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    Diablo Revealed
    written by Raven


    Secrets and Features

    Two Hidden Movies

    Diablo has two movies hidden on the CD. The first movie is a movie of Diablo, which involved the Map of the Stars. The second movie is a movie of the Butcher, similar to the preview movie you get before you face Lazarus. To view the movies you need to download DiabMov.exe. You also need the smacker gaming tools, which can be found here. For instructions and screenshots of the movies go here.

    The movie involving Diablo was removed from the game, when Blizzard chose to remove the Map of the Stars. The Butcher movie was probably removed because of the fact that it was rather low detail, and looked *really fake*. Still, it is a nice little movie, and worth a look if you haven't seen it before.

    Secret Monsters

    If you have a look through the Diablo CD you will notice that there are cels for a few monsters who never saw the light of day in the game. There are a total of seven secret monsters, four of which I have found, that were removed from the game. Raymond Tan, known for his Diablo Hack, was the first person to find these seven secret monsters, Bone Demon, Devil Kin Brute, Incinerator, Invisible Lord, Lord Sayter,The Arch-Litch Malignus and the Unraveller, which can all be viewed at this link. To re-add these monsters to the CD, go get Raymond's Hacker Diablo Trainer. These monsters were actually left on the Diablo CD, but were probably removed at the end because of balance issues of the game.

    Each creature looks amazing. They were probably removed because they would have been a little tough to battle. The Bone Demon and Devil Kin Brute monsters look like more advanced versions of early level 1-4 dungeon characters. Both use melee attacks and both look like they can do a lot of damage. Incinerator, Invisible Lord and Lord Saytar are likely to be Catacombs and Cave monsters. Lord Sayter holds a very interesting item, a sickle. Sickles were weapons never introduced to Diablo, but as you will see later, these weapons were originally planned for use in the game. The sickle would have probably had its own unique display image. Finally the Arch-Litch Malignus and the Unraveller appear to be unique bosses, or in the Unraveller's case a unique species. Malignus was probably a Hell level boss, and the Unraveller was most likely an early game species who lives in the Dungeons and Catacombs.

    Level 5 Spells

    Page 5 spell icons

    Page 5 spells, were the more powerful spells that ended up being removed from Diablo. The graphics for these spells can be seen in the image above. In Diablo you can still access page give in your spell book. If you open up your spell book, you will notice a very tiny area of about 2 pixel's in between the page 4 button (at the bottom) and the border. If you click on this small area you get to see a minor Easter-Egg. A blank spell page appears with no corresponding button. This is the page five of your spell book.

    Some of the spells on this page include, Etherealise, Blood Boil, Doom Serpent, Blood Ritual and Invisibility. I have no idea what the other spells are. Some of these spells were implemented later in Hellfire, but most are still unused. Early hacks like ghost mode are actually based off these spells.

    The spells themselves were apparently removed because of balance issues. But imagine how much more interesting Diablo would be, with spells such as Invisibility. Doom Serpent was rumored to be a more powerful Guardian that used lightning attacks; this would have been great for defensive sorcerers in Diablo. Etherealise could have meant two things. Firstly this spell could have been used to temporarily make your character and your allies stronger. Or secondly it could have been used to detect invisible enemies. Again this would also have added to the challenge and excitement of playing Diablo, as both possibilities would have been great for both team play and Player vs Player games.

    Blood Boil and Blood Ritual were probably originally intended to be more powerful variations of the spell "Blood Star". Blood Star, as a spell, never had the kick of other spells such as Fireball or Elemental. These more powerful versions of Blood Star would have helped correct this problem.

    Sadly none of these spells were used in Diablo; it is unfortunately that Blizzard was never able to implement them.


    Items - Click to enlargeA huge number of unique weapons and inventory items were never implemented in Diablo. This screenshots which comes from the Diablo Tomb of Knowledge, showcases most of Diablo's hidden items. A few of these items were implemented in Hellfire, however most have not been used. As a final note for this section, check the image and look at the huge variety of unique weapons.

    Make special notice of the two Sickles in the image. Also check out the funny jewelry pieces that appears to be wristbands, very interesting. The huge number of inventory items also implies that there were a lot of item oriented quests, taken out of Diablo.

    To Page Seven -Analysis and Summary Back to Page Five

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