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Monday, 5 of February 2001

News from beyond
Posted by Saturn|E
Been a little busy over the last few days;

To start off, I corrected the errors on the Mindtrap page, sorry to anyone who submitted answers, I mucked up the email address *stupid*. Also to all the people who emailed/messaged me regarded corrections to their profiles, all of the corrections have now been made and your profiles should be right.

Next onto bnet. Over the past two days, five news members have been recruited *and some recruited.. I need to bitch at you Yeuh :/*. Make sure to say hello to our new members on the board and in games. Thanx to those efforts of these new members, and the return of some older members to the fold, our activenees on Bnet is better then its been for quite a long time.

Also with regard to Battle.net, afew of our members have had some problems understanding the functions and roles of the Fallen Angels regiment. I'll correct that problem right now. Yes, the Fallen Angels does act as a bounty hunter group, and yes they do duel and kill characters in other games, BUT more importantly, the Fallen Angels are designed to protect weaker and lower ranked members. from abusers and PK'ers. Their main function is to HELP and PROTECT members, not to go off and kill everyone on bnet that they can find, Finally on open games, Fallen Angels characters are not allowed to cheat, they must be completely legit. This guild is a legit guild. Hopefully everyone understands this now, and if the discription of this regiment doesn't explain what I've mentioned above I'll alter it to reflect this meaning.

This time on the subject of leaders, Kosmoz has recently moved up and replaced Kush as head of the Advocates. Kosmoz is a fine members, who is active and highly involved in guild management, recruitment and diplomacy. To the person who asked, no Kush was not demoted, but currently with school and other commitments Kush does not have the time to be consistantly active on bnet and run the Advocates. His services to the guild are still recognised *just check his profile*. When Kush has the time to assume leadership, he will be given a place. Now however Kosmoz is in the High Council, and has earned his shot.

Finally for this update, I've had three questions regarding a possible tournament. We have had afew rumors blowing around wondering whether Elithium was going to be having an upcoming tournament. To put those rumors to rest, Its only fair that we annouce this tournament. This tournament is entitled the "The Duel", and to read the invitation graphic head over to Here. To put it simply the duel involved individual players, facing off in a single elimination draw, using a number of pre made characters. Each of these pre made characters are well balanced *or atleast will be*. For a player to win, he must defeat his enemy in a best of three rounds match, in a monitored TCP/IP game.

Currently only one character has been created, and alot of work needs to be done. To be honest the character creation tools for Diablo2 arn't up to scratch so alot of extra time needs to spent making sure these characters come in without "illegal items" and other game violations. I've got two people helping me create characters, and as more of the characters are finished information will be put up on each. For the moment most of the details about this tournament will remain hidden, but as the time draws closer more details will be released. For now, just know that yes a tournament is being planned and the planning is well underway.

Thats all for this update.

-Sat out
Rav/Oak Corp FOR Life

Monday, 5 of February 2001

Lurker Lounge Expansion Preview
Posted by Saturn|E
The Winners of that Gamespot "Eye of the Storm" trivia contest way back in December, LurkerLounge we're recently invited to Blizzard north for ONE FULL DAY of gaming, Playing Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. Now back from their trip they've posted up a detailed preview of the game, with alot of new screenshots and some great info on items, quests, bosses, and general teasers. Head over here for look see.

-Sat out
Rav/Oak Corp FOR Life

Friday, 2 of February 2001

Up and Round the Twist.. again
Posted by Saturn|E
Well well.. It's been a while now hasnt it... so sup everyone, did you miss me ?

I certainly didn't miss most of you, with afew exceptions ofcourse :P.

Today is a great day, a day where we re-establish the latest and greatest form of facism, where we move back into the old golden days of bnet society, the rebirth of Elithium-ism. Sounds kinda catchy hey, I'll need to work on a new jingle for it.

Seriously though, over the last few weeks there has been alot of behind the scenes work done. I've done alot of talking to members such as Yeuh, Keel, Kos and Lao and based on that alot of changes will be made to simplify Elithium, and try to take it back to a fun community type of experience.

Also to co-inside with these structual changes I've done a rather huge update on the Elithium page. I'm not going to go into detail on all the changes up here, but I would like to tell you to make sure you check the members page to look at your profile and make sure all the details are right, each of you should have one (with one exception Arch I need to talk to you first before I put yours up I lost most of your details). Also make sure you check the mindtrap, forum, ranks, rules, history, medals and regiments pages. Alot of things have changed some more important then others. I won't discuss all of the changes here but I will further down.

To anyone who though that Elithium was dead and we had given it up with it, I'm sorry,and theres no need to mail spam me. Over the past few weeks I've lost alot of online time, especially with the profiles. I didnt realise how much effort was required to build each player profiles until I was halfway through them. In the end I had to scrap my web database cause my table structure was wrong, and redo them all by hand. Its taken a huge ammount of time, but now they are up and working and should be alot easier to maintain.

As well as working on the Profiles its been decided that Elithium will undergo a major simplification of ranks and regiments. Regiments will still be part of Elithium but the scope and complexity of regiments will be removed. We're going to start taking the focus off ranks and putting it back on community. More details on the forum and soon to come.

Speaking of Community, EVERYONE make sure to check the Forums page, we've gone back to the old gamers.com forum, with a revamped look and some new features. The reason for this is basically due to the current server this website is hosted. It is unreliable as shit, and typically decided to play russian roulette with my scripts. To top it off it doesn't support SQL forums. To solve the problem the forum is being hosted at gamers.com. And honestly gamers.com is one of the best forums around.

Next up, afew people have be worried, because over the past few month Elithium has lost quite afew members. I've talked to the members who left, and with the exception of one, all have decided to rejoin. We've also got some new recruits into the fold and somthing that we havent had for a long time active attendance on bnet *looks stunned* :0 *whoa*.

Finally, with regard to the creating of member profiles, I certainly hope I have everyone, afew profiles I didn't create because I havent seen or heard from those members in a long time. If you don't have a profile and are a full member, or if you are a member on the members list then please email me and bitch at me, for being stupid enough to forget to give you a profile. Also if your profile needs changing give me a holar and I'll correct it ASAP.

Thats enough for this update, Make sure you post on the forum :P we need to get back to some of our old anticts :)

-Sat out
Rav/Oak Corp FOR Life

Friday, 2 of February 2001

Warcraft III News
Posted by Saturn|E
Just read over at Blizzard that they have finalised the four (yep demons are no longer a playable race) playable races for WCIII. Appently the demons race will still interact with each of other four races during the campaign, but you will not be able to control demons in Either campaign or custom maps. Appently blizzard have done this to save time, and to make balancing easier if your can't play as the demons, then the Demons don't need to be a balanced race compared to the others. Blizzard have also finalised the full title of WC3 it is WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos. If you want to see the press release go here

-Sat out
Rav/Oak Corp FOR Life

Thursday, 1 of February 2001

New Diablo2 Patch
Posted by Saturn|E
Diablo 2 Patch V1.05 has been released. For more information on the patch head here.

-Sat out
Rav/Oak Corp FOR Life