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Elithium is the combinion of both Order and Choas. As such, Elithium as a clan covers both good and bad elements of battle.net. The regiments in Elithium reflect this, our guild includes a combination of both Order specific and Chaos specific regiments. For example the "Big Brother", Legit group Brotherhood of Arakram is an Order specific regiment, and the PKK bounty hunter, Fallen Angels group is a chaos specific regiment. Each regiment has a regiment leader, 2-3 sub leaders, ranks for normal members and a rank for new recruits to the section.

Each regiment in Elithium is unique. Regiment feature unique ranking systems, rules, law and different regiments interact differently with members.

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Knights of the Crimson Code
Brotherhood of Arakram
Conclave of the Fallen Angels

The Advocates are a neutral regiment, who focus on guild management and help maintain recruitment and diplomatic prodcedures within the clan. Neutral, means that this regiment is neither Chaos or Order based and is involved a combination of both. The Advocates are the law makers within Elithium. They are given the power to decide when new recruits can become full members. and are the sole instigator of recruit and diplomacy. All decisions made by the Advocates are decided on at an Assembly. Here members vote on different issues in a forum run by the Magistrate. All decisions made by this regiment are decided through a voting process. This regiment acts as diplomats within Elithium and members are expected to be meditators, and help difuse problems both externally and internally within the guild. This regiment is a vital training ground for up coming leaders within Elithium. Anyone wishing to become a leader within Elithium must spend atleast some time in this regiment.

The Knights of The Crimson Code are an "Elite Legit" group, known for short as KOTC. The Knights of the Code are Elithium's best Diablo2 gamers. These elite players are heavily involved in the Diablo2 ladder, and also in providing hints and tips for other members within Elithium. This regiment is presently lead by CrimsonKeel and Cory. The Knights are an order based force, that are governed by a strict set of laws known as "The Code". The Code is a list of rules which dictates how members must interact with the guild and how they must behave in situations. The Knights are the best of Elithium Diablo gamers, and as such they are expected to represent Elithium is both attitude and ability, Because of this members who do not abide by the code will be demoted or banned from the regiment. When a new recruit joins this regiment he is given the rank of Squire and paired off with an older Knight. The older Knight decided on when this new member is ready to become a full member. Every member who joins this ultimately hopes to obtain the rank of "Knight of the Crimson Code". To obtain this rank members must pass a number of tests and achieve a number of ranks. Becoming a Knight is an honor but also a responcibility.

The Brotherhood is a "Big Brother" legit regiment, which focuses on helping other members within Elithium. This regiment is known as the Brotherhood of Arakram. The word Arakram is an ancient word which literally means service. Since the re-appearance of Diablo, a number of men and woman have returned to Religion. The Brotherhood believes that by helping to serve others they prepare themselves for live after death, and through their service they attempt to obtain BLESSINGS from the heavens. Blessing are not given easily, and can only be earned by completing tests and challenges. Each member of the brotherhood will have different roles and responcibilities, depending on the blessings that he or she obtains. Because the Brotherhood of Ararkam seeks to serve others, they are against ranking systems and believe everyone within their order should be equals. The only exceptions to this rule, are recruits and leaders. Each recruit within the regiment is given the title of "Dedicated", while they hold this title, recruits must prove their loyalty to the brotherhood. Dedicated may not receive any BLESSINGS because they are not yet full members of the Brotherhood. The three leaders within this regiment are also given leadership ranks. Presently Worlord|E is the leader of this regiment, he is given the rank of Arch-Priest. The two sub leaders are ranked as Bishops.

Conclave of the Fallen Angels, is a regiment dominated by traditions. The Fallen Angels have long since been removed from the land of Diablo, and the Conclave is merely a group of men and woman who worship the angels and their near godly powers. Brought up in an age of conflict and terror each member of the FA have been forced to face hardship time and time again, and each member is a skilled warrior and Assassin. Like the Fallen Angels who these people worship, The Conclave is chaotic and destroys those who oppose it. The Conclave is a force to be feared and respected, and all those who oppose Elithium shall fell the Conclave's blades. As part of tradition the leader of this regiment takes on the name Lucifer, in honor of the greatest and most powerful of the Fallen Angels. The Four Horsemen and all sub leaders, who command a team of deadly assassins. Members of this regiment must be willing to fight, in order to progress in ranks. This regiment emphasises the harsh reality of Player vs Player conflict. Nothing is given for free and everything must be earned. This regiment houses Elithium most powerful warriors, each member is a living example of the long dead Fallen Angels, who struck fear into the hearts of all mortals.

For more information on one of more of these regiment please contact E|D`Saturn|E.