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Game : Zillion 2 : The Tri Formation
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-The Zillion Story Continues

When we last left the White Knights, J.J. had rescued his friends Apple and
Champ who were being held captive deep inside the Norsa Empire's labyrinth on
Planet X.

Together the three bravely searched the catacombs on the mothership and found
the five floppy disks which contained the key to the labyrinth's destruction.
The White Knights located the master computer and used the floppy disks to
trigger an explosion which would destroy the base.

The trio made their way back through the maze of tunnels to the surface and
escaped just as the base exploded in a great ball of flames. The Norsa
Empire's labyrinth was destroyed and the Planetary System was saved!

Or so the White Knights thought. Little did the peacekeepers know that Baron
Ricks' evil plans had only just begun. The worst was yet to come!

-The New Mission

A faint distress transmission, barely understandable, was received at the
headquarters of the White Knights. Sent from a distant outpost at the extreme
edge of the Planetary System, the garbled message told of a new, gigantic
Norsa Battle Fortress at the edge of the Norsa Galaxy.

Apple and Champ, two members of the elite White Knight special peacekeeping
force, immediately set out on a reconnaissance mission to investigate the
Norsa Fortress.

The last words which anybody heard from Apple and Champ were: "Help us J.J.!
Baron Ricks has..."

-Game Object

What happened to Champ and Apple? Can you get through the gauntlet of eight
levels of Norsa defenses to save your friends?

Are you good enough to defeat the Olivion Platoon Captain, the Radajian
Defense Leader, the Alleevian Supreme Commander, and then still have enough
energy left to finally take on the ultimate evil warrior - Baron Ricks

You have to try because the White Knights have never backed away from a

You have your weapons. There is Zillion... the most powerful laser in the

And then there is the Tri Formation. The ultimate vehicle. Use it as a three
wheeled cycle and you can drive anywhere. Kick in the special nuclear turbo
and the cycle leaps in the air. But it isn't called the Tri Formation for
nothing. Gather the right power-up parts and the cycle changes into a flying
suit of armor called the Armorater. Use this to fly over the Norsa defenders.

Finally, when it calls for good old fashioned hand-to-hand combat, the entire
Tri Formation compresses easily out of the way into your backpack.

With firepower like this you can't lose! Or can you? Read on.

-End of the Game:

You start ZILLION II: THE TRI FORMATION with three lives. The key to your
existence is your life meter.

You lose energy:
* Each time you are hit by an enemy bullet or bomb.
* If you get zapped by the in-ground high voltage trap.
* Each time you touch an opponent.

When the life meter reaches zero, you lose a life. If you fall into a
bottomless pit you will also lose a life.

You will get additional lives when your score reaches 30,000, 70,000 or

The game ends when you lose all your lives.

-Taking Control

(2) BUTTON 1
(3) BUTTON 2

Control Pad 1:
The Directional Button (D-Button):
* When Pushed Up:
Armorater flies upward.
Moves elevator up to the nest level.
* When Pushed Down:
Player Crouches down in the Turbo Cycle.
Armorater flies downward.
Moves elevator down to the next level.
J.J., Champ or Apple lies down on the ground.
* When Pushed Left:
Armorater or player moves to the left.
Turbo Cycle slows down.
* When Pushed Right:
Armorater or player moves to the right.
Turbo Cycle speeds up.

Button 1:
* To start the game.
* To make the Turbo Cycle or player jump.

Button 2:
* To shoot the Zillion Laser.

To change the Turbo Cycle into the Armorater, or back again, press Button 1
while holding the D-Button UP.

Control Pad 2:
When you want to switch places with Champ or Apple (only possible on odd
numbered rounds), press Button 1 or Button 2 on Control Pad #2.

-Getting Started

Press Button 1 on Control Pad 1 to start the game.

During the game you will see this screen:
(1) Life Meter
(2) Score
(3) Number of Lives left
(4) Shot Power-Up indicator
(5) A-Code, change to Armorater is possible.

-Upgrading your Weapons

When you first break into the Norsa Fortress you will be riding your three-
wheeled Turbo Cycle. Soon the action will become so intense on the ground
that you will have to switch to your Armorater. Unfortunately you don't have
all the necessary parts as Champ and Apple were carrying them. Before they
were captured though, they were able to hide these parts in the corridors of
the Fortress. You must find these remaining power-up pieces in order to
complete the Tri Formation.

The special Alpha power needed to complete the transformation from Turbo
Cycle to Armorater. Apple hid one somewhere in level 1 and Champ hid one in
level 3 before they were captured.

The Norsa soldiers need a lot of energy in order to exist. Spaced throughout
the corridors of the Fortress are Life Rejuvenators. Get to them before the
Norsa do and use them to recharge your life meter.

Apple and Champ knew you would be coming in on your Turbo Cycle. To help you,
they hid special Zillion Power upgrade parts for your three wheeler. Each
will make Zillion more powerful. Get three Zillion Power-Ups and your Zillion
Laser will cut through the enemy forces with ease.

-Know the Enemy

Baron Ricks knew you were coming and he set up every possible Norsa defense
in your path. If you can find your enemies' weaknesses, you can plan out your
offensive attack.

There are eight rounds of action in the Norsa Attack Ship.

Rounds 1, 3, 5, and 7 are narrow corridors. Here you will find in-ground high
voltage life force draining traps, bottomless pits, the first round of Norsa
soldiers and gun batteries.

(1) In-ground High Voltage Trap
(2) Split-level Floor
(3) Bottomless Hole
(4) Norsa Defender

Fight your way through the corridor using your Turbo Cycle or Armorater. At
the end of each corridor there is an open black doorway. Pass through this
doorway and into the next round.

Rounds 2, 4 , 6, and 8 start in a multi-story room which is full of
bottomless holes and protected by dozens of Norsa Defenders. Here you will
have to proceed on foot and you'll only have your skill and ability as a
White Knight to guide you safely through the different levels of this room.

To get from level to level you must take the elevator. Once inside, push the
D-Button up to go to the next higher level or push down to descend to a lower

Somewhere inside this room is the exit. You must find it before the Norsa
Defenders turn you into cosmic dust!

(1) Elevator

-Enemy Defense Commander

Baron Ricks remembers what you and your fellow White Knights did to his
Labyrinth in ZILLION I. This time he is taking no chances. He has recruited
the deadliest mercenaries from throughout the galaxy and you must battle one
at the end of each of the even numbered rounds.

* In Round 2 you'll fight the Olivion Platoon Captain.
* In Round 4 you'll battle with the Radajian Defense Leader.
* In Round 6 you'll shoot it out with the Alleevian Supreme Commander.
* In Round 8 you'll have to defeat Baron Ricks himself!

-Know Your Friends

Apple and Champ are being held captive somewhere. After checking the plans of
the ship, the best possibility seems to be the rooms hidden in Round 2 and 4.
You have to check it out. The lives of your friends are at stake.

If you find your fellow White Knights, they can help you! You can switch
places with Apple or Champ during the odd numbered rounds.
* To do this press either Button 1 or Button 2 on Control Pad #2. The action
on the screen will stop.
* The names of the rescued teammates will appear at the top of the screen.
* Move the "*" to the name of the player you wish to switch places with by
using the D-Button on Control Pad #1. Press Button 1 or Button 2 and the
new player will continue the action on the screen with a full life meter.

You can not use a rescued fighter more than once nor can you use a teammate
which hasn't been rescued yet.

-One More Chance

In the remote chance that you fail and the "Game Over" message appears, the
SEGA MASTERS have given you a way to continue your quest to overthrow the
evil Baron Ricks.
* When the game ends, press and hold the D-Button in the Up direction.
* Press Button 1 on Control Pad #1.
* When the Continue option appears, press Button 1 again.
* The game will continue at the beginning of the round you were in.
* You can use this continue feature three times.

-Know The Score

(1) Norsa Warrior 300 points
(2) Norsa Jet Soldier 500 points
(3) Norsa Soldier on Aeroboat 500 points
(4) Norsa Raker 1,000 points
(5) Norsa Mini Raker 400 points
800 points in Round 6
(6) Noza Noza 300 points
(7) Black Noza Noza 500 points
(8) Flying Harri-site 200 points
(9) Flying Skofu-site 200 points
(10) Mega-Harri-site 200 points
(11) Mega-Skofu-site 200 points
(12) On-Ground Gun Battery 300 points
(13) Norsa Defense gun Battery 300 points
(14) Auto Craft 400 points
(15) Olivion Platoon Captain (Round 2) 2,000 points
(16) Radajian Defense Leader (Round 4) 5,000 points
(17) Alleevian Supreme Commander (Round 6) 7,000 points
(18) Baron Ricks (Round 8) 10,000 points

-Helpful Hints

* Try to get every Yellow "L" Mark. They will replenish your life meter.
* To stop the screen from scrolling while you are in the odd numbered rounds,
get the Armorater and descends partially down inside a bottomless hole. The
screen will stop scrolling but the Norsa Warriors will continue to attack.
Shoot the soldiers to build up your points and accumulate the extra lives.
* If the action gets too intense in the odd numbered rounds, try this slow
motion tip. Connect your Sega Rapid Fire Unit in port #1. Plug Control Pad
#1 into the Rapid Fire Unit. Push down and hold Button 2 on Control Pad #2.
To shoot in slow motion briefly let up on Control Pad #2.
* In the corridors with split-level floors, always try to jump to the higher
levels as the action will be less intense. Only switch players when your
life meter is almost empty. Remember, you can not use a rescued player more
than once, so use them wisely.

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