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Shining Force: The Sword of Hajya is a trademark of Sega of
America Inc. (C) 1993, 1994 Sega/Sonic Team

Strategy Guide ver. 1.0 (10-14-98)

by Walter F. Williams III (

Before I begin, I have to do this on each and every one of
my guides, so pay attention....

This strategy guide is an original work of mine. You are
allowed to publish this at any Web site that you want, and
give it to anyone you want. Just make sure that you give credit
where credit is due. Also, if you want to make any changes to
it, please e-mail me first. Oh, and one last not
(I repeat, do NOT) try to make money off of this for any reason
or purpose whatsoever.

Okay, with that out of the way, let's get to the good stuff!
Table of Contents
I. Combat Tips
A. Chapter 1
1. Defending Cypress Castle
2. Chasing the Thief
3. Thames Valley
4. Scaling the Mountain
5. Dark Mage
B. Chapter 2
1. The Defense Officer
2. A Castle in Ruins
3. Gordon
4. Portobello
5. The Shipyard
C. Chapter 3
1. Lost at Sea
2. Demis Fault
3. On the Other Side...
4. Assault on Algam
5. The Haunted Fortress
6. The Underground Caves
7. Reunion
8. Solo
D. Chapter 4
1. Getting Closer...
2. The Ancient Valley
3. The Iom General
4. Ghosts of the Past
5. The Inner Sanctum
6. Resurrection (not yet ready)
II. Characters
III. Equipment
A. Weapons
1. Swords
2. Rods
3. Axes
4. Spears
5. Gloves
6. Arrows
B. Items
1. Normal Items
2. Ability-Enhancing Items
3. Rings
IV. Enemies
V. Spells
A. Attack Magic
B. Heal Magic
C. Assist Magic
VI. Playing the Game
A. Controls
B. Fighting
1. Display
a. Combat
b. Status
2. Moving
3. Commands
a. After making a move
b. Selecting ITM
c. Anytime during battle
C. Between Battle
1. Command Menus
a. Main menu
b. In camp
VII. Secrets
VIII. Revision Information
IX. Coming Soon
X. Special Thanks
I. Combat Tips


Prince Nick of Cypress is about to leave on a journey with an
army of soldiers in an attempt to win back his kingdom from
the evil Iom empire. Unfortunately, in his previous fight,
his right hand was turned to stone, so he cannot bring his
trademark sword, the Sword of Hajya, into battle with him.
On the advice of his partner, Gyan, he leaves it behind at the
castle. He puts Princess Mayfair in charge of things while
he is away. Before he can lower the drawbridge and send his
army out to combat, possibly for the last time, Dawn, one of
Cypress' young knights, comes back with an injured young boy
named Deanna. He tells her to take the boy inside and tend to
his wounds. Natasha, another of Cypress' warriors, tries to
talk the Prince out of battle, but he tells her that it is
unavoidable, and he and his army are off to save the kingdom.

A. Chapter 1

A few days later, Deanna's wounds have healed. Mayfair puts
everyone on guard duty. Their top priority is to protect the
Sword of Hajya at all times. Deanna is named the leader of the
group. Everyone is working hard, except for Eric, Jaha and Luke.
They wish that they could have been at the front lines with
Prince Nick. They see the error of their thoughts when monsters
invade the castle. Everyone lines up in their defensive post
in front of the castle.

1. Defending Cypress Castle

Enemies - 5 Goblins, 2 Scabens, and a Drago Newt

Battle Tips:

* Natasha's Blaze spell is more effective than her regular
attack, because it is more than twice as powerful, and she
can use it from a distance.
* Luke's attack and defense power are very weak at the
beginning, but when his levels go up, he gets more powerful
in a hurry.
* Try to keep everyone's levels relatively equal. When one
character's level goes up, have that character concentrate on
defense until everyone else's level goes up. The scoring system
is balanced so that the weaker characters gain more experience
for fighting enemies than the strong ones do.
* Jaha has the lowest HP of the group, but he has the highest
defense power. Most attacks against him will only do 1 HP of
* Try to make the enemies come to you in this battle, since
you're on the defensive.
* The Scabens carry Medical Herbs. They can restore your HP.
You can pick up items from a monster by killing it.
* Monks and healers get more experience points for using healing
items than any other class.
* Protect Deanna at all times. If he dies, then you've lost the
battle, and you also lose half of your gold.

You've driven the enemies out of the area, but you soon realize
that the attack was a distraction, when someone sneaks into the
castle and snatches Prince Nick's sword. The party catches a
glimpse of the thief, but he escapes by ramming a hole into the
castle wall.

You follow him to an open field. The thief, known as Graham,
tells a dwarf to hold you off while he makes a break for it.

2. Chasing the Thief

Enemies - 3 Goblins, 2 Scabens, 2 Drago Newts, 2 Big Bats, and
a Dwarf

Battle Tips:

* In some scenarios, you may only have to kill a certain enemy
to win the battle. In this one, you need to kill the Dwarf.
* Don't stay too close to the river when the Big Bats approach.
They could surround you and hammer you with attacks if one of
them puts you to sleep.
* The Drago Newts use the Blaze spell starting with this battle.
Try to keep a safe distance when approaching them, and keep your
HP at 6 or above.
* Move slowly and stick together so that you don't get surprised
by the enemy.
* The Big Bats carry some much-needed Antidotes. They cure you
of poison.

After defeating the Dwarf's army, Mayfair tells you that there
is a village called Thames near the field. Perhaps you could
get some clues as to where Graham went.

You and Mayfair look around town, but there is nobody in any of
the houses, save for the weapons dealer and a healer named
Slade. He tries to run away to avoid interrogation. You manage
to stop him, but he won't answer any of your questions, because
he fears that he'll put the lives of the villagers in danger.
But Mayfair convinces him to join the Shining Force.
Reluctantly, he joins, and he tells that he last saw Graham
running toward Albert Cliffs to the north. But first, everybody
decides to stop for rest and supplies.

Make sure everyone has the following equipment before
Deanna - Middle Sword
Natasha and Slade - Bronze Rod
Jaha - Hand Axe
Eric and Dawn - Bronze Lance
Luke - Leather Glove
Everyone should have one Medical Herb, except for Luke and Slade, who
should have two each.

To the north of the small vilage of Thames is the Albert
Cliffs. Graham was last seen moving toward here. The Iom forces
have already fortified the mountain, and have spotted Slade
with the Cypress army, and they begin their assault.

3. Thames Valley

Enemies - 3 Scabens, 3 Drago Newts, 2 Big Bats, 3 Dwarves, and
an Iom Knight

Battle Tips:

* Eric and Dawn's lances do not have the same range as Spears,
but they are more powerful.
* Natasha learns the Freeze spell at level 4. It is an attack
spell, like Blaze, but it is more powerful, and it costs her 3
MP to use.
* Luke learns Heal level 2 when he reaches level 3. It restores
the same amount of HP as Heal level 1, but it has a wider range.
* The Iom Knight is more resistant against magic than other
enemies. Stick to physical attacks in order to avoid wasting

The team follows Mayfair to Albert Cliffs. They've spotted
Graham, but he is already halfway up the mountain when they
arrive, and he is on his way to a cabin to the top of the mountain
to meet Dark Mage.

4. Scaling the Mountain

Enemies - Graham (does not fight), 2 Drago Newts, 4 Big Bats, 4
Dwarves, 2 Iom Knights, 2 Incubuses, and a Death Archer

Battle Tips:

* It will be hard to move around here because of the narrow path.
Be careful or you might have your path blocked by the enemy.
* The Death Archer attacks with arrows. While they pack a punch,
he can only use them to attack from a distance. If you can get in
close and surround him, he won't be able to use his arrows.
* Use the Egress spell to return to town and restock your supplies.
In certain scenarios, you won't be allowed to return to town, so make
sure you have everything that you need for the next battle.
* One of the Incubuses holds Protect Milk. It increases your defense
a few points. Let Natasha drink the Protect Milk.
* The Death Archer has Power Water. Drinking it will increase your
attack power. Slade should use the Power Water.

The Death Archer is dead, so they still have a chance to catch up
with Graham. But it looks like he is having a little trouble of his
own. The Dark Mage is holding back on his promise to release the
villagers of Thames in exchange for the Sword of Hajya. He beats up
Graham, then snatches the sword from his hands. Mayfair and the
Cypress Army arrive just in time. She commands Graham to hurry and
save the villagers.

5. Dark Mage

Enemies - 5 Iom Knights, 2 Incubuses, 3 Death Archers, a Ratman,
and Dark Mage

Battle Tips:

* You need to kill the Dark Mage to win the battle and complete
this chapter.
* Dark Mage's Blaze level 2 spell can take away 8-10 HP from its
target, and anyone directly next to him/her. Stay spread out to
keep damage and casualties to a minimum.
* Luke learns the Detox spell at level 6. It cures you of poison.
You shouldn't need to use this spell until later.
* Ratman holds Cheerful Bread, which increases your maximum HP.
You should give this to Jaha, since his HP are very low to begin
* The treasure chest contains Quick Chicken, which increases your
agility. Jaha is the best choice for this, but if you already gave
him the Cheerful Bread, give the Chicken to Dawn.

Dark Mage has been defeated, but he is not going to give up yet. He
hands the Sword of Hajya to a gargoyle, then he collapses. The
gargoyle flies off in the distance near King Emild's castle. Graham
bursts out of the cabin, takes aim with his crossbow, and fires. The
arrow hits its mark, and the gargoyle is shot own over the horizon.
Graham thanks Deanna and crew for helping him save the villagers of
Thames, and he offers his assistance in finding the Sword of Hajya.

B. Chapter 2

Graham and company search the area near Emild Castle for any signs
of the gargoyle and sword, but nothing turns up. Graham thinks that
somebody beat them to the punch.
At the other side, there is a quarrel going on between the Emild
defense officer, and an elf named Chester. The officer places
Chester under arrest, and then raises the drawbridge, leaving the elf
trapped. Chester finds out that the defense officer was really an Iom
dark soldier. Disguised as Emild guards, they would wait for the
Shining Force to arrive, then they would attack. Unfortunately, they
messed up. But if they were to destroy the entire Cypress army here,
then Sir Gordon would forgive them.

1. The Defense Officer

Enemies - 2 Incubuses, 2 Death Archers, 4 Ratmen, 2 Dark Mages, 2
Ratwings, and a Dark Soldier

Battle Tips:

* Defeat the Dark Soldier to win the battle.
* Graham is a good ally to have around. He can attack from a
distance with his Iron Arrows, and he can move around fairly quickly.
* Slade learns the Muddle spell at level 7. It confuses a group of
enemies, causing them to attack each other, or not to attack at all.
Its use is very limited, because it consumes a good bit of Slade's
MP, and it doesn't work all the time.
* Natasha's Blaze spell powers up at level 8. She can now do as much
damage with it as the Dark Mages.

Chester is thankful for your help in defeating the Dark Soldier. He
takes you into the castle to meet King Emild. You look around the
castle and find a shop.

Pick up the following equipment at Emild Castle:
Deanna - Long Sword
Natasha and Slade - Iron Rod
Jaha - Middle Axe
Eric and Dawn - Steel Lance
Luke - Power Glove
Graham - Steel Arrow
Everyone should have one Medical Herb, while Luke and Slade should
each carry two.

Chester takes everyone to see King Emild. When he asks the King for
the Sword of Hajya, the King shows it to them, and asks Deanna to
step forward and reclaim it. But suddenly, the King has a change of
heart, and he decides to keep the Sword for itself, and reveals
himself as Sir Gordon of Iom. Gordon tells Chester that the real
King Emild was sacrificed to Iom. Then, using the powers given to
him by Warderer, he devastates the csatle, leaving it in ruins. He
disappears down a secret tunnel hidden underneath the throne.
Chester, outraged by the blatant destruction of his castle and the
murder of his leader, decides to help Deanna defeat Gordon.

2. A Castle in Ruins

Enemies - 3 Death Archers, a Dark Mage, 2 Ratwings, 5 Dark
Soldiers, and a Dark Sniper

Battle Tips:

* Graham and Chester's arrows are best used against flying
creatures, like the Ratwing. The Ratwings suffer close to 20 HP
damage when hurt by arrows.
* There's some more Protect Milk in the treasure chest on the
lower right side. Save this and give it to May when she joins you.
* The Dark Mages are strong against fire magic, and the Iom
Knights are strong against ice magic.

May, the royal sorceress, comes in and tells you that the tunnel
Gordon used leads to Portobello. She came to rescue the King once
the castle started crumbling. She knew about King Emild's strange
behavior, but she didn't know why, until Mayfair told her that
Iom had killed the real King and Gordon was posing as him. May
leads the team into the tunnel. It is like a maze, so they have
to move very carefully. She spots Gordon up ahead, who is about
to escape to Portobello with the Sword of Hajya.

3. Gordon

Enemies - a Dark Mage, 2 Ratwings, 2 Dark Soldiers, 2 Dark
Snipers, a Dark Monk, and Sir Gordon

Battle Tips:

* To win the scenario and recover the Sword of Hajya, Sir Gordon
has to be killed.
* Once you've made it past most of the enemies, and are getting
close to Sir Gordon, he will summon Zombies. They are quite
strong, and their touch is poisonous. (Now would be a good time
to start using those Antidotes and Luke's Detox spell.) They
are undead creatures, and their one weakness is fire.
* Kill the Dark Monk to get a Power Stick, a weapon that can be
used by mages and healers. Let Natasha hold this one. You can
pick up more later in the game.
* Stay spread out when you get near Gordon. While his Freeze
level 2 spell isn't much stronger than Blaze level 2, it can
still be dangerous if your party is clustered.
* May's Slow spell decreases enemies' defense and agility by 2-4
points. At level 1 it can slow down a group of enemies, but when
she reaches level 9, it powers up to level 2, and it works
more effectively, but only against a single enemy.
* On the flip side, Slade learns Quick at level 10. It increases
your allies' defense and agility.
* Luke learns the Sleep spell at level 10. It puts enemies to
sleep. All three spells (Slow, Quick, and Sleep) take a good
amount of MP to cast.

Gordon has been defeated, and you have finally recovered the
Sword of Hajya. You can't use it, so you put it away in your
sheath. With this mission accomplished, Mayfair prepares to
return to Cypress. Suddenly, the torches go out in the cave, and
you can hear a dark voice tell you that you haven't won anything.
Prince Nick's expedition failed, and he is being held hostage.
Prince Nick of Cypress captive? That can't be right. To find out
the truth, the voice tells you to go to Portobello. You have no
idea who this person is, but if all of what you're hearing is
accurate, then you could have a very long battle ahead of you.

* You get a chance to promote your characters. To promote someone
to a higher class, that person needs to be at least level 10.
Before proceeding into the next battle, it is recommended that
all of your characters be promoted. Here are the characters'
class changes:
Deanna becomes a Hero
Natasha and May become Wizards
Jaha becomes a Gladiator
Eric and Dawn become Paladins
Luke becomes a Master Monk
Slade becomes a Sabbatarian
Graham becomes a Bow Knight
Chester becomes a Sniper

Iom's armies have fortified the port town of Portobello. You need
to bust through their defenses to reach the Shipyard.

4. Portobello

Enemies - 2 Ratwings, 2 Dark Snipers, 2 Dark Monks, 2 Zombies, 2
Skeletons, 2 Pegasus Knights, 2 Brass Rorders, and a Master Mage

Battle Tips:

* From now on, instead of Medical Herbs, everyone should carry
Healing Seeds. They're more expensive than Medical Herbs, but
they're more effective in healing the wounds you will receive
from the enemies in the upcoming battles.
* If Deanna has an Antidote, pass it to someone else. Since he is
carrying his weapon, a healing item, and the Prince's Sword of
Hajya, he needs to have one slot open for collecting items from
* The Zombies and Skeletons are very resistant against ice magic.
* The Master Mage's Blaze level 3 spell has a very wide area of
destruction, and it is powerful enough to kill your characters.
Be careful how your characters are lined up.
* Get the Robin Arrow from the first Dark Sniper and give it to
Graham. It has excellent range, and it is more powerful than the
Steel Arrow.
* When fighting an enemy that has powerful magic, such as the
Master Mage, it is sometimes necessary to sacrifice a few of your
characters to get him to use up his magic.
* There's a Quick Ring in the treasure box. It increases your
agility by 5 points when you wear it. You might want to let Jaha
have this.

The Master Mage tells you that the Prince has been captured and
is being held at Fort Algam. (So that mysterious voice was
telling the truth...) The only way to reach Algam is by sea, so
you need to get on a boat. Of course, Iom controls all seafaring
craft going to and from Portobello, so once again you'll have to
get rid of them in order to get to the ship.

5. The Shipyard

Enemies - 2 Dark Snipers, 2 Dark Monks, 2 Zombies, 3 Skeletons,
3 Pegasus Knights, 2 Brass Rorders, a Master Mage, and an
Arch Knight

Battle Tips:

* Always take care of any casualties that you might have suffered
from prevoius battles before going on. It costs 20 gold multiplied
by the character's current level (plus an extra 200 gold if he/she
has been promoted).
* You can find two special weapons on this level. One of the
treasure chests holds a Battle Axe. Give this weapon to Jaha. The
Arch Knight has a Power Spear. This should go to Eric.
* The Running Pimento increases your range of movement by 2
squares. Have May eat it.
* Promoted characters have access to the more powerful weapons
and magic spells. For example, May's Freeze spell powers up to
level 3 when she becomes a level 2 Wizard. It has a very wide
area of destruction, and anyone who gets caught in it will suffer
30-40 HP damage. That's enough to wipe out several enemies.
* Slade learns Blast at level 2 of his promoted class. It attacks
an enemy with a gust of wind. It doesn't do much more damage than
his normal attack, but it's handy to have around.
* Luke learns Dispel as a level 3 Master Monk. He casts a spell
which prevents enemies from using their magic against him.

Mayfair, Deanna, Jaha, Eric, Slade, Chester, and May get aboard
the ship. They are about to sail out to sea when Sir Randolf and
Lady Sarah arrive. They were with the Prince's army at Algam, but
they had lost. Randolf and Sarah managed to avoid being captured,
along with a birdman named Claude. Randolf suspects something
wrong, so he tells Mayfair to get off the ship. But it's too late.
The anchor has already been lifted, and the ship sails out to sea
on its own, separating the two parties. Deanna's team has no
idea where they are going, or what caused the ship to sail away
by itself. What will become of them now?...

C. Chapter 3

Deanna and company begin to panic as their attempts to take
control of the ship fail....It appears that they are running out
of options. Jaha and Eric begin to worry about the others.
Chester tells them to concentrate on the task at hand. May
suspects that this could be a trap, to separate them from their
friends at Portobello. A bishop appears out of a cloud of smoke,
surprising the team. Yep, May guessed right. It was a trap.
Now they're drifting aimlessly at sea with no idea when or if
they're going to reach land. The bishop retreats to the rear of
the ship, and battle commences once again.

1. Lost at Sea

Enemies - 2 Ratwings, 4 Pegasus Knights, a Master Mage, an
Evil Pixie, and a Dark Bishop

Battle Tips:
* At the beginning of each of the four chapters, people who
died during combat are automatically resurrected.
* A lot of flying enemies will appear on this level. They won't
approach the ship until you move ahead. Be patient, move slowly,
and wait for them to come to you.

Claude shows up and tells you that Randolf's group is headed
toward Algam. Luckily, the ship is headed in thre right
direction. You should land on the port of Demis any time soon.
From there, you'll head to Algam Fort.

Demis has some good equipment available. You'll need the
following weapons before going on:
Deanna and Claude - Broad Sword
Jaha - Battle Axe (you should have this already)
Eric - Chrome Lance
Slade - Flail
Chester - Assault Shell
May - Power Stick

The area near Demis is actively volcanic with many fault lines.
You need to move carefully. The Iom forces won't make it any
easier on you.

2. Demis Fault

Enemies - 2 Arch Knights, 2 Evil Pixies, a Dark Bishop, 2 Lizard
Men, 2 Dark Rangers, a Worm, and a Sorcerer

Battle Tips:

* The Sorcerer is the leader here. Kill him to win the battle.
* Claude is the only charcter that can fly. He can move anywhere
he wants to, and terrain does not affect him.
* The Worm on this level has a poisonous touch. Sometimes it
doesn't poison you, but you might want to keep a few Antidotes
handy just in case.

Deanna's group has succeeded in defeating the enemy, but their
victory is short-lived, when the earth opens up and causes them
to fall into the underground.

Meanwhile, Natasha's group is headed toward Iom. Up ahead is a
town called Algam, which was built near the fortress of the same
name. They have to climb a steep hill to get to it safely.

3. On the Other Side...

Enemies - 2 Skeletons, 2 Pegasus Knights, a Master Mage, 2
Arch Knights, 1 Dark Bishop, a Dark Sniper, and a Lizard Man

Battle Tips:

* Natasha's the leader of this group. Don't let her get killed.
* It is hard for centaurs to climb up the vines on these cliffs.
Dawn, Graham, and Randolf will have a tough time moving around
* If you need extra cash, there's a treasure chest worth 500
gold at the bottom of the cliffs.
* You can clear the scenario by defeating the Lizard Man.

Rohde, an inhabitant of the village, thanks you for saving him.
He and the people of Algam were instructed to build the
fortress for Iom. They had to keep its weaknesses a secret.
He joins your party because he has a score to settle with them.
He takes you into the village for rest.

Algam sells the same supplies as Demis. Make sure everybody has
the newest equipment.
Natasha - Power Stick (you should have this already)
Dawn and Randolf - Chrome Lance
Luke - Thorn Glove
Graham - Assault Shell
Rohde - Battle Axe (enters party equipped)

At the fortress, Rohde tells you its secret: the fort is
nearly impenetrable from the front, but it's weakest if you
attack it from above. You overhear a conversation between
some of the soldiers. They don't seem too happy with King
Warderer's method of conquering countries just to get blood
sacrifices. They say it helps him get closer to Iom. They
mention theat Prince Nick will become the next victim.

4. Assault on Algam

Enemies - 2 Arch Knights, 2 Dark Rangers, 3 Lizard Men, an
Evil Pixie, a Dark Bishop, and a Sorcerer

Battle Tips:

* Kill the Sorcerer to get inside the fortress.
* If you kill the Evil Pixies, more will appear. Don't worry
about them.

The Sorcerer mentions that Lord Solo is the keeper of this
fortress. Natasha's team heads inside.

It's pitch black. There isn't a light in the room, and Lord
Solo is nowhere to be found. His monsters are somewhere
within the darkness, but you can't see them, either.

5. The Haunted Fortress

Enemies - 5 Zombies, 4 Dark Rangers, 2 Sorcerers, 2 Lizard
Men, 2 Dark Bishops, and a Wight

Battle Tips:

* Look for the Wight in this dark and scary place, then kill
* Most of the enemies do not immediately appear. You have to
search the fortress to open up new areas.
* There's a Demon Rod in the treasure chests on the left.
Give it to Natasha, but don't equip it. It's cursed, and if
you try to attack with it, you'll either lose HP, or not move
at all.
* The Protect Ring is to the right, but you have to get past
a Lizard Man and a Dark Bishop. Natasha should take this, too.
It increases her defense by 5 points. When used as an item
during battle, it casts the Quick spell.
* Luke's Heal spell powers up to level 3 when he becomes a
level 7 Master Monk. It has excellent range, and it restores
30 HP.

After the monsters in the fortress are killed, Sarah tells
everybody that they have to get to the Algam Plains to meet
Deanna's group.

Coincidentally, his team is also moving north towards the
Algam plains. He has to get through the underground caves and
past a fierce Hawkman.

6. Underground Caves

Enemies - 4 Worms, 3 Pegasus Knights, 2 Evil Pixies, a
Sorcerer, a Dark Bishop, and a Hawkman

Battle Tips:

* You need to defeat the Hawkman to find your way out of these
* The Dark Bishop has a Guardian Staff. Give it to Slade.
* The volcanic eruptions near Demis will cause some of the
ground to give out. This prevents you from taking shortcuts.

The tunnel is a dead end, and the Iom army is still pursuing
them. The voice that Deanna heard at Portobello can be heard
again here. A light can be seen from the ceiling, and a rope is
mysteriously lowered. You still don't know who this mystery
person is, or why you're receiving all this help, but all will
be revealed when the time is right. For now, you climb out of
the caves to meet the other group. With everyone reunited, Sarah
suggests that you set up camp here at Algam Plains to decide
your next move.

You now have a total of 14 people in your party. You can't go
into battle with more than 12, so let those who have the most
experience points sit out for now. Sarah should be in the party,
since she's the new character. You should also have at least
one magic user, like Natasha or May.

The Algam Plains is where Prince Nick's army was ambushed. With
Sarah's help, you won't suffer the same fate. You will, however,
have to face another Iom battalion. Just north of the plains
is Iom Castle. Perhaps King Warderer is there....

7. Reunion

Enemies - 2 Wights, 7 Worms, 2 Hawkmen, a Sorcerer, an Evil
Cleric, and a Ghoul

Battle Tips:

* The Ghoul leads the pack. Destroy it to move on.
* The Evil Cleric's Holy Staff will allow it to recover 3 hit
points after every turn. If you kill it ahead of time, you can
deny it the chance to recover.
* There is a lot of forest here on the plains. Your characters
will have trouble moving quickly, especially the centaurs.
* Deanna learns his first real magic here - the Bolt spell.
It strikes a group of enemies with lightning. He first learns
it at level 6. May learns this spell when she hits level 5.
* Sarah learns Aura at level 6. It heals several characters.

At Iom Castle, Barbara is mocking Solo because his forces have
been decimated by Deanna and the Shining Force. Solo and Barbara
start fighting, but Warderer steps in to break up the melee.
Lately Warderer has been doing resurrection experiments with the
King of Emild, whom he had sacrificed to Iom. The tests had
proven successful. Warderer also suspects that there is a
traitor among the Iom ranks. Just as he is about to finger the
traitor, Barbara spots the Cypress army at the gates of the
castle. She, Warderer and Sir Hindel retreat to the Shrine,
while Solo stays to "entertain" the guests.

8. Solo

Enemies - 2 Ghouls, a Cerberos, 2 Wights, 2 Sorcerers, 2 Bow
Riders, 2 Hawkmen, a Death Balloon, an Evil Cleric, and Lord Solo

Battle Tips:

* Solo is a very powerful enemy. He knows Bolt level 2, which
can do lots of damage to your characters. Fortunately for you,
it takes a lot of magic power for him to use. He is also very
resistant against your magic, so use regular attacks on him.
* There are treasure chests littered around this place. The
Healing Rain is one of the most essential items you will need
in this game. It completely restores everybody's HP, no matter
where you are on the battlefield. You'll want to save this for
the end of the game.
* If you look near the bottom wall, you'll find Higins, one
of the secret charcters. He is a very useful ally, because he
wields the Critical Sword, which increases his chances of
getting a critical hit on the enemy.
* If you find the Critical Sword, give it to Deanna. It
increases his chances of scoring a critical hit.
* The Heat Axe is a powerful weapon that casts Blaze level 2
on enemies if you use it as an item. You have to be careful not
to use it too much, or it'll break. Give this weapon to Rohde.
* Wearing the Running Ring increases your range of movement by 2
spaces. Higins should equip it.
* The Halberd is a special weapon for knights and paladins. Give
it to Dawn. It casts Bolt level 1 when you use it.
* The Evil Cleric has a Black Ring. It increases a wizard's
attack power by 10 points. Give it to May, or to Natasha if she
is in your party.
* Watch your step, because the Death Ballons will appear here.
They won't attack you unless you provoke them. If you foolishly
try to destroy them yourself, they explode and cause damage to
your party. They also explode if you are standing within two
spaces of them at the end of your turn.

Solo has been defeated. Before he dies, he accuses Deanna of
betraying the Iom forces. You? A traitor? But you've served the
Cypress army all this time. You couldn't possibly have anything
to do with Iom. Or maybe Solo might have been hinting at
something else....Mayfair tells everybody to go east after King
Warderer, who has headed toward the Shrine of Iom. We are
getting close to the final battle between Cypress and Iom....

D. Chapter 4

Hindel and Barbara are taking the Prince to be sacrificed at the
Shrine of Iom. Barbara has been told by Warderer himself not to
take any orders from Hindel, and has been instructed to kill him
if he tries anything funny. Hindel decides not to argue with
Barbara, because it could mean the end for him. They go to the
Shrine together with the Prince, and leave more monsters behind
to stall you to give them time to reach the Shrine safely.

1. Getting Closer...

Enemies - 4 Ghouls, 2 Cerberos, 2 Gargoyles, 2 Belials, 2 Evil
Clerics, a Sorcerer, 4 Golems, and a Minotaur

Battle Tips:

* Just like on the Algam Plains, you will have trouble moving
around near Iom because of the thick forestation.
* You have to fight Golems when you've almost defeated all of the
enemies. They move slowly, but their punches are devastating.
They also have a high resistance to magic.

Gyan comes running to you from the small town nearby. Everyone
is glad to see that he is still alive. He invites them in for some
rest, but there is little time. They have to get to the Shrine of
Iom before Barbara and Hindel do.

This is your last chance to stock up on weapons. You should have
the following before you go:
Deanna and Higins - Critical Sword
Natasha and May - Guardian Staff
Jaha and Rohde - Great Axe
Eric and Randolf - Chrome Lance
Dawn - Halberd
Luke - Iron Claw
Slade and Sarah - Holy Staff
Graham and Chester - Great Shot
Claude - Great Sword
Gyan doesn't need to use any weapons, so get him a Healing Seed and
Healing Rain.

Gyan knows of a shortcut in the valley, that will get them to the
Shrine before Iom. There is an even bigger problem than just merely
getting there ahead of Iom, because they also have to make it past
a giant statue.

2. The Ancient Valley

Enemies - a Gargoyle, a Belial, 2 Brass Gunners, 3 Golems, 2
Minotaurs, 2 Cerberos, a Demon Master, an Evil Cleric, and the
Statue of Iom

Battle Tips:

* While it may appear that you have to defeat the Statue of Iom, it
is really the Demon Master that you're after.
* Watch the Statue closely. It will start out blue, then turn
yellow for two turns. After it turns yellow for the second time,
take cover and stick to the sides. When the Statue's eye turns red,
it will shoot a blast of light across the valley. Everything within
its range will get hurt, including enemy characters. They cannot
get away from the beam as early as you can. This can be used to
your advantage by luring them into the path of the beam.
* The Valkyrie spear is the best weapon for paladins. This is best
used with Dawn when you find it.
* The Buster shot fires an explosive shot at enemies. Give this to
Graham when you find it.
* Don't let the Minotaur get killed by the Iom beam. Instead,
weaken it enough so that you can kill it, because you can pick up
the Evil Axe. It's very strong, but cursed. Cursed items go for a
lot of money in shops.
* Demon Master's Freeze level 3 is powerful enough to kill one of
your characters. He can only use it three times, so use the trick
that you did for the Master Mages.
* Higins can resist magic better than most characters.

Looks like the shortcut wasn't so short after all. The last fight
with the Statue actually ended up delaying you, and Barbara and
Hindel have already reached the Shrine, and are about to send
Prince Nick to his imminent death. And just in time, too, because
their evil deity is restless, and wants a blood sacrifice ---
yesterday. Warderer and Hindel take the doomed Prince Nick into
the King's inner sanctum, while Barbara stays behind to take care
of the Cypress army. Barbara is a trained general. She will not
be defeated as easily as Gordon or Solo were.

3. The Iom General

Enemies - 2 Minotaurs, 2 Taros, 2 Chimeras, 2 Dullahans, 2 Brass
Gunners, a Belial, an Evil Cleric, and Barbara

Battle Tips:
* Barbara leads the troops guarding the way into the Shrine of
Evil. Defeat her...if she lets you. Your reward is the Atlas
Axe, a weapon that casts Blaze level 3. Best used with Rohde.
* As soon as you start, look in the first pillar to find Rush,
a friendly samurai. His attack and defense power are very strong,
and he can resist magic very well.
* Be very careful when you approach the Taros that's holding the
Dark Sword. He can use it to cast Desoul on you, and you might
instantly die. If you pick it up, you can use its powers to help
you. Don't equip it, though. It's cursed.
* The Evil Claw is a cursed weapon for Luke.
* Deanna's Bolt spell powers up to level 2 when he reaches level
10, allowing him to hit more targets.
* Sarah's Aura spell powers up to level 2 when she hits level 10,
allowing her to heal more people.
* The Chimeras can breathe fire, like the Cerberos at Iom Castle,
but Chimera Breath takes away about 20 HP.

You have to hurry to rescue Prince Nick, because the Iom forces
are still chasing you (don't they ever give up?) Luckily, Ruth,
one of the Guardiana soldiers, comes to your aid. She takes care
of the lone sentinel while you and the gang hurry inside.

The inside of the shrine is very large, but for some reason,
Warderer doesn't have any monsters guarding it. Soon, Mayfair
hears a familiar voice. It's the ghost of Cypress' former
ambassador, Walldol. He is not too happy about being left for
dead a long time ago, and Warderer has brought him back to life
to take revenge on his former allies.

4. Ghosts of the Past

4 Dullahans, 4 Assassins, 2 Taros, a Chimera, a Demon Master,
a Wyvern, an Evil Bishop, and Death Walldol

Battle Tips:
* Death Walldol had much power when he was living, and now he
has even more power as a ghost. He can use the Freeze level 3
spell. He also carries the Shining Sword. While not as strong
as Freeze, the Shining Sword's spell can still inflict pain. This
legendary sword can be yours if you send him back to his place.
* Watch out for the Wyvern. Its ice breath can knock out up to
27 HP from a character.
* Evil Bishop knows Aura 3 and Blast 2. Aura 3 can restore 30
HP to a lot of its allies. But this consumes a lot of his MP,
so he can only use it a certain number of times.
* Send people one by one to inflict a small amount of damage on
Walldol. They'll probably end up getting finished off by Freeze
3, but you get a chance to revive them later. On the next turn,
the Evil Bishop will probably use Aura 3 on itself and Walldol,
restoring 30 HP to each of them. Continue sending people in
until both of them use up their MP, then go in for the kill.
You'll end up losing a lot of characters this way, but it's
easier than sending them in all at once.

Warderer has discovered that Hindel is the traitor in the Iom
ranks. Because of him, Barbara, Solo, Gordon, and even Walldol
were defeated, and the Prince almost escaped. Before punishing
Hindel for his sin, they still have to worry about sacrificing
Prince Nick. Time for some more "friendly intervention."

5. The Inner Sanctum

Enemies - 3 Skull Knghts, a Sentinel, 2 Executioners, a Demon
Master, 2 Assassins, a Wyvern, an Evil Bishop, and King

Battle Tips:

not available yet

6. Resurrection

Enemies - Iom (hands and body), Iom Doll (other enemies unknown)

Battle Tips:

not available yet

II. Characters

Deanna (you, the leader)
Initial Class - SDMN
Promoted Class - HERO
Best Equipment - Shining Sword, Quick Ring
Deanna starts out slow, but when promoted to a HERO, he becomes
the most powerful defensive character.

Initial Class - MAGE
Promoted Class - WIZD
Best Equipment - Guardian Staff, White Ring
Natasha has good magic abilities, including the Blaze and Freeze
spells. Her strength is very weak, however.

Initial Class - WARR
Promoted Class - GLDR
Best Equipment - Great Axe
Jaha's defensive abilities are as good as Deanna's, but he is
also pretty slow.

Initial Class - KNTE
Promoted Class - PLDN
Best Equipment - Chrome Lance
Eric can use weapons that attack close or at a distance. He
can move very far, except in forests and on mountains.

Initial Class - KNTE
Promoted Class - PLDN
Best Equipment - Valkyrie
Dawn has the same advantages and limitiations as Eric, but she
is better defensively.

Initial Class - MONK
Promoted Class - MSMK
Best Equipment - Iron Claw
Luke starts out weak, but he gains attack and defense power
faster than any character.

meet in Thames Village
Initial Class - HEAL
Promoted Class - SBRN
Best Equipment - Holy Staff, Protect Ring
Slade is good with healing magic, and his power and speed are
good, but that's about it.

joins after fight with Dark Mage
Initial Class - RANG
Promoted Class - BWKN
Best Equipment - Buster Shot
Graham has the combined abilities of a centaur and an archer.
He can travel long distances and attack from long range.

joins before battle at Emild
Initial Class - ACHR
Promoted Class - SNIP
Best Equipment - Great Shot
Chester is a good all-around character to have.

joins before the battle with Gordon
Initial Class - MAGE
Promoted Class - WIZD
Best Equipment - Guardian Staff, Black Ring
May has better magic abilities than Natasha. She learns the
Desoul spell, which is useful for eliminating an enemy.

joins at the battle on Algam Plains
Class - SBRN
Best Equipment - Holy Staff
Sarah is the best of the healers. She can use the Aura spell,
which heals several characters at once.

joins Natasha's party
Class - PLDN
Best Equipment - Halberd
Randolf is very powerful, but he is as limited as Eric and

joins Deanna's party before Demis
Class - SKYW
Best Equipment - Critical Sword
Claude is the only character that knows how to fly. Terrain
does not have any effect on his movement range. He is very
vulnerable to projectile attacks, though.

joins Natasha's party before the raid on Algam
Class - GLDR
Best Equipment - Atlas Axe
Rohde is slightly quicker than Jaha, but his attacks are a little
bit weaker.

secret character - look in the pillar at the Shrine of Iom
Class - SMRI
Best Equipment - Katana
Rush is an extremely powerful character, and he can resist magic
very well.

secret character - look in the walls of Iom Castle.
Class - NINJ
Best Equipment - Critical Sword, Running Ring
Higins is lightning-quick, and wields the deadly Critical Sword,
which increases the chance of him getting a criticat hit.

joins your party before the battle at the Ancient Valley
Class - BSKR
Gyan has excellent fighting abilities. He uses his punches and
kicks rather than weapons.

joins your party before the final battle
Class - PRNC
Best Equipment - Sword of Hajya
Prince Nick is the must-have character when fighting Iom. His
legendary Sword of Hajya is the only thing that can hurt Iom.

III. Equipment
A. Weapons

1. Swords

Sword Attack Power Effect Which Class Can Use?
Short Sword 5 SDMN, HERO
Middle Sword 8 SDMN, HERO
Long Sword 12 SDMN, HERO
Broad Sword 21 HERO, SKYW
Critical Sword 26 Critical hit HERO, SKYW, SMRI, NINJ
% up
Katana ? SMRI
Shining Sword 33 Bolt 2 HERO
Sword of Hajya ? Freeze 2 PRNC
Dark Sword* 35 Desoul 1 HERO

2. Rods

Rod or Staff Attack Power Effect Which Class Can Use?
Power Stick 12 MAGE, WIZD, HEAL, SBRN
Flail 16 SBRN
Guardian Staff 20 WIZD, SBRN
Holy Staff 24 Recover 3 HP SBRN
per turn
Demon Rod* 30 Steals 5 MP WIZD

3. Axes

Axe Attack Power Effect Which Class Can Use?
Short Axe 6 WARR, GLDR
Hand Axe 9 WARR, GLDR
Middle Axe 14 WARR, GLDR
Battle Axe 20 GLDR
Heat Axe 22 Blaze 2 GLDR
Great Axe 28 GLDR
Atlas Axe 30 Blaze 3 GLDR
Evil Axe* 34 GLDR

4. Spears

Spear Attack Power Effect Which Class Can Use?
Spear 6 long range KNTE, PLDN
Bronze Lance 9 KNTE, PLDN
Steel Lance 13 KNTE, PLDN
Power Spear 18 long range PLDN
Chrome Lance 22 PLDN
Halberd 24 PLDN
Valkyrie 28 long range; PLDN
Bolt 1
Evil Lance* 35 PLDN

5. Gloves

Glove Attack Power Effect Which Class Can Use?
Leather Glove 5 MONK, MSMK
Power Glove 10 MONK, MSMK
Thorn Glove 14 MONK, MSMK
Iron Claw 18 MSMK
Evil Claw* 30 MSMK

6. Arrows

Arrow Attack Power Effect Which Class Can Use?
Iron Arrow 8 long range RANG, BWKN, ACHR, SNIP
Steel Arrow 11 long range RANG, BWKN, ACHR, SNIP
Robin Arrow 15 great range BWKN, SNIP
Assault Shell 19 great range BWKN, SNIP
Great Shot 23 great range BWKN, SNIP
Buster Shot 26 great range BWKN, SNIP

* - cursed

B. Items

1. Normal Items

Item Effect
Medical Herb Restores 10 HP.
Healing Seed Restores 20 HP.
Healing Rain Restores everybody's HP completely.
Antidote Cures poison.
Angel Wing Escapes battle.

2. Ability-Enhancing Items

Item Effect
Power Water Increases Attack 2-4 points.
Protect Milk Increases Defense 2-4 points.
Quick Chicken Increases Agility 2-4 points.
Running Pimento Increases Movement 2 points.
Cheerful Bread Increases Maximum HP 2-4 points.

3. Rings

Ring Effect Special Which Class Can Use?
Protect Ring Increases Defense 5 points. Quick 1 all
Quick Ring Increases Agility 5 points. all
Running Ring Increases Movement 2 points. all
Black Ring Increases Attack 10 points. Blaze 2 WIZD
White Ring Increases Attack 15 points. WIZD, SBRN

IV. Enemies

Enemy HP MP Att Def Agi Mov Equipment Special Battles
Arch Knight 40 0 30 22 14 7 Bronze Lance 10,12-14
Assassin 48 0 50 37 20 7 Buster Shot 22,23
Barbara 92 0 55 41 21 6 Atlas Axe 21
Belial 41 18 43 33 17 6 none Bolt 1 19-21
Big Bat 14 0 13 8 6 6 none sleep 2-4
Bow Rider 49 0 33 27 14 7 Assault Shell, 18
Power Ring
Brass Gunner 41 0 46 36 17 4 none 20,21
Brass Rorder 31 0 27 19 11 4 none 9,10
Cerberos 42 0 41 27 17 7 none fire 18-20
Chimera 50 0 51 35 20 4 none fire 21,22
Dark Bishop 47 19 29 22 13 5 Power Stick Heal 3 11-16
Dark Mage 36 8 15 10 11 5 Wooden Rod Blaze 2 5-8
Dark Monk 32 9 24 16 12 5 Power Stick Heal 2 8-10
Dark Ranger 49 0 33 27 14 7 Assault Shell 12,14,15
Dark Sniper 31 0 25 20 13 5 Steel Arrow 6-10
Dark Sniper 31 0 30 23 13 5 Steel Arrow, 13
Power Ring
Dark Soldier 33 0 20 13 13 4 Hand Axe 6-8
Death Archer 32 0 18 10 10 5 Wooden Arrow 4-7
Death Balloon 49 0 0 21 11 2 none explode 18
Death Walldol 116 70 57 41 21 6 none Freeze 3 22
Demon Master 71 32 43 32 19 6 none Freeze 3 20-23
Drago Newt 15 0 12 7 7 5 Middle Axe 1
Drago Newt 15 5 12 7 7 5 Middle Axe Blaze 1 2-4
Dullahan 48 0 49 35 19 6 Broad Sword 21,22
Dwarf 18 0 14 8 7 4 Hand Axe 2-4
Evil Bishop 65 61 43 36 19 4 Holy Staff Aura 3, 22,23
Blast 2
Evil Cleric 52 40 35 29 16 5 Holy Staff Heal 4, 17-21
Blast 1
Evil Pixie 36 8 28 20 14 6 none Blaze 2 11,12,14
Executioner ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? Battle Axe 23
Gargoyle 47 0 42 30 16 6 none 19,20
Ghoul 66 0 42 25 18 6 none poison 17-19
Goblin 9 0 10 6 4 5 Short Sword 1,2
Gordon 46 30 28 20 14 7 Guardian Staff Freeze 2 8
Hawkman 56 0 40 27 17 7 Bronze Lance 16-18
Incubus 21 3 15 10 9 6 none Blaze 1 4-6
Iom Knight 27 0 15 10 9 7 Bronze Lance 3-5
Lizard Man 46 0 33 22 15 6 Middle Axe 12-15
Master Mage 43 17 26 19 13 5 Guardian Staff Blaze 3 9-11,13
Minotaur 60 0 46 33 19 5 Battle Axe 19-21
Pegasus 28 0 25 20 13 7 Bronze Lance 9-11,13
Pegasus 28 0 31 20 13 7 Bronze Lance, 16
Knight Power Ring
Ratman 18 0 16 13 8 5 Middle Sword 5,6
Ratwing 29 0 19 16 12 7 none sleep 6-9
Ratwing 29 0 26 21 12 7 Power Ring, sleep 11
Protect Ring
Scaben 13 0 11 6 6 5 Middle Sword 1-3
Sentinel ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? Battle Axe 23
Skeleton 30 0 26 20 12 6 Middle Sword 9,10,13
Skull Knight ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? Broad Sword 23
Solo 65 51 48 35 19 6 Guardian Staff Bolt 2 18
Sorcerer 64 27 30 23 13 5 none Freeze 2 12,14-19
Statue of Iom 80 ?? 0 35 17 0 none beam of 20
Taros 52 0 51 35 20 4 Battle Axe 21,22
Warderer ?? 99 ?? ?? ?? ?? none Bolt 3 23
Wight 50 0 39 30 17 6 Middle Sword 15,17,18
Worm 48 0 33 20 16 4 none poison 12,16,17
Zombie 35 0 24 16 11 5 none poison 8-10
Zombie 35 0 29 25 13 5 Power Ring poison 15
V. Spells

A. Attack Magic

Spell Effect MP Range Field Who can use?
Blaze 1 Small flame 2 2 1 Natasha
Blaze 2 Fire rain 5 2 2 Natasha 8
Blaze 3 Large fire rain 8 3 3 Natasha 7!
Blaze 4
Freeze 1 Small ice crystals 3 2 1 Natasha 4
Freeze 2 Deep freeze 7 2 2 Natasha 3!,
Freeze 3 Blizzard 10 3 3 May 2!
Freeze 4
Bolt 1 Lightning bolt 8 2 2 Deanna 6!,
May 5!
Bolt 2 Powerful lightning 15 3 3 Deanna 10!,
May 10!
Bolt 3 Electric storm 20 3 3
Bolt 4
Blast 1 Gust of wind 2 2 1 Slade 2!
Blast 2 Wind blast 5 2 2 Sarah
Blast 3
Blast 4
Sarah Effect like Blaze 3 8 2 2 Higins 8!
Randolf Effect like Bolt 2 15 3 3 Higins 10!

B. Heal Magic

Spell Effect MP Range Field Who can use?
Heal 1 Restores 15 HP 3 1 1 Luke
Heal 2 Restores 15 HP 5 2 1 Luke 3,
Heal 3 Restores 30 HP 10 3 1 Luke 7!,
Slade 7!,
Heal 4
Aura 1 Restores 15 HP 7 2 2 Sarah 6!
Aura 2 Restores 15 HP 11 3 3 Sarah 10!
Aura 3 Restores 30 HP
Aura 4 Restores all HP all all
Detox Cures poison 3 1 1 Luke 6

C. Assist Magic

Spell Effect MP Range Field Who can use?
Quick 1 Raises Agi and Def 16 3 3 Slade 10
Quick 2
Slow 1 Lowers enemy's Agi 15 3 3 May
and Def
Slow 2 Lowers enemy's Agi 15 3 1 May 9
and Def
Sleep 1 Puts enemy to sleep 16 3 3 Luke 10
Sleep 2
Muddle 1 Confuses enemy 10 3 3 Slade 7
Muddle 2 Confuses enemy 10 3 1 Slade 4!
Dispel 1 Silences enemy 6 3 2 Luke 3!
Dispel 2
Desoul 1 Instantly kills 12 3 2 May 8!
Desoul 2

No number next to a character's name means that he/she starts out
with that spell.
! means that you need to be promoted to use that spell.
VI. Playing the Game
A. Controls

Direction Pad - moves the selected character.
Button 1 - selects a command.
Button 2 - cancels a command.
Start - removes the status bar.

B. Fighting

Most of Shining Force: The Sword of Hajya is combat-oriented.
You can see all of your characters on the screen, as well as
the enemies that you are up against.

1. Displays
a. Combat

L.E. (Land Effect) - This shows how much the terrain will hinder
your mobility. You will have more trouble walking through thick
grass than on a soft dirt road.
Name - The selected character's name.
HP - The left number shows your current life force, and the right
number shows your maximum life force. If you or a monster has 100
HP or more, this number will be replaced by a ??. You lose
HP as you take damage from enemies. If your character reaches zero
HP, then he/she is exhausted and cannot fight anymore.
MP - This shows how much magic power you have. Certain classes
cannot use magic. If your MP run low, then you can't cast any magic

b. Status

Name - The character's name.
Class - The character's class (see section on Characters for details).
Level - Current experience level.
EXP - Your character's skill points. You gain points by fighting
enemies and using healing items. When your EXP reaches 100, your Level
increases by one.
HP - Life force.
MP - Magic power.
ATT - Attack strength.
DEF - Defensive ability.
AGI - Agility.
MOV - Range of movement.
ITEM - Shows what items your character has. You can hold up to four.
Equipped weapons are designated by a bracket.
MAGIC - Shows what spells your character knows. The number next to the
spell shows the maximum level of that spell.

You can also check the status of your enemy by pressing button 2 when
your turn comes next, and then moving the cursor onto an enemy.

2. Moving

This is a turn-based strategy RPG. Players move in order of the
highest agility rating. The cursor will move around to the
character whose turn comes next. The flashing squares around him/her
shows where that character can move. When you have moved to where
you want to go, press button 1 to bring up the command menu.

3. Command Menu
a. After making a move

BAT - Attacks an enemy within range of your weapon.
ITM - Brings up the Item Command Menu.
MGC - Casts a magic spell.
STY - Ends that character's turn without doing anything.
CHK - Opens up a treasure chest (when facing one).

b. Selecting ITM

USE - Uses an item.
EQP - Equips a weapon or ring.
GIV - Gives an item to a character next to you. This will cost you
one turn.
DRP - Discards an item. Dropped items can never be recovered, so
you must be absolutely sure you want to get rid of it.

c. Anytime during battle

To bring up the Game Menu, press button 2 when your character is
highlighted, then move the cursor to a blank spot on the map.

STT - Checks the status of any character in battle
MSG - Turns on or off the message bars during fights.
SPD - Sets the speed of the scrolling text.
QIT - Stops the game at that point. Everything will be saved exactly as-is.

C. Between Battles

After fighting a certain amount of battles, you get an opportunity to
save your game, shop at towns, and promote characters.

1. Command Menus
a. Main Menu

CAMP - Goes to the Shining Force base.
SHOP - Goes to the town's shop.
EXIT - Leaves town and enters the next battle.

b. In Camp

RAS - Resurrects a defeated character. It costs 20 gold x the character's
level to revive him/her (plus an extra 200 gold if said character has
been promoted).
CUR - Cures a character of poison, or lifts a curse placed on him/her.
PRM - Once a character has gained a level of 10, then he/she can be
promoted to the next class. The promoted characters gain access to the
more powerful weapons and spells.
SAV - Saves your game.

c. Shopping

BUY - Purchases an item at the shop.
SEL - Sells back items at 75% of the purchasing price.
DLS - Lets you buy back weapons that you might not have wanted
to sell.
FIX - Fixes a broken weapon. Weapons break if they are used too
many times in battle.
VII. Secrets
If you skipped ahead to this section without reading the rest
of it or actually playing the game, then shame on you! Otherwise,
take a look at a few of the secrets that this Game Gear cart has
to offer.

* Name Change - Start a new game, and after naming your character,
hold the Start button while moving the cursor to END. This will allow
you to change the names of everybody on the Shining Force team,
including Prince Nick and Gyan.

* Enhanced Mode - At the Sega screen, press Down on the Direction
pad five times. The word "EXCELENT" will appear on the Shining
Force title screen. I don't know what this means yet, or what
it does...

* Mime Show Ticket - In the battle with the Dark Mage, look in the
well to find a ticket to the mime show.
VIII. Revision Information
Version 1.0 - October 14, 1998
= first edition of the strategy guide, which shows you how to
beat most of the areas (except for the last two; I'm still working
on these).
IX. Coming Soon
- I am still trying to figure out how to beat the last two
areas of the game. If you can give me some pointers, please
send me e-mail, and you will be credited for it.
- Does anybody know the significance of the "EXCELENT" mode
or the ticket to the mime show?

X. Special Thanks
Special thanks to:

Bruce Clemens ( on how to find
the two secret characters, Rush and Higins.

Sega of America on the Shining Force series.

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