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Batman Forever (Game Gear and Genesis)
Easy Kill Guide V 2.0 04-05-1999
By Videogameman (

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Game Gear

This FAQ will is about: How to kill your enemies without getting
injured. This is hard to do and you have to have perfect timing to do it.
This works best on normal thugs. It doesn't always work on the clowns
because they can (and will) put a shield up and zap you.
You do this by (1) jump kicking them. (2) If they block high (they
usually will in hard mode) you can sweep them because they will try to
Roundhouse you. (3) If they block low just jump kick again. (4) If they
block the jump kick then return to step 2. Eventually they will block high
and you can sweep them. In easy mode you will usually hit them with the
jump kick, but in the harder modes they will mostlikly block. Here is the
amount of damage taken off by your attacks.

Jump Kick = 10%
Sweep = 15%

I had to estemate the amount of damage that these attacks take off, so
don't kill me if they aren't right.
When an enemy block high they always try to roundhouse kick you. If
they block low they will sweep or do other moves. This will take perfect
timing and a steady eye to pull this off, so don't get mad if you mess up a
lot and get killed the first couple of times.


To do the Easy Kill for the Genesis game you: (1) Jump kick at your
opponent, (2) if blocked low then jump kick again, (3) if blocked high then
jump kick again, (4) if ducked then sweep your opponent. Your opponent will
usually block the jump kick if you start the kick after you start to fall
from your jump. If you kick just after you start to jump then your opponent
will hopefully duck (and not block). If you mess up and jump kick at your
opponent after they ducked (not ducked and blocked) your first attack they
might/will uppercut you.


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