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Game : Spider-Man
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Manual typed by SX Glory


-Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin

Peter Parker was watching the television one afternoon when he heard some
shocking news. The notorious Kingpin has planted a bomb in New York City and
is placing the blame on Spider-Man. Identifying himself only as a concerned
citizen, the Kingpin has set all of New York City into a panic! It's up to
you as Peter Parker to put on the Spidey suit and clear your name. You must
be careful where you go - the Kingpin has also put a $10,000 price on your
head. All of New York - even the police - is out to get you!

Your first stop should be the Daily Bugle to check and see if the public is
buying the Kingpin's story. If they are it's going to be up to you to provide
the pictures to clear your name. Besides that, you've got to do something
about the bomb the Kingpin planted. He's got six evil henchmen working with
him and you'll have to battle each of them if you want to get to the Kingpin
himself. Each henchman has a key to the Kingpin's bomb. Every time you defeat
a henchman you'll get a key. You'd better hurry, because if you don't have
six keys in twenty-four hours the bomb will destroy New York City!

Along the way, make sure to take pictures of the action, just as Peter Parker
would. Once you've defeated a villain you could sell the pictures to the
Daily Bugle for cash you can use to buy material to make more webbing. After
all, you're bound to run short of webbing before this day is through. If
Spider-Man can live through this day and clear his reputation, Peter Parker
should get some well-deserved rest. Now hurry, you've only got twenty-four
hours to finish your mission!

-Take Control!

Basic Functions [SEE SPIDER-1.BMP]

(1) Directional Button (D-Button)

* Press left or right to move Spidey left or right.
* Press up to climb upward on Spidey's web.
* Press down to climb down Spidey's web or to squat.

(2) Button 1

* Press to attack (punch or kick) Spidey's enemies.
* Press to shoot web at Spidey's enemies.
* Press to start the game.

(3) Button 2

* Press to jump.
* Press to cling to walls.
* Press to start the game.

-Spidey's Special Feats

Web Swinging [SEE SPIDER-2.BMP]

First press Button 2 to jump in the air. Then press Button 1 to shoot
Spidey's web at the ceiling. Press the D-Button to control the direction of
the swing. Press Button 2 to jump off the web and then press Button 1 again
to shoot a new web. This produces a vine effect and allows Spidey to quickly
maneuver through tricky spots.

Sticking to Walls [SEE SPIDER-3.BMP]

Press Button 2 to jump in the air. Press Button 2 again to have Spidey stick
to the wall. Maneuver Spidey around on the wall using the D-Button. Press
Button 2 a third time to have Spidey jump off the wall. Be careful, Spidey is
vulnerable when he is crawling on the walls.

Kick Attack [SEE SPIDER-4.BMP]

Press the D-Button down and press Button 1.

Web Attack [SEE SPIDER-5.BMP]

Press the D-Button left or right and press Button 1.

-Options Mode

To bring up the Options icons press Buttons 1 and 2 simultaneously.

-Playing the Game

Getting Started

The Title screen appears first. Press either Button 1 or 2 to advance to the
configuration screen. Here you can set the level of difficulty or sample any
of the sound effects or background tracks used in the game. Press the
D-Button up or down to place the marker next to a category, and left or right
to change the settings.

There are three levels of difficulty - "Easy", "Difficult" and "Nightmare".
When the marker is next to the sound effects or music categories, simply
press the D-Button left or right and you'll hear the sound. When you're
satisfied, press Button 1 or 2 to begin the game.

You'll see the Kingpin on television announcing that Spider-Man has planted a
bomb in New York City. Press Button 1 or 2 to pass through this sequence.
You'll find Spidey on the street outside the Daily Bugle. You need to somehow
get inside and find out if the press is buying the Kingpin's story. But
remember, everyone on the street thinks that you are now a hideous criminal.
Be careful!!

-Screen Signals [SEE SPIDER-6.BMP]

(1) Timer: You will always know, just by glancing at the top of the data
window on the left side of the screen, just how much time remains for you
to topple the Kingpin and save the city.

(2) Life Bar: This bar will appear when you are not in the Options screen. It
gets smaller as Spidey suffers damage. When Spidey is near death it will
turn red.

(3) Web Cartridges Remaining: Below the Life Bar are blocks which represent
how many cartridges of webbing Spidey has left. The only way to get more
web is to sell your pictures and purchase more webbing fluid.

(4) Web remaining in current cartridge: These lines shrink from left to right
whenever Spidey uses his web. Whenever these lines disappear a new
cartridge is employed and a block will disappear from the 'remaining
cartridges' display (see above).

(5) Spidey Sense: Whenever Spidey senses danger this icon will flash for a
short time. This usually indicates that one of Kingpin's henchmen is
nearby and Spidey should be careful.

-Options [SEE SPIDER-7.BMP]

When you push Buttons 1 and 2 at the same time during the game you will enter
the Options mode. Press the D-Button up, down, left or right to select an
option by revealing the various icons.

(1) This tells you how many of the Kingpin's keys Spidey has obtained. Press
the D-Button down to see how you're doing.

(2) This is the standard game play icon. Selecting this will return you to
the game. Press left or right to reveal the icon.

(3) Pressing Button 1 while this icon is up will let you take a snapshot. You
will see the flash go off and then you will return to the game. You can
take as many as twenty-four pictures during each stage of the game.
Here's a hint - hit the Boss you're battling with a massive web attack,
then quickly take a couple of photos to show to Jonah Jameson. If he
doesn't believe you then, you're really in dire straits!

(4) Pressing Button 1 while this icon is up will turn the background music on
or off. It also returns you to the game. Press the D-Button left or right
to reveal this icon.

(5) Pressing Button 1 while this icon is up will allow you to skip past the
animated story screens. Press the D-Button left or right to reveal the
book symbol, press Button 1 to reveal the Story icon, and use the Fist
icon to return to the game.

(6) Pressing Button 1 while this icon is up will allow you to return to
Peter's house and take a rest. Be careful, as each time you rest you are
wasting precious time. When you see Peter's pad, press Button 2 to rest.
Each time you press Button 2, you lose 15 minutes from the timer, and
gain a corresponding amount of energy (in percent). Press Button 1 to
continue play.

NOTE : This icon only appears after you meet Dr. Strange. If you take a
rest during a stage, you have to start over again.

You collect points as you waste enemies. Press the D-Button down to see
the score counter.

-The Kingpin's Henchmen [SEE SPIDER-8.BMP]

(1) Dr. Octopus

Dr. Otto Octavius had metallic tentacles grafted to his body in a freak
atomic accident. As you might expect, it didn't do a thing for his mental
stability. Taking the name of "Dr. Octopus" he now controls the tentacles
just as he controls his natural arms. He also seeks to control the city, but
he'll join any plot which promises to destroy Spider-Man - if he gets first
crack at him.

(2) The Lizard

As a human, Dr. Curt Conners was one of Spidey's oldest friends. However, the
loss of his right arm caused the scientist to try to regenerate it, the way
lizards regenerate missing tails. Unfortunately, the process turned him into
a human lizard with fantastic strength and an insane rage against all true
humans - including our heroic wall crawler. You'll find him in the slime of
the sewers with the second key.

(3) Electro

Maxwell Dillon was a lineman for the electric company, specializing in high
voltage, when he was struck by nature's voltage, lightning. Somehow
surviving, he found he had the ability to discharge electricity from his own
body. Quite naturally, his hideout is the city's main power station where he
can touch anything without being harmed. Be warned - Electro may be
invulnerable to high voltage, but our hero certainly isn't!

(4) The Sandman

Bill Baker was a simple thug from the worst part of New York who had the bad
fortune to be hiding out on a beach near a nuclear power plant when it blew
up, bombarding his body with radioactive sand. He had the good fortune,
however, to be able to turn his body to sand thereafter, and slip through
Spidey's fingers. But he's still a thug at heart, so he's decided to make his
stand tonight in Central Park.

(5) The Hobgoblin

No one knows the true identity of the Hobgoblin. He simply appears, disguised
in his horrifying costume, flying his mechanized bat, and hurling his pumpkin
bombs at his enemies - most prominent of whom is your friendly neighborhood
Spider-Man. Seeming afraid of no man, he has no need to hide, so he's ready
to face Spidey right out on the streets.

(6) Venom

Some years ago, Spidey went to an alien world and found what seemed to be a
wondrous new costume. But the "costume" turned out to be a new alien life
form, and once Spidey brought it back to Earth, it escaped to live on it's
own. In time it met a human who hated Spidey, and the two of them merged to
form a new creature, Venom, who may just be the most bizarre of all of
Spidey's foes.

(7) The Kingpin

Wilson Fisk is not a name anyone ever uses; the fat man in the white coat is
universally known as the Kingpin, the most ruthless and powerful man in
crime. He has no superpowers, though his apparently fatty body is actually
mostly muscle; his greatest strength is his criminal genius. He has never
been convicted because he arranges for others to carry out his schemes, but
no scheme has ever topped this!


Web fluid costs $250 a cartridge. The amount of fluid Spidey starts out with
depends on which level of difficulty you selected. Remember, the Daily Bugle
will pay Spidey for every picture he takes. He can take up to twenty-four
pictures in each stage of the game.

Ordinary pictures of the action are worth $5. Pictures of the Kingpin's
henchmen, however are worth much more.

A picture of the Kingpin is just about priceless, but once Spidey beats him,
the disaster has been averted and Peter Parker can keep the photo as a

-Web Wisdom

* Sometimes Spidey needs to rest in his apartment by choosing the Peter
Parker icon from the Options screen and pressing Button 1. Keep an eye on
your Life Bar. A breather may help you to defeat the next henchman!
* Some opponents are heavily armored in front but not in back. Jump over them
and attack from the rear!
* Some opponents can leap at Spidey, but are vulnerable if they miss him. Try
standing as far away from them as possible.
* Some of the animals Spidey encounters are invincible. If you can't beat
'em, get away from 'em.
* Sometimes the floor is not as solid as it looks. Keep a sharp eye out for
pits and traps! Use your web swinging ability and take to the rafters!

Your mission is clear. You must go now and clear Spidey's name by finally
bringing down the Kingpin. Don't forget to take care of that bomb!

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