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Around two years ago, Elithium was formed. The formation of this guild, came in the wake of a leadership clash within another clan known as the Royal Council. Many of the original members who joined Elithium, came from RC. Elithium goal then is the same goal that it has now; to create a fun and exciting atmosphere for members that is unlike any other clan. To be unique.

Saturn|E, the founder of Elithium, decided to form this guild after he quit RC. He began by gathering friends and possible members from all over battle.net. Firstly he put together a message board, and a short story; and then from these bases was able to build up a strong community. During the first 9 months of Elithium, the guild had no webpage. For almost 2 years Elithium was not active on Battle.net and lay dormant. Despite these problem 15 original members have remained in this guild, and Elithium today boasts probably the strongest and most supportive environment of any clan.

During its history Elithium has been involved in many conflicts. Clan wars, spying, betrayal by leaders and member conflicts have all hampered Elithium's development. However the guild today continues to grow stronger. Elithium's success is dirrectly due to the input and dedication of Elithium's members. Regiment, rules, ranks and webpages have all been created by different individuals within Elithium. It is through the commitment and loyalty of Elithium's member that the clan today is what it is.

Since its formation Elithium has changed in shape and structure. The original Elithium was an elite RPG guild, that was based on a set story, and not Diablo2 specific. This early structure was lead by 7 council member, all of whom had equal say and who through voting decided on future of this guild. Problems with leaders being active, and dedicated have lead to the current leadership structure, which involved three key leaders, and regiment leaders. Also for simplicity Elithium has now become a Diablo2 specific guild.

The Original story for Elithium, was based on the idea of Order and Chaos combining. Elithium was meant to be the combination of good and evil. From this humble idea, Elithium has now grown into its own realm, with factions, legends and myths. Like a real realm, Elithium contains both good and evil. Members within Elithium can choose to be order bound or chaos bound.

Since its creation Elithium has continued to grow. It took 9 months for Elithium to develop a webpage. It took 18 months for Elithium to set up a ranking system, and it has taken over two years of preparation for Elithium to become an active force on battle.net. Today as we look to the future, and what the future holds, we can only guess at where this great community will go.