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Robotnik Returns!

All was peaceful and quiet on South Island after Sonic The Hedgehog crushed
the plans of the diabolical Dr Ivo Robotnik for the first time. Far too
quiet, in fact for a hyper young hedgehog who craves action. So Sonic left
South Island in search of other adventures.

When he returned, Sonic found no sign of his friends anywhere. Confused,
he went back to his digs to think and found a note waiting for him. It was
from Miles (or "Tails" as he is called), a two tailed fox who is one of
Sonic's closest friends.

"Dear Sonic,

Robotnik is back and he's captured all the animals on the islands! He is
holding me in a place called the crystal egg. In order to free me you have
to find and bring the six chaos emeralds.

Robotnik made me write this. He says he's waiting for you and he's created
six really nasty robots in order to 'get rid of you once and for all.'. I
don't know what he has planned but Sonic, please be careful!

Sincerely, Tails'"

There was no time to waste! The letter fluttered to the floor as Sonic
dashed off to find the Chaos Emeralds and save his friends.

Take Control!

Direction Button (D-Button)
> Press right or left to move Sonic in those directions. Press and hold in
either direction to make him speed up.

>Press own to make Sonic crouch.

>When Sonic is moving, press down and in the direction he is going. Sonic
becomes a rolling buzz-saw, able to burrow underground or run down his

>When Sonic is standing still, press up or down to see the upper or lower
section of the screen (this won't work if Sonic is already at the highest
or lowest point).

Button 1
>Press to start the game
>Press to perform the super spin attack

Button 2
>Press to perform the super spin attack

Pause Button (Master System console)
>Press to pause the action, press again to resume play.

Along for the ride.
Hop onto these vehicles to help you get through the Zones. To use a
vehicles, simply walk onto it.

>Railcarts (Under Ground Zone)
Sonic has no control over the speed or direction of the runaway railcarts.
Justb hang on, and use your gut instincts to tell you when to bail out!

>Hang Gliders (Sky High Zone)
-Press the D-button left to make sonic go up. Press right to make him
dive. Keep in mind that when he goes up, he will slow down, unless he can catch a
good breeze to carry him around.
-Press button 1 or 2 to make Sonic jump free of the hang glider.

>Bubbles (Aqua Lake Zone)
-Press the D-button up to make the bubble speed up and press down to make
it slow down.
-Press the D-Button left or right to make the bubble go in those directions.

>Flywheels (Gimmick Mountain Zone, Crystal Egg Zone)
-Press the D-button right to make the wheel speed up and left to make it
slow down.
-Press button 1 or 2 ro sling Sonic from the wheel.

Get Ready...
After the sega logo, you'll see a short introduction followed by Sonic The
Hedgehog 2 Title screen in a few seconds, in a few seconds a short
demonstration appears. To start the game, press Button 1 until the
introduction to act 1 appears.

Race for the rings!

In order for you, as Sonic to find the six Chaos Emeralds and rescue your
friends, you must make your way through seven fantastic zones, evading
dangerous traps and battling Robotnik's latest batch of nasties. Use the
left side of the screen to keep track of your status as you go.

Number of Rings: Rings keep you from being hurt if you are attacked, touch
an enemy or get caught in a trap - however, you will lose all of your rings.
If you are caught or attacked and you don't have any rings, you lose one
chance to complete the game.

You recieve points for th number of rings you have at the end of each round.
You can also recieve an extra chance for every 100 rings you pick up at
one time.

Timer: This shows how much time has elapsed since you begun the act. If
you don't complete the act before the timer reads 9:59, you lose a chance.

Chances Remaining: This shows the number of chances you have to get through
the game.

Special Items

Throughout the game, you'll find special items which will be very helpfil
in getting you through to the final confrontation with Robotnik. Most of
the items are contained within monitors. To pick up an item, break open
the monitor with a super-spin attack.

Super Ring : You get 10 rings.

Power Sneakers: Burn up the screen with an extra burst of speed.

Invincibility: You become invincible to attacks and traps for a short
period of time. However, you will lose a chance if you fall to the bottom of
the screen or remain underwater for too long.

1-UP:you get an extra chance.

Chaos Emerald: Search for these in the Zones, Collect all six to rescue tails
and see the real ending.

Bonus Panels:

The Bonus panel appears at the end of every act. Touch it to set it spinning.
When it stops, you'll find out what bonus you've recieved.

Dr Robotnik : you get nothing. Sorry!

Ring: You earn 10 rings.

Sonic: You get an extra chance,

Tails: You recieve a continue.


Each time you complet and act, this screen updates you on your progress.
You'll recieve points as follows:

Enemy Robot: 100 points each.

Master Robot: 5,000 points each.

Silver Sonic: 10,000 points

Dr Robotnik: 20,000 points

Time Bonus: The less time you spend ine ach act, the more points you recieve.

Ring Bonus: 100 points for each ring you possess at the end of the act.

Zip through the zones!

Before you and Sonic can free all his friends. You'll blast through seven
dangerous zones, with three acts each. At the end of the third act of
each zone you'll meet with one of Robotnik's Master Robots. You won't
find any Rings in the third acts so one wrong move is fatal! After you defeat
each master robot, attack the prison egg to release its captives.

Underground Zone:
Hop on a runaway railcart for the ride of your life through showers of
spikes and over daredevil jumps. Buzz-saw your way through to secret
tunnels and hidden monsters. Sometimes it's hard to get enough momentum
for a good ground attack but get a running start and keep trying.

Sky High Zone:
Race over collapsing bridges and grab lots of rings while you can. Springs
bounce you over through underground passages, then send you toward the
clouds. Grab a hang glider and ride the storm winds over deadly spikes.

Aqua Lake Zone:
Pick up speed and skim the surface of the lake, picking up
rings as you go. When you go under, don't go for too long without air
or you'll lose a chance. Take a deep breath from the bubbles that'
float up from some of the blocks. Or when a big bubble comes your way, use
it to float toward the top of the screen.

Green Hills Zone:
Race through loops and hidden passageways. Ride moving platforns over pits
filled with spikes. Spring high in the air over traps and terrain. Grab
those rings and item and keep on the lookout for Robotnik's badniks.

Gimmick Mountain Zone:
The inside of this metal mountain is filled with moving conveyer belts and
platforms and whirling flywheels. Catch a ride on a wheel, and sling
yourself along. Timing is very important! Walking bombs and burrowbots
roam throught this zone, making your travels treacherous.

Scrambled Egg Zone:
Shoot through twisting, turning pipes that lead to traps or treasure. Use
the D-Button to make turns at the junctions.

It is in this zone that you come face to face with Robotnik's baddest creation,
the silver Sonic. It has the super-spin attack and buch of dirty tricks to
do in our hero but does it have what it takes?

Note: If you have collected five Chaos Emerald and manage to defeat the
super-sonic. It will relinquish the sixth emerald to you. If you have less
than five then you will recieve no more chaos emeralds for the rest of
the game.

Crystal Egg Zone.

Rush through a land of sparkling crystal. Break through crystal blocks to
find hidden treasure, Use a floating orb to sling you to higher ground.

Here you'll meet with Robotnik himself, in an arena he has prepared
especially for you.

Game Over / Continue

When you lose all of your chances the game ends. However, if you managed
to pick up any Chaos Eneralds or managed to get a tails bonus panel on
one of the acts, you will have a chance to continue the game.

When the game ends, a count-down screen will appear. Press button1 to
continue at the beginning of the round you last played. If the countdown
runs out, the next game you play will begin at Act 1 of the first Zone.

The game also ends after you defeat Dr Robotnik in the final zone.
However, you must have the six Chaos Emeralds in order to break tails
out of confinement. Good Luck.

Sonic's Survival tip
>The moment you get attacked and lose rings grab the nearest ring to
protect yourself from another attack.

>Platforms can move in any direction, at any time. Watch them and see
where they go.

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