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Sega Master System Game Manual
Game : Out Run
From Sega Master System World
Manual typed by SX Glory


-Race To The Finish

This home version of the original video arcade game will grant you the
greatest sensation of movement and speed like no other game has before.

So be prepared to feel every curve, dip and increase in speed as you try to
race across this track. Five tracks in all with five separate goal lines.

Your objective is to reach any one of the five goal lines to be considered a
winner. And the decision is yours as to which track you'll travel.

Now start your engine, grip your controls and get the lead start in the
fastest race ever to reach your home.

-How To Handle Your Car

Before you begin playing, orient yourself with the movements and functions of
each button. You'll have to use hand-to-eye coordination in order to speed
quickly ahead and avoid all obstacles. And remember, practice makes perfect.

Individual Functions: [SEE OUTRUN-1.BMP]

Each button on your Control Pad will prompt its own critical moves.

(A) Your Directional Button (D-Button):

* Will move your car in two different directions: left and right when you
push either of these directions.
* Will shift your car from high to low gear.

(1) Button 1: Brake

(2) Button 2: Accelerate

Now that you're familiar with the basics, here's the set-up for sophisticated
driving techniques.

Moving Left To Right:

When you need quick moves out of tight places, you need to use your D-Button
to guide the car in your desired direction.

* While holding Button 2 down, press the D-Button directly on the right side.
This will give you the quickest move to the right.
* While holding Button 2 down, press the D-Button directly on the left side.
This will give you the quickest move to the left.

Shifting Gears:

You should use your gears just as you would in a real driving situation. The
gears will help you accelerate, maneuver through a curve and slow down.
Here's how.

* To shift into high gear, press your D-Button directly down.
* To shift into low gear, press your D-Button directly up.
* When you start the race, keep your car in low gear until you've gained
speed and can open it up for real acceleration.
* The low gear can handle up to 170 KMH.
* When you're entering a curve, you should downshift to low in order to hug
the road and stay on course.
* When you're on the open straightway, shift into high gear to achieve
maximum speed.


To accelerate, you must hold Button 2 down at all times.

* Instead of braking when you feel out-of-control, just release Button 2 and
your car will immediately slow down.


Braking can be overused and cost you important seconds in the race. You need
to use a light hand when applying Button 1.

* When you need to stop immediately to avoid an obstacle, press Button 1 in a
series of quick presses. When you slam on the brakes, you'll come to a dead
stop and need to regain momentum.

-Take Control

Before you start the race, the following will guide you through the game
rules and requirements.

Selecting Background Music: [SEE OUTRUN-2.BMP]

There are three musical themes you can choose from to accompany you on your
drive. They are:

(1) Magical Sound Shower
(2) Passing Breeze
(3) Splash Wave

When this screen is displayed, choose your selection by moving your D-Button
to the left or the right. When you do not move the D-Button, Passing Breeze
will remain on screen and once you press Button 1 or 2, it becomes your

To select Magical Sound Shower, move the D-Button to the left and press
Button 1 or 2. For Splash Wave, move the D-Button to the right and press
Button 1 or 2.

Once you've chosen your musical selection, the start screen will now appear.

Screen Directions: [SEE OUTRUN-3.BMP]

Running across the screen at all times once you begin the race, is a series
of information designed to help you maintain control.

(1) Score:
As you race through each scene, you'll gain points for driving well.
These points will add up instantaneously for your observation.

(2) Time:
You're allowed a specific amount of time to complete each race scene.
This time will start counting down the moment the race begins.

(3) Gear:
Depending on which gear you're in, the H-High or L-Low will be lit in
red to keep you informed.

(4) Speed:
Your car's speed will be displayed in kilometers.

(5) Tachometer:
Your car will be measured by a set of blocks which will rise and fall
according to your speed generated engine pressure.

Time Limit:

Should you fail to meet the time requirement established at the beginning of
every scene, you'll be disqualified and the game is over.

Since there are five scenes to pass through before you reach any of the five
goal lines, they will require their own individual time limit.

The first race scene will be awarded an 80 second time limit and the second
scene will be awarded 65 seconds to complete. This limit will vary and will
always be displayed under 'Time' on the screen.

When you reach the checkpoint in less than the time allowed, your reserve
time will be awarded to the next scene's time limit, so you help yourself by
racking up time.

-Know The Score

As your points are adding up, you should know what they are awarded for.

For Driving Fast X points
(they'll just keep increasing)

For Outrunning Other Cars 20,000 points

For Crossing The Goal Line Your remaining time x 1 Million

Name Entry: [SEE OUTRUN-4.BMP]

At the end of each scene, whether you've reached the check line or not, the
'Name Entry' screen will appear.

If you have gained enough points to rank within the seven existing scores,
your score will be listed in a space ranging from high to low.

When this happens you'll be able to place your initials next to your score
and it will remain there until you're aced out by future scores.

* To place your initials on the screen, use your D- Button to select the
proper letters by moving it from left to right. The letter you select will
be lit in red and then press Button 1 or 2 to execute your command.
* You can cancel the operation up to the second letter input. After that, the
screen will return to play once youíve selected your third letter.

-Now Make Your Move

The only part of the game left is to play.
So read the following and then start.


After you're positioned at the Starting Line, the countdown will start

The countdown will begin with three lights which will flash one after the
other. The last light is green and that signals the start of the race.

Once the checkered flag is dropped, time will start to count and you're off.

Race Scenes:

There are five stages in this game with five separate goal lines. Each goal
line is at the end of the track which travels through five separate scenes.
So in all there are twenty-five scenes and five winning options.

When you're racing through a scene, you'll encounter a fork in the road which
allows you to choose which goal line you'll pursue. This way, the game is
never predictable.

Course Map: [SEE OUTRUN-6.BMP]

After each 'Game Over' is displayed, the game's course map will be screened.
Here, you can see exactly where you are in terms of winning the game. Because
a simulated map of the game's goal lines, tracks, and scenes will be
displayed with a marker car to illustrate your exact position.

* Start always takes place at Coconut Beach. That's the first scene.

(1) Goal A: Vineyard
(2) Goal B: Death Valley
(3) Goal C: Desolation Hill
(4) Goal D: Autobahn
(5) Goal E: Lakeside

Gateway, Desert, Wilderness, Vineyard.
Alps, Old Capital, Death Valley.
Devilís Canyon, Cloudy Mountain, Seaside Town Lakeside.
Desolation Hill, Wheat Field, Autobahn.

These scenes are not in any particular order. But you can be sure to see and
experience them as you traverse to the finish line.

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