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This page contains graphics that for whatever reason have not been used on the Elithium webpage, or shown publically. Some of these graphics are simply ideas that were used later to help create material on this page. Others are simply nice pieces of eye candy which some of you might enjoy seeing. If you want to comment on anything concerning this page you are more then welcome too.

Original Logo

This was the original image used as the Elithium logo. As you can see the current logo has changes sufficiently from this earlier version. A large number of colors were used on this image and the wings on the side were added to try to add to the heaven/hell atmosphere. There are afew problems with the burning effect used on the black and blue and some of the black edges suffer from bodgy paint quick fixes.

Clan Symbols

At first each regiment within Elithium was going to be given its own unique symbol, which was a slight variation on the main logo. These symbols use a wide variety of effects and colors, most of these symbols were targeted towards specific regiments. You can probably guess by looking at this image, that this regiment symbol idea never took off, mainly because the Elithium logo was very restrictive and didn't allow for much to play around with.

Page Idea

This teaser, was used as a base for Elithium's old webpage. The old webpage was based off some the objects used in this teaser. As you can see the colors on the image are.. a little bit bright and maybe the picture itself is a little over the top. The Red marbleish texture was generated from hand, as were the fire sticks. The text is a highlighted bevel used with a blur effect.

Light and Dark

This extremely gold image was designed to feature in Elithium's story. The first story done for this guild was a series of diary entries made weekly. Unfortunately the story was abandoned before this image could be used. The liquid gold is placed within a mask, and the edges are beveled. The base in hand done using bumped white and yellow object.

Guild Trading Page

Built over the course of a weekend, this image details the guild trading page for Elithium that never came into being. After some extensive conversation it was agreed that guild trading within Elithium would be based off a message board and not a webpage or a database. Because of this decision the guild trading page was not needed, and even though it has been partly built will not be used.

Order and Chaos

These two images were originally used to represent Order and Chaos within the guild. The two objects were created so long ago I have forgotten how they were done. The Chaos image has been red beveled and the Order image involves two objects being placed together with a red highlight. Any other info anout how they were done I have completely forgotten :(