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    Diablo Revealed
    written by Raven



    Reading through all the secret information concerning Diablo, its hard not to notice just how much was left out of the game. Amazing quests, exciting spells, hidden features and more unused items then you thought were possible, have all been chopped off the game. Even though Diablo was a great game, with all of these features missing, Diablo wasn't as good a game as it could have been. Or it wasn't as good a game as it should have been. Blizzard cut out some of the most exciting and interesting aspects of the game, and in the end, the Diablo environment is limited compared to the environment that would have existed with these features.

    When I was writing this article up, I quickly polled 10 friends online. Firstly I showed them some background notes for this article. I then asked them what they believed Diablo would have been like, had some more of these secrets been implemented. Here are a few responses:

    Kush from Gamefoolz:

    "Upon reading your article, I came to realize that the amount left out of Diablo is staggering. The amount listed in your article could have proved to be a plethora of gaming replay-ability and uniqueness. Those 15(?) quests left out including the "Fleshdoom" make the current Diablo game seem 'gipped' so-to-speak, because of the fact that an individual could have spent that much more time conquering another quest or becoming familiar with a spell."
    Our esteemed webmaster Falcon had this to say:
    "Woulda been damn cool if those things were implemented, but it may have made the plot more complicated. D1 was still cool for the time, but I would have liked to see some of these features put in."

    Gangrel from contributed:

    "Diablo would have been ten times better had Blizzard took the extra time to get these features they have left out fixed and working properly in the game. It would have added a lot of extra replay time to an already astounding game. I feel that the Tremayne quests would have greatly improved Diablo. These quests, along with the others, would have given Diablo that Heaven vs. Hell, epic battle feel to it that one got from reading the back story in the Diablo manual. It would have had that grand, exalting scale of magnitude that it so much deserves."

    Finally Cryptic a good friend of mine had these suggestions:

    "I guess that the saddest thing about the features removed from Diablo, are that a lot of time and effort must have gone into them. Even though they were never put it, it looks like Blizzard spent a hell of a lot time working on them. The game was definitely worse off, after they were removed. Still I can't help but think about how much fun the Shadowfang quest would have been, maybe we will see some signs of these quests in Diablo2... who knows."
    These quotes sum up pretty much everything I wanted to cover in this section. However I will quickly highlight something. Diablo even without all these features was a great game, and years ahead of its time. Nothing written in this article is meant to take the shine off Diablo. However Diablo could have been a better game. Consider all the work Blizzard put into Diablo it should have been a better game. Maybe in the end gamers were robbed because of the fact that Blizzard stuck to a timeframe and dropped features, in order to help make that time limit.

    Blizzard learned from Diablo

    Blizzard games have always been ambitious titles. Blizzard tries to creates wonderful games, with great graphics, good storylines, addictive gameplay and an immersive environments. Usually they succeed. However, recently Blizzard has been constantly slammed because they have failed to meet deadlines. Instead of chopping off features, Blizzard has increased project time. Gamers from all points of the industry have criticized Blizzard because of this move.

    While I was writing this article, something occurred to me. I realized that the one time when Blizzard did try to meet its release date, it ended up cutting features left, right and center. Diablo was a game with massive potential that would have benefited greatly from a few more months of development. In the end, Blizzard robbed gamers and themselves, by trying to meet release dates. There were probably other reasons for Blizzard"s decision, but the fact still remains that because Blizzard released Diablo on time, gamers were robbed of an amazing game and instead they were only handed a great game.

    I think that Blizzard's move to hold back StarCraft and Diablo2, allowing for more time to develop these titles, was a great move. I am personally glad, that I had to wait an additional year to play Diablo2, because I know that Blizzard have made Diablo2 an amazing game, and not just a great game. Simply put, Blizzard's decision to hold back titles such as Diablo2, was made for the benefit of gamers. Because they did this you, the gamer, were not handed a under developed product. Had Diablo been held back another six months it would have been a true classic, worth far more then it is today. Thankfully Blizzard learnt their lesson and since then, they have gone on to constantly create amazing games.


    In summary, there isn't really much left for me to say. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and I would love to hear comments or feedback.

    This article is the result of research from about 50 other WebPages. A lot of this information is based on rumor, and as such could be wrong, I however believe that most of it is accurate. You are more then welcome to use anything from this article, but give credit to GameSurge.

    Special thanks goes out to: Solaris, Kush, Cory, Falcon, Sim, Thundra and Week-endanger for comments and feedback. Any questions can be e-mailed to me here. Also if you have additional information about anything mentioned on this page please contact me.

    As a final note I hoped your enjoyed "Diablo Revealed" and will join GameSurge. in the future as we look at other titles in the gaming world.

    Article written by Raven. This article was edited by shiva and Kali. Comments may be sent directly to the author by E-mail to Raven@gamesurge, or to the webmasters at

    The screenshots used for this article are available as a gallery page. To view other Diablo related images, please visit our Diablo Gallery Page.

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