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Elithium is a clan designed to be a fun experience for members. However like everything, members of Elithium must abide by certain rules and codes of conduct. Members who fail to live up to these standards , will be demoted, kicked out of regiments, and as a final result banned from Elithium. Each regiment has specific rules, which are not mentioned on this page. The rules on this page, are general rules, which all Elithium members' respect.


  • Be Legit. No hacking or cheating of any kind will be tolerated in Elithium by members. If you are caught in any such activity you will lose all of your rights within Elithium, and you will be forced to give up your items and/or character. Players, who are caught cheating three times, will be banned instantly from Elithium. Elithium is a legit D2 clan.

  • Listen to Leaders. Respect and obey your leader. When a leader gives you an instruction, understand that he has the full weight of Elithium behind his request. Leaders within Elithium have been forced to pass a number of tests and challenges, only the best members within Elithium may become leaders. As such leaders deserve your respect, and instructions which they give must be obeyed.

  • Settle disputes outside of our channel. Do not argue with other members while within the channel. If you have a problem either whisper or go to a private channel to resolve it. The public channel is not an area for you to bitch and scream, and other members within Elithium do not want to have to put up with your problems. Go to a private channel, or whisper and reslove them. Anyone who does not obey this rule will be kicked from the channel

  • Get involved. Always be willing to participate and get involved in the Clan. You only get out of something what you put into it. Elithium is all about participation and it is important for members to get involved and help out within the guild. Ultimately the success of Elithium will depend on the commitment and willingness of its members.

  • No channel Warfare. Elithium is not a clan/channel warfare guild. We will not become a 'bot bully' guild. Members may not get involved in channel wars while in Elithium tags, if you want to channel war take off your Elithium tags. Elithium has no desire to be involved in Channel wars and any member who gets involved in such wars loses the support of the guild.

  • No Dual Clanning. Members are not aloud to be involved in another guild while they are active within Elithium. We require all members to be solely loyal to Elithium, and clan hoppers are not welcome. Members involved in other clans will be kicked out of Elithium. Dual-clanning causes more trouble then it is worth.

  • Have fun. After all the whole point of Elithium, is for members to have abit of fun.

Minor Issues:

Complaints about members:
If anyone in Elithium has a problem with the behaviour of another member, he or she should talk to someone in the Advocates regiment. If you have a problem within the guild please talk to these members. The Advocates and there to help members and if necessary they will bring the matter before the Sovereign.

Helping with Web Pages:
If you would like to help create or update a WebPages or you have graphic or design skills please get in touch with one of the leaders. Elithium is more then happy to have people help with Web Pages, but if you offer to do or update a Web Pages make sure you have the time to dedicate to it.

Other Games:
Elithium is a Diablo2 Only Guild. Whilst we do allow members to play other games, we will not be supporting those guys. It is two hard to have a guild which covers multiple games, members are free to play whatever game they like, but Elithium ranks rules and regiment will not cover other games. At a later stage Elithium may brach out into other games.

Ranking and Promotions:
Members may only receive promotions periodically after certain periods of time have passed. Ranking in Elithium is designed to ensure that members who progress and are promoted to leaders, and dedicated members and fully understand Elithium. For that reason members will not be allowed to fly up the ranks.