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    Diablo Revealed
    written by Raven


    Hidden Question -Shadowfang and Izual

    Shadowfang PictureThe demon blade Shadowfang, was forced in the depths of hell, in the year -985. This cursed blade was a centre-point of demonic energies, and had the power to eternally corrupt and madden any mortal. Shadowfang was originally a massive sub quest planned for Diablo. This sub-quest involved a secret character named Tremayne the Priest, (which was removed from the game) and a powerful boss character named Fleshdoom. The quest storyline forced the hero to venture into Hellforge itself, in order to be rid of the demon blade. I believe that this quest was directly tied to another subplot, Izual the Fallen Angel. Izual and his Runeblade Azurewrath will be explained later. For now I will just say that both he and his powerful blade had a role in Diablo.

    Who was Tremayne?

    Tremayne was originally conceived as a central none playable character for Diablo. This priest was originally responsible for giving you two key quests in the game, and acted in a very similar way to Peppin the Healer. Rumor has it that Tremayne was later replaced by Peppin, I believe that this rumor is true.

    Tremayne was meant to hang around the church a lot, supposedly near the position that the slain villager now inhabits at the start of Diablo. However rumor has it that in Diablo he would appear and disappear as the game progressed. Tremayne was responsible for giving you the quest to kill Lazarus and upon completion of this quest, he gave you the powerful unique mace 'Lightforge'. This unique mace was actually never removed from Diablo, and often appears as a hacked item. Tremayne's final role in Diablo was to issue the quest to find Shadowfang. After you recovered Shadowfang and handed it over to Tremayne, he was killed by the demon-blade.

    The Quest Itself

    The quest begins by Tremayne telling you a story:
    "I have had a most disturbing experience that I must share with you my friend. Earlier today I was called upon to help one of men who escaped from the labyrinth. He was deranged, violent and kept lashing out at all of those who were trying to calm him. I suspected that he had been possessed by some sort of demonic entity and so began to drive the evil from within him. After many hours, I was able to exercise a demon, who called himself Fleshdoom, but the hellion escaped into the Labyrinth. You may think that I am mad, but after speaking with the man and battling Fleshdoom, I believe that the Labyrinth has somehow become a gateway to the underworld. As you descent deeper you may find yourself on the doorsteps of hell itself. Finally the man who was possessed, retained memories of an ancient Demonblade called ShadowFang. If you find the demon Fleshdoom beware this foul sword. While I believe the dangers below grow even greater, you must find the demon Fleshdoom and slay him. Bring the sword to me and I can destroy it. Do not wield it, for its power can corrupt absolutely."
    Very little is known about the demon Fleshdoom. We know that you would have fought Fleshdoom after the death of Lazarus. We also know that Fleshdoom was most likely located in a unique area of the game. After listening to Tremayne's story, we are told that Fleshdoom had fled into the Labyrinth, but he also tells us that Fleshdoom is not located down in the depths of hell. If this is the case, then where exactly is Fleshdoom, could he have had his own unique level?

    Another thing that we know, is that even though Fleshdoom was involved in the Shadowfang quest, he did not actually wield the Demonblade. After you kill Fleshdoom and return to speak with Tremayne, you hear another wav sound. In this .wav, Tremayne tells you that although you have done well in killing Fleshdoom, the Demonblade. still remains and must be found and destroyed. No other information on Fleshdoom exists on the CD, so all we can do is speculate.

    Once Shadowfang is found this quests takes a very, very interesting turn. When the demon sword is given to Tremayne, the sword consumes the priest with hellfire. Tremayne's final instructions as he burns, are to take the blade back to the Hellforge, from which it came. To do this, you must venture into the very depths of hell itself.

    This quest raises a hundred questions, and yet I can only address a few in this article. The first question that I need to ask, is where exactly was hell located, in the original game and how were you meant to get to it? According to the Shadowfang quest, you still had not ventured into hell, well after you killed Lazarus. Was Lazarus originally an early boss character? Or was Diablo originally a much, much bigger game. Speaking of bosses, when exactly did you actually get to fight Diablo? The Shadowfang quest implies that you would have not been able to face Diablo until well after level 16.

    A lot of other questions that I have been pondering on, but haven't been able to answer, concern Shadowfang itself. How would you have found Shadowfang? It obviously wasn't found when you killed Fleshdoom. And it wouldn't have been found in hell itself, because you were meant to return the weapon to hell, after you found it. This would have been an amazing quest had it been put in.

    Izual the Fallen Angel

    The Angelic Runeblade AzurewrathDuring an attack on Hellforge in the year -990, Izual and his Runeblade Azurewrath were captured. The Prime Evil, Mephisto then tortured Izual. Tragically Izual fell to the powers of darkness, and became a Fallen Angel. His mind was altered and he became a loyal servant to the three Prime Evils.

    Izual was originally a character involved in Diablo. Both he and his mystic blade Azurewrath remain partially implemented in Diablo. Izual has his own .wav sound file, which you can listen to here. The graphic for his blade Azurewrath is shown on the left. Most likely as you ventured through hell in your efforts to be rid of Shadowfang, you would confront Izual. Assuming that you battled with Izual, the battle would have probably been the hardest in the entire game. More importantly: would Blizzard have let you kill off this character? I strongly believe that battling Izual was a run off quest from Shadowfang. And I also believe that you would have battled against Izual before you confronted Diablo.

    Izual says "Hows much does it take before you lose your grace mortal, let me show you." This implies that you would have indeed battles Izual. The only other thing we know about this battle is that it would have taken place in Hell, because Izual has been situated in Hellforge since he fell to the forces of darkness. This would have been a very interesting sub quest. It is a shame that enemies of this caliber were never introduced in the finished game, and this definitely hampered Diablo's overall gameplay.

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