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    Diablo Revealed
    written by Raven


    Other Removed Quests

    The end product of Diablo only had a few of all the planned sub-quests implemented. Around 20 quests have apparently been excluded from the game. In this section, I will display information on a few of these quests that were removed from Diablo. Unfortunately most of the quests I cannot verify, and I do not have the room to discuss all of them.

    Map of the Stars

    The Map of the Stars, was originally a key component to Diablo. The Map is the only removed quest that Blizzard has even confirmed. Blizzard says that the map was removed, because it changed the entire game, and ruined part of the game emphasis and environment. Basically the map was supposed to be used by your Character. The map depicted a time when all of the Stars and planets would come into alignment.

    Map of the stars. Click to enlarge. It was at this time that Diablo, would regain his full powers. There is a movie, which confirms the map's purpose hidden on the Diablo CD. This map meant that you had to find and face Diablo within a certain time frame. Otherwise Diablo would have been nearly impossible to beat. Considering how easy Diablo was to beat in the game though, it might have been an idea to make him more powerful. Details about the map and how you came into possession of the map are very sketchy and mostly based on rumors that I personally don't believe are possible. The map was hacked out of Diablo's dat files, and has appeared on b-net multiple times. When you right clicked the map a picture of the stars would appear, as shown in the image to the left. If anyone has more information about this map, please contact me.

    Rune of the Stars

    Rumor has it that by using the Rune of the Stars, you were able to gain access to hidden levels. Apparently if you had both the Map of the Stars and Rune of the Stars, after you beat Diablo you would be transported to level 17-20. I believe that this rumor is complete rubbish, and I also believe that originally you were not supposed to face Diablo until well after level 16. Whether the game continued after Diablo's death is sheer speculation. But why would Blizzard have named their game Diablo, if they were going to have extra levels implemented after Diablo's death? Also I found no mention of a "Rune of the Stars" on the Diablo CD.

    The Warlock

    This is something that I found when I searching through the Diablo CD, but something which no one else commented on. In a viewer, I found a wav called wlock01.wav. In this wav the Warlock says:
    "Mortal free me from my imprisonment and your reward will be more then you can imagine. Read the book and I will be released"
    As we know, the key plot for the expansion pack Hellfire, involved one of Diablo's underlings who The Lord of Terror had imprisoned. Could this warlock be another demon imprisoned by Diablo? Could this be some type of trap designed to capture the hero? Or could the plot from Hellfire originally have been a quest in Diablo. No other evidence of this quest exists on the CD.

    Town Worms

    One of the extra sub-quests from Diablo supposedly involved Gillian. Gillian was involved in two quests, the first one she would issue early in the game. Rumor has it that Gillian requested that you cleaned out a cellar in one of the town houses. "Giant Worms" had invaded the cellar. To complete this quest, you needed to enter a town house, which supports the rumors made in the screenshots section (entering the tavern). A very interesting thing to note is that there is an abandoned house inside Tristrim with an opened door. Could this be the house you were meant to clean up. I couldn't find any information to support this on the CD, if anyone can help, please contact me.

    Floating Island

    Another rumored sub-quest involved a Floating Island where monsters would go to heal their injuries. This island most likely contained a Blood Fountain, and would have been a good quest to introduce Blood Fountains in the game. It is obvious that there was no need for this quest, once Blizzard gave monsters the ability to heal themselves in the game.

    I have been given a list of about 15 other sub-quests that are supposedly excluded from Diablo. Unfortunately I can't confirm this list and I don't have the space to display all of them. If anyone can confirm an additional quest, with a .wav file or information, please contact me.

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