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Defenders of Oasis (Walkthrough V. 1.0
(for the Sega Game Gear)

Barry W. Cantin (

November 1996

This guide/walkthrough is fairly complete, although there are a few spots
(particularly the lists) where I could not be too precise or fill in all the
blanks. Additions/corrections/comments are welcomed, E-mail me at

One thing I could not find -- the "Barbado" (Harp of Sleep). If anyone knows
where that is, please write me! Thanks!

Spell, item, and monster lists follow the Walkthrough.

** Walkthrough **

Chapter 1 Burning Castle

The game starts with the opening sequence. After the King is finished talking
with you (the "Prince"), talk to everyone in the castle for information. You
are told to go greet the Princess of Mahamood, whose ship has just arrived.
BEFORE you do this, go into the town and look for the Goods Shop (it's got a
sign outside with a potion bottle on it), which is located in the lower left
part of the village. Go talk to the merchant and buy NINE herbs, you will
most definitely need them soon.

Next, go to the dock to greet the Princess. The dock is to the east of the
village. On the dock you learn that they cannot find the Princess, so go back
to Shanadar to look for her. She is in the Tavern (lower right part of the
village), being harassed by three Ruffians. You will automatically go into
combat mode when you encounter them. They are not difficult to defeat - do
this, and then the game goes into "automatic story sequence" (i.e. you cannot
control the Prince's actions but rather sit and watch the story develop).
You'll soon find out why you needed those herbs.

The Prince is awakened out of his bed to learn that the kingdom is under
attack, and that the King wants him to take the Princess safely back to
Mahamood. The King also gives the Prince something VERY important - "Ring
One", which he refers to as a record of the family's history. Follow the
Tutor to the escape tunnel and go through the city's sewers (battle spiders
here) and out into the city's waterway. Here, fight Sorcerers to gain EPs and
build your character. When you're strong enough, fight the Imperial Soldiers
marching around the city. Use the herbs to heal up the Prince when his HPs
get low (each herb restores 20 HP). After the Prince reaches level 5 or 6, go
back to the dock where you'll see the traitor who caused all this mess --
General Kohle. Fight him but don't expect to win just yet. He has a magical
sword that causes you to faint immediately. Let him defeat you, you cannot
win this battle (yet).

You'll wake up next in the hideout of the Resistance. Talk to the Leader, who
tells you of a Magic Lamp you'll need to defeat Kohle and his magical sword.
Be sure to say hi to the fellow at the doorway as you exit, and he'll give you
a HOLY herb.

Make your way back to the castle through the waterway and sewers, and just
below the fountain in the castle you'll see the Prince's Tutor. Just before
he dies, he gives the Prince the Key to the Shanadar Treasury ("Key of S").
Go to the treasury at the back of the castle, use the key to open the doors,
and go in and help yourself. There are six chests to open, and they contain
the following: HERB (2), Hemp, Cape,, Plating, and a Kutar. Immediately
equip yourself with the Cape (better protection) and the Kutar (better sword).
Next, go to the bottom of the room and get the Lamp, which is sitting on a
pedestal. The Genie will then join the party. IMMEDIATELY use the Hemp and
the Plating on the Genie to make him more powerful. Also, the Genie can be
used to heal the Prince, instead of relying on the herbs (although the herbs
may still be useful!).

Go back to the Resistance hideout to rest up. Then, go back to the Dock to
meet General Kohle again. At the very first opportunity, have the Genie cast
VARYU on Kohle to inhibit the magical powers of the sword. That way, the
Prince won't faint when struck by it. Defeat the two Soldiers flanking him
and then Kohle. upon his defeat, he dives into the water swearing revenge.
You are then instructed to get the Princess to Mahamood ASAP.

Chapter 2 First Mate

This chapter starts with everybody on the ship en route to Mahamood. There is
a traveling merchant with the following items for sale:

Holy Herb 40
Talisman 1080
Hemp 500
Plating 490
Gilding 2490

Note that you can sell him the Mantle and Shamshir sword you started with,
since you won't need them any more (replaced by the Cape and Kutar). Good to
buy - if you can afford it - a hemp and a plating for the Genie, and Holy
Herbs with whatever's left over.

Talk to everyone on the ship. Talk to the lookout in particular, since it
triggers the next part of the story. At this point, go down to the Captain's
Quarters and Saleem joins the party. The ship stops at an island to get
water, get off the ship here and follow the path to the village. (Along the
way you will battle Cyclops and Worms)

When the party arrives at the village, go see the village elder and he will
allow your party to rest and heal up there. There is a shop on the island,
which has the following selection of goods:

Herb 20
Snake Act 30
Barrel 200
Saber 810
Cloak 1050

At this point, it's a good idea to build your characters' attributes. Go
fight the local monsters and rest up at the village when HPs and the Genie's
MPs get low. A good area to fight is to the southeast of the village, there's
a corridor that will take you to an old temple. Here you can fight Daeva and
Cockatrice monsters to elevate the characters more quickly. Get the Prince up
to about level 10, then go back to the village elder to rest. Talk to all the
villagers to learn more about the area as well.

Go back to the ship, where you learn that the Captain (Saleem's father) was
killed by the Imperial Elite Troops - Al-Karria in particular. The party will
then battle 3 Assassins then 2 Crocottas. After defeating those, Al-Karria
takes the ship (with the Princess on it) and leaves. Saleem vows revenge on

At this point, go back to the village and speak with the Elder to rest up.
Talk to all the villagers again to learn about the Temple. Go back to the
Temple, examine the FIRST text on the wall, then go BACK to the village. Talk
to the Elder again, a few times. He will give you the "Mirror of Knowledge"
(located toward the right side of the hut). With this Mirror, you can read
the text written on the walls (which includes more spells for the Genie). Go
back to the Temple again.

Inside is a maze to explore. Learn spells "Urus" and "Almaty". Read about
Dogon, and at this point the party learns about polishing and plating the lamp
to make the Genie stronger. Get through the first section of the maze back to
the second part. There is a room at the very back where the Genie learns the
spell "Raag" (TELEPORT). The party then teleports to Mahamood and finally
leaves the island.

Chapter 3 Capital Gylan

Start at Saleem's home in Mahamood, where the party can rest. There are three
shops here: a weapons shop, an armor shop, and a goods store.

----item------------cost--- ----item------------cost---
Shamshir 280 Cape 370
Kutar 380 Bandana 1180
Jambiya 1850 Shield 2210
Chakram 5780 Circlet 2940

Herb 20
Snake Act 40
Holy Herb 80
Talisman 2580

As soon as possible, equip Saleem with a Chakram. Get a Bandana for the
Prince, a circlet for Saleem, a Jambiya for the Prince, and shields for the
Prince and Saleem. This will maximize attack and defense for the party (note
that the Genie does not use armor or weapons).

Go to the Mahamood Castle (north of village). Talk to everyone,
*particularly* the Magician. He tells you to get a Passport to get into Gylan
castle. There is an Imperial Soldier at the SW corner of the village who
deserted the army. Talk to him and he will give you a passport that will get
you into Gylan Castle.

Next, teleport to Gylan and go into the castle (don't hang around the docks
south of the Castle unless you want to build up the characters), use the
passport to get in. Inside there is another maze with a few treasure chests
scattered. Open as many as possible. When you locate the Princess, a trap
door opens and traps the party in a dungeon below. Here, Kohle reappears.
Again, have the Genie cast VARYU on him (to disable the magical qualities of
his sword) and defeat him a second time. Agmar the Thief joins the party at
this point. Search Kohle to get the Key of Gylan ("Key of G"), then read the
inscription on the wall to rest up and heal the party completely. use the key
to escape from the cell and wander throughout the underground maze to find a
way out. Down here you can learn the following spells (by reading wall
inscriptions) for the Genie: "Amultart" and "Asma". Find a Jambiya sword
(equip Agmar immediately with it) and an F. Stone (for later use). There will
be one area you cannot access due to a force field, come back to it later.
Note that Agmar's levels will increase RAPIDLY as long as he is conscious at
the end of a fight.

Explore the castle THOROUGHLY. Open every chest, there are lots of goodies to
be had here. Get the princess using the Key of Gylan. When finished, exit
the castle through the south - but just before exiting HEAL UP the party with
the Genie's spells (Alma, Almaty) and/or herbs and holy herbs.

As soon as you exit the castle Al-Karria catches up with the party. Here you
will confront three Elites. Defeat them - and Al goes back into the Castle
while the party goes back to Mahamood.

Chapter 4 Lost Tomb

To start this chapter the Princess gives the Prince an Amulet ("can put dead
spirits to rest"). Make sure that the party is equipped with the following
weapons and armor at this point:

Prince: Arm = Jambiya
Head = Bandana
Body = Shield

Saleem: Arm = Chakram
Head = Circlet
Body = Shield

Agmar: Arm = Jambiya
Head = Turban
Body = Shield

See the Magician Kala Han in the Library again, he tells you to go see his
cousin in the Village of Ulk. The third ring is supposedly hidden in the
"Tomb of the Wise" near there.

Teleport (with the spell "Raag") to Ulk, where you will find a deserted
village. There are some bandits there - defeat them, then the villagers will
come out of hiding. The basement of one of the buildings is where you can
find Tala Han, talk to him. Rest the party there as well (ie talk to the guy
by the bed). The Tomb is just east of the village bu the Bandits stole the
Hammer needed to open the gates.

There are three merchant shops in Ulk: Weapons, Armor, and Goods.

----item------------cost--- ----item------------cost---
Shamshir 230 Mantle 250
Saber 810 Turban 360
Jambiya 1540 Cuirass 3550
Kris 3850 Mask 6090

Herb 20
Holy Herb 70
Worm Act 180
Gilding 4980

Here is the ideal weapons/armor configuration for the party at this time:

Prince: Arm = Jambiya
Head = Bandana
Body = Shield

Saleem: Arm = Chakram
Head = Circlet
Body = Cuirass

Agmar: Arm = Kris
Head = Mask
Body = Shield

There are two places in Ulk where the party can rest up. The first is the
basement where Tala Han lives. The other is in the sheep's pen: go up to the
sheep and examine it. The Prince will count it. Examine again, the Prince
counts again. A third time and the party falls asleep (cute, huh?) fully
rested and healed.

The next goal is to get the Hammer from the thieves. Leave Ulk via the north
exit, then go W and N through the forest path. You will eventually cross a
bridge going east and then around some hills toward the south and east. When
you spot the hideout the party hides behind some trees to listen for the
password. After this, go up to the cave entrance and use the password to
enter (automatic). Go into the caves, particularly the back area where the
hammer is located. Also here is some Silk and Gilding (for the Genie). In
this part of the cave the party will encounter the Trifids (monsters). On the
right hand part of the back caves is a wall inscription that you can read to
rest undisturbed. Finish examining cave and upon exiting, Ali Baba and his
thieves will be waiting outside. Defeat all the bandits and Ali Baba, then go
back to Ulk to rest.

After the party is rested up, go to the goods store and stock up COMPLETELY on
herbs and holy herbs; maybe a gilding or two to get the Genie's powers up.
Next, leave Ulk via the north and then go EAST to the Tomb entrance. Use the
Hammer to go inside the Tomb of the Wise.

The tomb is another maze. Immediately go up to the wall inscription, it is
for the Genie spell "Kshasla" (clear obstacles). More inscriptions talk about
destiny, the Rings, etc. (fyi, Ring One = Ring of Power, Ring Two = Ring of
Words, Ring Three = Ring of Soul and all three make up "Destiny").

At the top part by the lava stream cast "Kshasla" to freeze the lava. The
party can now walk on it. Get the crystal from the chest (use on Genie
immediately). Also up here are wall inscriptions with the spells "Halwtart" (incredibly useful!) and "Skanda".

Open all chests, particularly the ICE treasure chests. There is also the
spell "Ashawan" on a wall inscription. In the ice area, you will slip until
stopped. Here, the goal is to get to the steps leading down that are located
off to the left part of the ice field. It is possible to maneuver throughout
the ice chests to get over to those stairs. Plan the moves so that you slide
into a chest that will be positioned to let you slide into another one. It's
a little tricky but there is a solution. At the bottom level (down these
stairs) there is a room at the back with a line of Gargoyles (guarding Ring
Two). As you pass each pair of Gargoyles, they come to life and you have to
battle them. At the end is a chest containing Ring Two. When you get the
Ring, you will hear a message from Jamseed about the Rings.

After exiting the Cave, the Princess meets you and begs for the Genie's Lamp.
The lovesick Prince gives it to her, at which point it is revealed that it's
really Al-Karria in an illusion. He disappears with the Genie Lamp. (The
Genie is not in your party at this point)

Go back to Ulk and talk to Tala Han and the Resistance member down there who
wants you to go back to Shanadar with him. First, rest up, stock up on herbs
and holy herbs, then go outside and meet the ship.

The ship takes the party back to Shanadar. Here, fight the Commander.
Al-Karria gets the other two Rings from you while forcing you to fight your
zombified father (the deceased King) and your own Genie. Defeat them, free
the King's soul with the Amulet the Princess gave you, get the Genie back, and
this ends Chapter 4.

Chapter 5 Ahriman

Shanadar has now been liberated, and the shops re-opened.

----item------------cost--- ----item------------cost---
Kutar 320 Cape 310
Saber 810 Herberk 7070
Falchion 7950 Pillow 10200
Hilt 6260 Helm 12520

Herb 20
Holy Herb 20
Snake Act 30
Worm Act 180
Silk 8880

Here is the ideal weapons/armor configuration for the party at this time:

Prince: Arm = Falchion
Head = Helm
Body = Shield

Saleem: Arm = Chakram
Head = Circlet
Body = Cuirass

Agmar: Arm = Kris
Head = Mask
Body = Herberk

The Hilt can be used with the F.Stone (recovered at Gylan Castle) to create a
sword called "Firenar", which has average strength for a sword but also emits
FIREBALLS. The Pillow is a very odd item. It can be used during combat by
one of the party members to sleep and recover HPs. Yes, DURING COMBAT. Go
figure. %^)

This is a good time to build the characters. One good way to do this is to
teleport back to Ulk and go back to Ali Baba's caves to fight the Trifids at
the back of the caverns again. The loot is good and the characters can always
re-heal themselves by reading the wall inscription and resting. This way, the
party can afford the weapons and armor for the above configuration, and also
afford some Silk to get the Genie's HPs up. Note also that the party can
teleport at any time (while outdoors) to any village using the Raag spell, so
if there's something from one of the other shops you want, use Raag to
teleport there to get it.

Next, go back to Gylan. Fight Al-Karria right away and get the Key of the
Empire ("Key of E") from him. Go to the door that did not previously open and
use it. When you get to the force field, cast the spell "Kshasla" to stop it.
Go up through it. When the party encounters the General, cast VARYU
immediately since he's wielding one of those magical swords. You can now
explore a new area of Gylan castle, be sure to collect all the treasures here.
One of the force-field-protected areas contains a chest with "Sp. Mantle" in
it, which can be used by the Prince.

Get through the maze to the back room to confront Al once again, this time as
a magical beast called "Skylla". Defeat him and go through to the back.
Watch as the bad guys turn the Rings to ash and Ahriman is brought back to
life. The party winds up back at Mahamood.

Rest up and don't let your comrades talk you into giving up. Talk to the
Magician once more and then go back to Gylan castle where the rings were
burned. Collect the rings' remnants ("Ring Ash") for later use. Return to
Mahamood to see Kala Han the Magician again, and he explains how to
"resurrect" the rings in front of Ahriman. When the party leaves the castle,
be sure to talk to the villagers. One of them is ranting about the "Tower in
the Desert", the Tower of Jiklart. This is the next destination.

Cast Raag to teleport to Jiklart. Upon entering the Tower, you'll see a
teleport dot just above and in the center. This isn't very useful until you
find the Key of the Tower. Instead, explore the levels (via the stairs) and
collect the treasures from the chests scattered around. Find the Poisonar
Sword (inflicts nominal damage but poisons enemies in the process). There are
two spells inscribed in the walls here: "Ast" and "Afnawar". Note that some
of the treasure chests here contain monsters called "Zu-Z" and "Zu-A". If you
open one of these chests you will fight the monster. Defeating Zu-Z or Zu-A
will result in a LOT of money and some good EPs, but the real treasure of
these guys is that they will cast a whirlwind spell on the Party to whisk it
to a different area of the Tower. Zu-Z sends the party to a Zu-A, and vice-
versa. Use them to go from one side of the tower to the other. NOTE: Zu-A
and Zu-Z do NOT fight the party; just cast the whirlwind.

Search the entire area to also find the Key of the Tower ("Key of T"). Also
find the Talwar Sword. It's a good idea to have the Genie cast Halwtart
during the easy battles to replenish his MPs. Keep going upwards until you
find the Roc. When you find him, defeat him and he will then offer to fly you
to the "Other World". He can be used to fly the party back and forth, if so
desired. Since a LOT of money will be acquired during this phase of the game,
it might be wise to leave the tower once or twice to go buy some things for
the Genie (Silk, Gilding, or Plating) to get his attributes up.

Note: after you have the Key of the Tower and have unlocked some doors
upstairs with it, you can use the afore-mentioned teleporter to take you up

After going up, you'll come to some purple-walled areas in the back. Explore
the area thoroughly - included in the treasures are "Crystal" (use on Genie),
"Sp. Cape", "Kwarnaf", and a "Power Pot". At the end of this section is a
teleporter which takes the party to a different part of the Tower. There are
wall inscriptions here, read them all. More chests can be opened: "Speed
Pot", "Sp. Cape", and "Crown". Off to the left is a room with four statues
("Salwa"). When you enter the room you will be attacked by each, one at a
time. After defeating all four, heal up the party and take the teleport in
that room.

Read the wall inscription in this next area carefully, which describe the
"Beginning", the "Next", and the "End". This is the order in which you must
solve this puzzle.

/ | \
/ | \ B = Beginning
| | | N = Next
| | | E = End

The first thing to do, as described by the inscriptions, is to get the Evil
Eye. This is located in a chest in the lower left area. Get it, take it to
the statue at "B" and the Taarmaty will come to life. Defeat it and move on
to the Next ("N"). When you examine this stature, the eyes glow red and fall
out - at which point you acquire the "Dead Eye". This Taarmaty comes to life
too, and defeat it to go on. Go back to "E", the "End", and put the Dead Eye
in the Taarmaty statue there. It will come to life and after it is defeated
the walls start to glow. Take the new teleport nearby to the next area.

Here, there are chests similar to the Zu-A and Zu-Z chests from earlier,
except these chests contain Marzu-A and Marzu-Z monsters. These DO fight back
and must be defeated in order to activate the whirlwind that whisks the party
from Marzu-A to Marzu-Z, and vice-versa. There are a couple chests in the
area that do not contain Marzu-A and Marzu-Z, and in these can be found a
"Crown" and a "Bottle". The passageways tend to be circular here, at the
bottom of one will be two treasure chests (you're coming from the right):

|C1| |C2|

Open C2 and defeat the Marzu monster to get to the other side of C1. Soon you
will find another teleporter, take it to get to the next area.

This next area contains three chests: "Power Pot", "Speed Pot", "Life Pot".
***NOTE: DO NOT USE these on a character whose corresponding attribute is
maxed out at 99; for example, if the Prince has SPEED = 99, do not use the
Speed Pot on him since it will be wasted. His speed will never get higher
than 99. Check your characters first to see if they could really benefit from
these pots before using them (if nothing else, the Genie can always use them
since he never raises a level and gets stronger only by found and bought

There are four statues in this area, and an inscription to read in the center
("Dolge, the Wizard of Lies, has three false forms. His only true identity
is..."). Three of these statues are illusions of Dolge, and one (the TOP one)
is the real thing. Might as well fight them all in case one of the characters
can advance a level.

After defeating the real Dolge (at top) a teleporter appears. Take it and go
to the next area. This next area has three floor switches that activate
passage-blocking walls. Search the area for a wall inscription that gives a
hint at how to solve this: activate all three wall switches from left to right
(to block all three passages), then go back to the left one and activate the
left one to OPEN the passage. There is another teleporter here, take it.

This is the final area. A wall inscription tells you this. The party will be
met almost immediately by Akmanaf - defeat him and go up to the chamber above.
This is the room where Ahriman awaits. As the party crosses the room, HPs are
drained from each member with each step. Just before reaching Ahriman at the
top, heal up everyone completely for the final battle with Ahriman.

Talk to Ahriman, the Prince brings the rings back with the Lamp (as Kala Han
instructed), and then the party fights Ahriman. Strategy for beating him:
allow the Genie to IMMEDIATELY cast Wofmanaf as many times as possible to
boost the party's defenses. When one party member gets low on HPs, cast
Almaty. Do not use the Genie to fight Ahriman, but rather as a defensive
weapon and a healer (also to remove poison when it gets bad for one of the
other characters; also to use Worm Act to revive any fallen party members).
He is not too difficult to defeat, and after several rounds he should be
dispatched. Here the game goes back into Story mode and the game is finished.

General strategies

If the Genie has all his MPs, use him to fight the harder monsters (not
Ahriman) with one of the offensive spells. Be sure to use him regularly to
heal everyone with the Almaty spell. Sometimes it's good to look for a fight
with fairly weak monsters so that he can immediately cast "Halwtart" to go
back into the Lamp and regenerate MPs. The party can stay out in mazes and
caverns indefinitely using this technique.

Keep the party completely stocked with Herbs, Holy Herbs, Snake Act, and Worm
Act. They're not expensive and you never know what's going to happen.

Always attack the same monster when being attacked by a group -- do NOT spread
attacks over the whole group. This will limit the number of attacks the
monsters can hit you with.

When fighting monsters with the "fast drop attack" (they rise into the air for
a round or so), after the monster has risen have all members PARRY (have Agmar
HIDE) to reduce/minimize the damage from the attack.

Other than the above case, in general it is NOT advantageous to use Agmar's
HIDE/ASSAULT attack -- in the space of two attacks (say 200% damage) he will
only get in one attack (equivalently about 150% damage). Only useful in above
and when he's really hurt and needs to be healed.

The "Pillow of Dreams", which can be bought at the Shanadar Goods shop, is not
very useful if the Genie has the Halwtart spell.

** Monsters **

(Notes: I couldn't determine exactly how many HPs each monster had, so I just
listed a number that WILL KILL. In most cases, the number of HPs each monster
has is less than the value listed in the "HPs to Kill" column, but for some of
the more difficult monsters a RANGE is provided)

Name HPs to Kill EPs Dinar Comments
Ruffian <25 2 5 Only found at beginning of game
Spider <19 1 2 Poison attack
Sorcerer <17 3 7 Casts fireball spell
Soldier <23 8 2
Majunun <27 6 15 Casts lightning spell
Ghoul <30 4 11
Kohle (1st) >78 <85 200 250 Uses magical sword, cast VARYU to stop
Cyclops >29 <44 11 61 Can attack all party members at once
Worm <24 9 23 Poison attack
Daeva 45 39 45 Breathes grey gas (puts one to sleep)
Cockatrice >72 <85 48 27 Glares/bloodshot eyes, makes one faint
Assassin ~100 100 60
Crocotta ~200 200 119
Mushus >51 <57 38 76 Poison attack
Golem <36 76 95
Shelob 56 48 25 Poison attack
Brocken 100 43 135 Casts lightning spell (multiple hits)
Dagon ~200 400 298 Breathes grey gas (puts one to sleep)
Blob <196 69 26 Poison attack
Barometz <93 57 135 Breathes grey gas (puts one to sleep)
Leucotta >113 <127 61 141
Marid >156 <178 91 138 Breathes grey gas (puts one to sleep)
Magician >74 <80 81 100 Lightning, cloaks self to incr. def.
Lamia <165 79 123 Poison attack
Wendigo >372 <380 88 185 Breathes green gas (can poison party)
Kohle (2nd) ~500 4000 300 Uses magical sword, cast VARYU to stop
Kashaf >141 <181 99 147 Breathes lightning (hits entire party)
Pazuzu <140 91 119 Poison/"fast drop attack"
Basilisk >122 <125 344 20 Poison attack
Thief <323 43 95 Hide/assault ability
Argos <187 91 182 Multiple attack (simultaneous)
Sandworm 59 114 188 Multiple and poison attack
Echidna <439 389 147
Trifid >171 <188 119 445 Poison/grey gas (sleep) attack
Ali Baba <350 1113 600 Hide/assault ability
Dahhak >180 <197 101 222 Breathes lightning (hits entire party)
Tarasque <191 102 215 Breathes green gas (can poison party)
Ungliant <125 88 122 Poison attack
Talos <87 110 342
Jin >199 <207 109 133 Spells: fireball, heal (monsters)
Gargoyle >309 <334 159 155 Glares/bloodshot eyes, makes one faint
Echidna >420 <500 389 207
Witch >86 <130 111 250 Firestorm, cloaks self to inc. defense
King >368 <425 2999 621
Genie (1) -- -- Casts attack/heal spells
Al Karria >393 <426 1765 173 Poison attack, self heal (40 hp)
General <214 129 167 Uses magical sword, cast VARYU to stop
Shogoth >307 <324 106 19 Poison attack
Oannes <287 234 83 Breathes grey gas (puts one to sleep)
Skylla <727 1999 227 Al-Karria (again)
Mummia >297 <336 270 295 Breathes green gas (can poison party)
Vrtra <301 465(2) 772 Can attack all party members at once
Titan >110 <144 " (2) "
PaBil-Sg >218 <223 241 45 Poison attack
Efreet >387 <502 321 413
Shaytan >241 <287 211 167 Breathes grey gas (puts one to sleep)
Peryton <208 98 80 Glares/bloodshot eyes, makes one faint
Bao A Que >596 <747 316 11 Poison attack
Zu-Z <434 9 999 Whirlwind transport to different area
Zu-A <434 9 999 Whirlwind transport to different area
Marduk >243 <307 299 241 Protects self (increases defense)
Roc >677 <841 1444 450 Multiple attack, severe chop attack
Gigaworm >359 <375 345 265 Multiple simultaneous attack
Zahhark >596 <617 412 447 Poison attack, self-heal spell
Zariche >417 <622(3) 876 500 Poison attack
Tiamat >541 <567 434 333 Breathes lightning (hits entire party)
Salwa >503 <561 917 600 Poison attack
Taarmaty >676 <716 989 700 Casts lightning spell (severe)
Marzu-A >424 <450 69 99 Sends party to another area upon defeat
Marzu-Z >424 <450 69 99 Sends party to another area upon defeat
Dolge >764 <777 1011 800 Poison attack, breathes sleep gas
Akmanaf >680 <773 1493 900 Poison attack, multiple attack
Ahriman >972 <1001 n/a n/a Poison attack, bloodshot faint attack

(1) The Genie's hit points are whatever they were before Al-Karria stole the
Genie from you.
(2) Vrtra and Titan combined result in 465 EPs and 772 Dinars, no separate
numbers available.
(3) The Zariche monsters seem to each have different HP values.

Items not described in the game manual

Plating: Increases Genie's current and max Hit Points by 5
Hemp: Increases Genie's current and max Magic Points by 5
Crystal: Increases Genie's defense by 7
Silk: Increases Genie's current and max Magic Points by 15
Gilding: Increases Genie's current and max Hit Points by 15
Speed Pot: Increases character's speed by 4 or 5 points
Power Pot: Increases character's power by 2 or 3 points
Life Pot: Increases character's stamina by 3 or 4 points
Worm Act: Can be used by anyone during combat to resurrect a fallen member
Amulet: Used once to free the dead King's soul (at end of Chapter 4)
F. Stone: Have the Prince use this with "Hilt" to make Firenar sword
H. Stone: ??? Probably similar to F. Stone
Talisman: Restores party's HP

** Weapons and Armor **

Note: The Genie does not use a weapon so he is not listed here.

P = Prince S = Saleem A = Agmar

Weapon Who can use Additional ability
Shamshir P, S, A +0
Kutar P +4
Saber P, S +9
Jambiya P, S, A +12
Falchion P +22
Chakram S +30
Kris A +30
Talwar P +42
Kwarnaf P +47
Hilt P -2 Don't equip this, use F. Stone
with it to make Firenar sword
Poisonar P, S, A +0 Poisons opponent when hit
Firenar P +0 Additional fireball attack

Armor (head) Who can use Additional ability
Turban P, S, A +0
Bandana P +2
Circlet S +6
Pillow P, S, A +6/7 If this is equipped then during
the next battle this character
will regain all his HPs
Mask A +8
Crown P, S +12
Helm P +17

Armor (body) Who can use Additional ability
Mantle P, S, A +0
Cape P +4
Cloak P, S, A +6
Shield P, S, A +10
Sp. Mantle P +17
Cuirass S +22
Herberk A +22
Sp. Cape P, S, A +27

** Spells **

Note: I did not locate all the spells in the game, so there are a few blanks
here. I beat the game, so it's possible without all the spells... %^)

Spell MPs required
Alma 3
Haoma 3
Varyu 10
Urus 4
Almaty 8
Asha ?? (did not find this one)
Raag 0
Asma 6
Wofmanaf 5
Amultart 7
Kshasla 0
Halwtart 0
Skanda 2
Ashawan 9
Asman ?? (did not find this one)
Meialma ?? (did not find this one)
Ast 11
Afnawar 16


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