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Jurassic Park (Game Gear)
Walkthrough V 2.0 (02-9-1999)
By Videogameman (

Version Update: Added the Velociraptor walkthrough.

This FAQ is to be used for personal uses only. This FAQ can be reproduced
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nothing has been changed in it.

0.0 Pick-ups
0.1 Bonus Credit
0.2 Power Regain
0.3 Super Power Regain
0.4 First Aid Kit
0.5 Extra Life Meter
0.6 1-up
1.0 Enemies (soon to come)
2.0 Weapons
2.1 Tranquilizer Rifle
2.2 Concussion Grenade
2.3 Fireball Grenade
3.0 Stages
3.1 Triceratops
3.2 Brachinosaur
3.3 Pteranodon
3.4 Velociraptor
3.5 The Visiting Center (soon to come)

0.0 Weapons
Sccattered around the park are many power-ups and well, power-ups. You
will find them laying around or they will pop up out of a dino that you
just killed. Each one has a different purpose so don't pick up a Super
Power Regain if you are at maximum power already.

0.1 Bonus Cradit
You will find these lanying on the ground where a dino was (only if you
killed it). If you collect ten of these you will earn an extra credit (or
continue, which ever word you like the most). You can easily earn seven in
the game, so shoot every dino that you see.

0.2 Power Regain
These are little sacks that are filled with a blue substance. Once you
pick this up one of your life pellets will refill in your power meter. You
will find these on the ground or they will be left from a dino that you
killed. Be carefull though, don't pick up one of these when you have full

0.3 Super Power Regain
These are little sacks that are filles with a red substance. You will
find these in the same places as you would a blue sack. These will refill
two pellets in your power meter. Only use them when you need them.

0.4 First Aid Kit
Once you pick one of these up you can use it by pressing start and
putting the hand on the first aid and pressing a button. When you select
one of these all of your life will be restored. You can store up to nine of
these and you start out the game with one. If you lose the car stage, then
use one of these as soon as you start so that you won't get killed in less
than five seconds.

0.5 Extra Life Meter
Only found in the Car Stage, these will be released if you shoot your
2nd and 8th dino. When you get it, it will add an extra life pellet to you
power meter. You can get a maximum of two of these (so you can get a
maximum of five life pellets in your power meter). Remember that it is only
found in the Car Stage.

0.6 1-up
When you pick this up (it is a little doll of Grant) you will get an
extra life. You can get one in the Car Stage and tons of them in the Action

2.0 Weapons
There are three different types of weapons in this game. Each one has
their own power setting, range, and rapid fire to name a few. Use this part
of the FAQ to pick out the best weapon to use against those crazy dinos.

2.1 Tranquilizer Rifle
Power: 1
Rapid Fire: Yes
Use against: Anything that walks
Don't use against: Flying creatures

This is your primary weapon, so use it against everything that you can
(except flying creatures). Even though it barly harms some dinos but it
will take out some of the smaller one creatures though.
This weapon will knock your enemies out of their jump if shot at the
correct time. Continuesly shoot at the thick skinned dinos or else they
will clobber you. Have fun with this weapon.

2.2 Concussion Grenade
Power: 2
Rapid Fire: No
Use against: Flying enemies or enemies on ledges above you
Don't use against: enemies standing infront of you

This is a Pteranodon killer. If shot at the right correct time you can
nail them out of their dive, making them go home without dinner. Once this
weapon is shot, it will blow up in mid-air sending a shockwave through the
proximity. It will stun anything in that area. Hold down the fire button to
delay the explosion. Do this to hit dinos on ledges above you. Also use
this weapon on any huge dinosaure that might put their head in your space
(the Brachiosaur is that dino).

2.3 Fireball Grenade
Power: 2
Rapid Fire: No
Use against: Land animals
Don't use against: Flying creatures

This is my favorite weapon because it can take out some of the thick
skinned dinos with one throw and because it explodes into a wall of fire.
Use it to take out those pesky thick skinned dinos that try to ram you.
Don't use it against flying creatures unless you very good aim and timing.
For some fun, throw this puppy at those little dinos that try to bite your
knee caps off to see them run for their lives. =) Press up while throwing
this weapon to throw it farther.

3.0 Stages
In every stage you start in the car stage. This is where you have to
try to shoot all ten little dinos then you have to kill the boss. They have
three life bars (the Bosses). After you beat the stage or if you lose all
of your life you go to the action stage. There you must complete three
levels then you go up against the boss. If you beat the four regular stages
(without using a continue)then you can go to the Visiter Center. Now on
will the Stages.

3.1 Triceratops
Car: The first dino falls from the sky right behind you. It will jump at
you so shoot it out of the air. The next does the same thing. If you hit
this one it will release a gas can. Grab that and quikly shoot the jumpy
dino that is behind you. Finally one falls directly infront of you. Nail it
and shoot the one behind you. It will release a life. Grap the life and
shoot the dino behind you again. One of the crazy jumpers will jump at you
again. Kill it. Kill the second jumper to get a gas can. Another one will
fall infront of you. Kill it. Then comes the Boss.
Boss: This big dino will just charge at you. As soon as it comes out shoot
its head like crazy. After taking the pounding it will turn its head away
and fall back. After a second or two it will charge again. Repeat. It will
fall back eight times. On the nineth time it will leave. If you don't get
hit you will get a life.

Action Stage: Go forward until you start to go uphill. A tornado will come
so turn around and go back a little. Once it passes go over the hill. When
you reach the bottom lightning will strike the ground in two different
places (don't worry you can't get harmed by the lightning). Go up bump.
Lighting will make a path under the tornado so duck down and craw under it.
Now go down the hill and throw a Fireball Grenade at the dino. Continue on
and hit the next dino. Then walk forward to go to the next level. Go
forward. When you start to go up the hill two small dinos will fall from
the trees. Shoot both of them (the one on the leaves a red health
power-up). Now go down the hill. When you reach the bottom the ground will
catch on fire, so run back up the hill. When you reach a safe spot jump up
onto a branch. Go forward while dodging the fireballs. Keep going forward
until you start to go uphill. When you reach the top branch (not the one
will the dino running around under it) and jump to the left. If done right
you will land on an extra life. Go back and kill the little dino and then
exit this part of the stage. Start out by killing the dino. Continue
forward to find (and kill) another dino. Jump onto the branch, then jump to
the next branch while dodging the lighning. Then jump to the next branch to
get the med-kit. Continue to jump the branches until you hit the ground
(not the water). Go forward and kill the two tiny dinos then go to the
Boss: Start out by jumping up and grabbing the branch, then go to the left
side and drop down (while the Boss run under you). Shoot him with the
Tranquilizer Rifle in the back. When he turns around jump up onto the
branch and go over to the right side of the screen (but don't drop down).
Wait for him to come back. When he does he charges to the right side of the
screen, but then he stops right infront of the tree and turns and runs into
the tree (on the left hand side of the tree). How it is safe to drop down
and continue firing at him. If you shoot fast enough you will get him this
time (if you didn't get him last time).

3.2 Brachinosaur

Car: Shoot the one (a dino) that falls directly behind you. After he is
gone another one takes his place. If you get this one he will leave a gas
can. Grab it and shoot the one that took Mr. Gas Can'a place. Now one will
jump (from infront of you) at you car from out of no where. Nail it! Now on
will fall infront of you and run strait at you. Now a kamikaze will fall
from the sky right onto your car, so shoot it out of the air. Now shoot the
one directly infront of your car. Now they will start to fall from behind
you so shoot it. If you manage to shoot it it (the dino) will leave a gas
can. Another drop-and-charge will drop and do what it is suppose to do.
Finally the final one will jump at your car (but it will miss). Now to the
Boss: When it appears shoot its head. After taking some hits it will bite
into thin air (and it will take a couple steps back). After three bites it
will back up some and loose a life pellet. Repeat this for two more times
to beat him. Now to the Action Stage.

Action Stage: Start out by going forward until you find a waterfall. Drop
down onto the ledge below then jump over. Go forward slowly. When a dino
jump out of the water duck down and shoot. After you kill two of them pull
out your concussion rifle to kill the next one on the ledge above you. Now
go to the next waterfall. Walk on the ledge under it then jump over. Go
forward and kill the next for dinos, then pull out your trusty concussion
rifle to kill the fifth. Continue on and kill three more dinos then exit
the level through the door (press up to go in). There are two different
ways to go through this level. The first (1) and easiest is to go forward
(over the hole). Continue forward and kill the two dinos. Fall down and get
the dino. Do it again then once more. At this level get on the pulley that
you just fell past. When the stops (as far down as it will go) jump over to
the left and grab the ceiling. Go over as far as can then drop down to get
the Med-Kit. Now drop down and go to the door (watch out because there is
another dino waiting). The second way (and more profitable) way is to fall
down the pulley hole and kill the dino. Get back on the pulley. Wait until
it reaches the bottom then jump over to the right and grab the cailing. Go
over to get the Med-Kit. Now jump back over by jumping on the blocks. Now
jump onto the JP elevator and go down. After going down a little bit jump
over at the ceiling. If you manage to grab it go over and get the life and
the Med-Kit. Now jump back onto the ceiling. Go over a little then jump
down. When you land kill the two dinos waiting for you. Now duck down
through the small passage way and go forward to the door with the dino
waiting for you (you can get another Med-Kit by going up the pulley anf
follow the directions back on way #1). Now to the next level.First off,
pull out your concussion grenade and go to the first mini-hill. When you
reach the top a PT will attack. Nail it and it will leave you a super life
power-up. Dodge under the Brachinosaur and continue forward. There is
another mini-hill with another PT on it. Hit it the dodge under the two
Brachinosaur. Now go forward and you will be attacked by two PT. Then get
into the raft to fight the Boss.
Boss: Have the Concussion Grenade out and ready. Position yourself in the
middle of the screen. When he pops out shoot him with the Concussion
Grenade (you will have to hold down the Fire Button to hit him because he
is so high up). Now back up and let him fall right infront of you. Now go
over to the right side of the screen and wait for him to come back up. When
he is up all the way shoot him in the head. Now go back into the middle of
the screen and shoot him when he get back up. Now back up some so that he
won't crush you when he falls. Go to the far left side of the screen and
wait for his arrival. When he comes back up shoot him again. Then go to the
middle of the screen and wait for him to come back up. When he goes shoot
him for the last time.

3.3 Pteranodon

Car: First off, point the cross hairs diagnally upforward. When the first
comes Pteranodon up/right. When the first Pteranodon comes it will fly
right into the crosshairs (so shoot it). After you hit a bump another one
will fly in (in the same spot). If you hit this one then it will leave a
gas can. After grabbing it, shoot the Pteranodon that flies by overhead.
Then three more will fly in just like the first two did. If you hit the
second one out of the three it will drop a life (if you can shoot it). Now
one comes and flies by overhead. Nail it! The next one does the same except
though it leaves a gas can. The last two attack from the front (just like
first two did). Now to the boss.
Boss: This Pteranodon has a rock in its talons. When it appears shoot it in
its chest. If you hit it hard enough then it will throw rock at you (shoot
the rock out of the air). If you don't hit it hard enough then it will fly
overhead and drop the rock on you. Now the Boss will charge at you. Shoot
it to make it fly away. Now repeat until he is dead.

Action Stage: This one is a confusing stage so start off by going forward
then into the door. Once inside, go to the right. The transport will take
you up a bit. Now go into the door to your left. Now get onto the transport
to your right. Once you get to the other side go into the door. Go down and
through the passage way. When the passage opens up into a cavern jump up
and grab the ceiling. Go over and grab the mad-kit. Go back and craw
through the passage. Now go up. Jump up and grab the ceiling. Continue
right to get the life. Go back by jumping up and onto the rocks that just
fell. Now go back through the door. Now go down to the level below you.
Grab the life and kill the dino. Now go through the door and get on the
transport. Once at the top go to the left. Continue left until you reach a
door (1). Go up a couple steps over and get on the ceiling. Go over and
drop onto the transport. Now duck under the wall (of dirt) and get off. Go
to the right until you cannot go any further. Now jump up and grab the
ceiling. Go to the left and drop onto the transport. While moving, jump
onto the mound of dirt. When the transport passes, fall onto it, then jump
up and grab the ceiling. Go left and drop onto the transport. Then jump
onto the ground and fall down and go into the door. From here jump up and
walk up the hill (while dodging the boulders). Now jump up and grab onto
the pulley. Once you land go up the hill (to the left). From the top go
down the hill a little bit and jump onto the pulley. Once onto jump to your
right to get a life. Pull out your trusty Concussion Grenade and shoot the
three PTs while you go to the right. Now jump onto the next hill. Cross it
and then jump to the next, then the next, and finally onto the safe ground
(*Warning* the land will fall out from under you while you cross the hills,
so move fast). Continue forward and kill the two PTs then its off to the
boss. For a faster version(from the start of the Action Stage), go into the
door and get onto the transport on your left. Now go into the door. Now
pull out your Concussion Grenade and shoot the dino above you. Now jump up
and go into the door. Now follow the instructions from point 1.
Boss: Start out by dropping down to the branch to the right. Now wait for
the Boss to fly by. When it does shoot it. Now jump up to the branch you
just fell from (the branch just above you and to your left). Now duck down
and and shoot him when he flies by. Now stay where you are when the Boss
passes under you twice. Now shoot the boss when he charges down at you from
the up-right corner. Now turn around and shoor him from the up-left corner.
Now just wait for him to fly by over head and shoot him to win.

3.4 Velociraptor
Car: The first raptor charges at your car (from the front). The next falls
from the sky and lands on your car, so shoot him before he has the chance
to do that. If you hit him then he will release a gas can. The next raptor
falls about four car lenghts infront of you. After nailing that one shoot
the one that takes its place. Then another one will take its place and
release a life, and finally another one falls to take that ones place (this
sure is repetitive). Now one charges at you just like the first raptor did.
Now another one falls from the sky and lands on your car if you don't hit
it (this one falls in just the same place as the second one did, I see a
pattern). This one also releases a gas can. Now another one charges at you
from the front (geuss what) just like the first one did. Now to the Boss.
Boss: This Pteranodon will fly in and then charge at you. You must shoot it
about 15-20 times before it will back off. When it does it will hesitate
then charge again. When it does shoot it again. If you hit it enough this
time, then it will leave and come back and repeat what it just did. If you
don't hit it enough then it will ram you and then fly off.

Action Stage: Start off by going forward and crossing the bridge as fast as
you can or else you will fall into the lava. Now pull out you Concussion
Grenade and go forward. When the Pteranodon attacks shoot it. Now go
forward and jump up to grab the ceiling. Wait until the lava reaches the
top to cross over. Do the same thing for the next. On the final one, do the
same except you must cross must faster or else you will get hit by the
lava. When you land pull out your Tranquilizer Rifle and shoot the
Pteranodon while you cross the collapsing land. When you fall the bottom
pull out your concussion grenade and blow the next Pteranodon that attacks
away. Now go forward and into the door. Walk forward (under the beams).
When the Pteranodon attacks you have two options: shoot it or dodge it.
When you are under the third and final beam jump up and kill the
Pteranodon. Continue up the beams until you reach the top. Now jump up and
grab the ceiling and go over to the right and drop down onto the pulley.
Wait until it reaches the top and then jump over to the left. Run past the
electric balls as fast as you can. Now get onto the pulley. When you reach
the top jump over to the right to get the life and Super Power Regain. Now
jump over the hole (while going left) and dodge the electric balls. Now
just enter the door to exit the level. Go to the right and jump over the
hole by landing on the transport and then jumping over. Now kill the dino.
Go to the left and drop down and kill the dino in the right section.
Continue to the right and fall down the hole (dodge the pulley because the
dino will jump and hit you). Now kill the dino and fall down the hole and
kill the dino in the right section, again. Now go right and fall down the
hole and this time go to the left. After walking a little ways you will
find a life and a Super Power Regain. Now go back and jump onto the
transport. While the transport is going up go right, left, right, then left
to dodge all of the electrical beams. When you reach the top grab the Super
Power Regain and get onto the transport to the right. When it is going down
go to the left, right, left, right, left to avoid the electricity. Now go
through the door to meet the Boss.
Boss: Take out your Tranquilizer Rifle. When the screen becomes dark the
boss will come out of the bottom left door. Shoot it. Now walk over to the
left and wait for the Boss to come out of a door on the right side. Shoot
him. Now go to the right and repeat. When you shoot him he cannot hurt you.
Keep that in mind. *Warning* When he goes into a door he might come out of
another door, but on the same side.


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