press the D-BUTTON LEFT or RIGHT
To block: Press the 1 and 2 BUTTONS simultaneously.
To crouch: Press the D-BUTTON DOWN
To jump: Press the D-BUTTON UP
To Flip Forward or back: Press the D-BUTTON UP + LEFT or RIGHT.

Once defense has been mastered, a warrior can begin to learn the fundamental offensive moves - the punches and kicks. In combination with strong defensive tactics, these moves are enough to defeat most foes. The fundamental offensive moves are as follows:

To Punch : Press the 1 BUTTON
To Kick : Press the 2 BUTTON


The advanced moves use the basic moves as building blocks to form powerful maneuvers. However, although they do more damage, they also are slower. The advanced moves are as follows:

To Uppercut: Press CROUCH + PUNCH
To Foot Sweep: Press DOWN + AWAY + KICK
To Roundhouse: Press AWAY + KICK
To execute a Flying Punch: JUMP or FLIP + PUNCH
To execute a Flying Kick: JUMP or FLIP + KICK

While being a master of Kombat may be enough to win any Earth contese, winning a contest in the hostile Outworld requires more of a warrior. In preperation for this tournament, every warrior has perfected several special moves. These moves often draw upon spiritual or supernatural energies, extreme physical conditioning, or mutant abilities for their effectiveness and can be especially potent, often devastating an opponent.

- Patience is a warrior's greatest ally. Wait for your opponent to attack, then counterattack him when he is most vulnerable.
- Timing is crucial to landing many moves. Practice often to learn timing secrets.
- With practice, a combination of moves can be learned which allow a warrior to hit his opponent several times before an opponent several times before he has an opportunity to defend himself, making them an invaluable tool.
- Every warrior has different strengths and weaknesses in terms of speed and movement. discovering these styles allows you to both use them better and kombat them better.


Special Moves:
Standard Fireball: Towards, Towards, Punch
Crouching fireball: Down, Towards, Punch.
Flying kick: Towards, Towards, Kick.
Bicycle Kick: Hold kick for 3 seconds then release.

Special Moves:
Acid Spit: Towards, Towards, Punch
Force Ball: Away, Away, Punch
Invisibility: Block + Up, Up, Down, Punch
Slide: Towards+Kick

Special Moves:
Deep Freeze: Down, Towards, Punch
Ground Freeze: Down, Away, Kick
Slide: Towards + Kick

Special Moves:
Flames:Away, Away, Punch(one), Away, Away, Towards, Punch(two), Away, Away, Towards, Punch(three)
Morphs: To morph into any fighter, you must hold the 2 BUTTON (to charge up) then release it and immediately press one of the following directions:
Liu Kang: Left
Reptile: Up, Left
Sub-Zero: Right
Kitana: Down
Jax: Down, Right
Mileena: Up
Scorpian: Down, Left

Special Moves:
Fan Swipe: Away + Punch
Fan Throw: Towards, Towards, Punch
Fan Lift: Away, Away, Away, Punch
Square wave punch: Towards, Away, Punch.

Special Moves:
Ground Punch: Hold Kick for 3 seconds then release
Grab: Towards, Towards, Punch
Sonic Wave: Down, Away, Kick
Backbreaker: Block, while in air with opponent.

Special Moves:
Teleport Kick: Towards, Towards, Kick
Roll Attack: Away, Away, Down, Kick
Sai Throw: Hold Punch for 2 seconds then release.

Special Moves:
Spear: Away, Away, Punch
Decoy: Down, Away, Punch
Scissor Takedown: Down, Away, Kick
Air Throw: Block, while in air with opponent.

With Goro missing, Kintaro steps up to take his place as rular supreme of Shao Kahn's armies. Stronger and more agile than his predecessor, he is enraged by Goro's defeat. Kintaro vows to take revenge on the Earth warriors responsible.

The supreme rular of the Outworld, Shao Kahn governs the Astral Planes of Shokan and all surounding kingdoms. Five hundred years ago he banished the shapeshifter Shang Tsung into the Mother Realm (Earth) to pay for his crimes. Shang Tsung was to unbalance the furies and create a weakness in Earth's dimensional gates. This weakness in the gates would allow Kahn and his minions to forever walk the Earth and plague its inhabitants to a dark and chaotic existance. Only then would Shang Tsung be cleared of his offensive and the curse be lifted.

Sega and Master System are trademarks of Sega Enterprises Ltd.

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Mortal Kombat II (c)1993 Licensed from Midway Manufacturing company. All rights reserved.

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