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Game : Transbot
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Ward off a computerized underworld invasion with your transforming weaponry.

-What's Happening

It seemed like things were finally starting to get back together after the
Nuclear War of the solar year 2,000.

People had emerged from their underground shelters. They built new towns. New
forms of transportation. An all new society.

But something has gone wrong. DALAUS, an artificial intelligence computer
left over from the now defunct regime is creating a dictatorial empire.
DALAUS is already gaining control of one city - and it's rumored that many of
the guards are actually working for DALAUS.

The only thing that can stop this treacherous takeover is the new CA-214, a
sophisticated transforming combat astro-plane. And the only one who can pilot
this high-performance machine is you.

You'll have to destroy the enemy's ARM CARRIER. Then try to find DALAUS's
hidden fortress and destroy ELGRAMZON to rid the earth of evil influence

-Taking Control [SEE TBOT-1.BMP]

The following illustration shows you the control points on your SEGA SYSTEM
control pad. Throughout this instruction book we will refer to these controls
by the names indicated in this illustration.

-Your CA-214, or Transbot

Your CA-214 has the ability to fight with 7 different types of weaponry. You
start with NORMAL FIRE to destroy the enemy's ARM CARRIER. But by capturing
the (?) that will appear at various times during the game, you will be able
to change to other weapons.

When you capture the (?), 7 alphabetical letters (from A through G) will
appear on the upper half of the screen in an elongated circle. Each letter
will flash in sequential order. To select a new weapon and power, quickly
push button 2 while the letter you want blinks.

Your Weapon and Power Choices [SEE TBOT-2.BMP] :

A. NORMAL FIRE - Allows you to destroy the enemy's weapon carrier (called the
ARM CARRIER, see next section).



D. CANNON - Lets you destroy all your enemies at one shot when they are lined

E. DIFFUSION BEAM - Allows you to shoot enemies over a wide area.

F. TWO DIRECTION FIRE - Lets you shoot both forward and backward.

G. POWER-UP ATTACK - When letter G is successfully selected, the power of the
weapon you're using goes to maximum level.


POWER decreases when the player comes into contact with the enemy or when he
is shot. When the POWER becomes zero, one CA-214 type weapon is lost. The
POWER becomes completely replenished [FULL] when the letter G is selected.

ARM Arm energy, -this decreases when using a weapon. At the time it becomes
zero, weapon "A" returns. With weapon "A", the energy will not decrease.

-What's What [SEE TBOT-4.BMP]

DALAUS, that evil computer, has created an entire army of sophisticated
weaponry, just to keep guys like you from ruining her plans for global power.

Here's what she has in store for you :

ARM CARRIER - Destroy this automatically-controlled weapon carrier first. If
you capture its ARM CAPSULE, you will be able to choose other
weapons. And if you destroy the ARM CARRIER with bodily
contact, you'll earn 1,000 points.

ARM CAPSULE - Its capture causes the alphabetical letters to blink. Push the
Arms Selection Button as the letter blinks for the new weapon
you want.

LUVOGUE - A dangerous fighter plane that tracks you wherever you go.

PSYBALL - Because it's controlled by the induction energy of DALAUS, its
movements are totally unpredictable.

ELBLINK - it comes in close to you, fires, then flies away.

BIFLER - BIFLERs can only fly in a straight line; but there are two of them,
a fast one and a slow one.

ALAPOT - This is an unmanned search plane programmed to collide with anything
that comes near it.

ASCULE - Controlled by DALAUS, the ASCULE can't fire.

ZELNUC - These are living creatures who, though quite aggressive, are
harmless individually. But as a group they can pose quite a threat
to you.

GELPAAR - These fearless guys are, more than anything, curious about you. So
they track you down whenever they can.

BOASITE - A pursuit fighter that appears from behind. This fires when passing

HILUN - When attacked it fires multi-directional bullets.

GEALMEA - Destroy this defensive unit with 8 shots when using weapons A,B or
F; destroy it with one shot with weapons C,D or E.

BARRIER - This is DALAUS's ultimate fortress defense weapon! Its only weak
point is that it becomes momentarily functionless when its red
control ball is fired.

ELGRAMZON - This is the robot embodiment of DALAUS herself. In order to
destroy this most powerful mechanical monster you must hit it in
the red part of its head at least 10 times.

-Oops. Try Again.

At the beginning of each game you get three CA-214 TRANSBOTS. When you lose
all of them, the game is over.

You receive an additional TRANSBOT at 40,000 points and, thereafter, every
time an additional 80,000 points are earned.

-Helpful Hints

Practice to get in sync with the "blinks" of the moving alphabetical letters
so you'll be able to select the weapons you need quickly.

During ground battles, try various ways to proceed to the underground
fortress. When you find it, you'll know it.

-Know The Score

The points you earn for destroying different enemy weaponry are added
together to produce your final score. The points earned for each one are as
follows :

ARM CARRIER ................1,000 points
LUVOGUE ......................120 points
PSYBALL ......................100 points
ELBLINK ......................120 points
BIFLER (QUICK) ...............100 points
BIFLER (SLOW) .................80 points
ALAPOT .......................120 points
ASCULE .......................120 points
ZELNUC .......................200 points
GELPAAR ......................180 points
BOASITE ......................240 points
GEALMEA ......................240 points
HILUN ........................500 points
BARRIER ......................400 points
ELGRAMZON .................20,000 points

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