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This is Ben G.'s tip guide for "MegaMan" for gamegear. AKA "The
Best of MegaMan". If you find any mistakes, email me
(Ben G.) at

MegaMan for Game Gear-1994

Start with-Star Man- Get Crash Weapon. Use Mega Buster on him.
Bright Man- Get Bright Weapon. Use Crash Weapon on him.
Napalm Man- Get Bomb Weapon. Use Bright Weapon on him.
Stone Man- Get Stone Weapon. Use Bomb Weapon on him.
Wave Man- Get Wave Weapon. Use Mega Buster on him.
Toad Man- Get Rain Weapon. Use Wave Weapon on him.
Dr. Wily- Use Rain Weapon, Stone Weapon, then Mega Buster on him.
Bright Man- After 1st wall that you have to slide through, go down
the ladder. To get back, keep on using Rush Coil to get to platforms.
Napalm Man- After an up ladder, there is a wall to the left. You
can jump through it.
Stone Man- At the three flying platforms. Jump to it.
Dr. Wily- Take the right most path in the deadly beam fall.

Stone Man- There is a stone wall that you can shoot to get an
opening to it.

Bright Man- next to E-Tank.
Stone Man- Another shoot out wall.
Dr. Wily- At beginning, go left and use Rush Coil.
Second one- Next to E-Tank.

-Hidden Energy-
Bright Man- At big red mini boss, use Rush coil at right to get to
Stone Man- Another Wall to shoot.

Best Passwords: Normal: A4, B4, B5, C1, F6.
Hard: A3, B5, C3, D3, E5


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