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Elithium tags do not need to be worn on Diablo2 account names. For new members it is sufficient to simply place the tag inside their character profile. This rule has been brought into place to protect new members, who do not wish to re-create their characters when they join our guild.

In Elithium members will have 2 tags, a Regular Tag and a Formal Tag. Mostly members will be given the option to choose which tag they wear. However for public events we ask that members wear the formal tag. Let me assure you, no our formal tag is not be completely "gay" (as some people have put it) and will not take up 8 characters like some other formal tag do.

New members who join the guild only need to wear the Regular Tag. Regular tags will be worn most of the time for members within Elithium. this tag for Elithium will follow the pattern of (Brotherhood)Nick|E

For example your regular tag could follow this pattern ()()|Saturn|E, or E|D`Saturn|E or D-|-Saturn-|E

As you can see there is a little variation and creativity allowed for members. They can play around with the Elithium tags. The reason for this is because our tag is not meant to be burden. Whilst wearing the Elithium tag should be considered an honour, the tag itself shouldn't be annoying and restrictive. This tag allows each member to have a slightly different and unique look.

If you look at the pattern up top you will notice that brotherhoods are given a place on the Elithium tag. We are giving brotherhoods a place on the Elithium tag because most members in Elithium belong to multiple brotherhoods, and I'm personally a member in brotherhoods so its unfair for me to expect members not to be in brotherhoods and display brotherhood tags, when I do myself. As a general rule we will not allow other clans to be displayed in the tag, we want members to be solely loyal to Elithium and we don't to have clan problems because members. In the same sense if members loyalty begins to wander because of their involvement in a brotherhood we will ask them to quit that brotherhood.

This normal tag is designed to be used in general appearances inside and outside of Elithium. The tag allows people to display brotherhoods and is a more open tag then our formal tag. So normally when you are in the Elithium channel or even when you are playing in a normal game you are more then welcome to use this tag.

Next up is the Formal Tag which takes the form of (Regiment or special rank)|Name|E so for example O|Saturn|E, FA|Saturn|E, M|Saturn|E

The first case O stands for Order; FA is a Regiment Name- Fallen Angels; and M stands for Monarch.

As u can see with all of the tags there's lots of variation and you can play around a fair bit with your name to get one that you like. Your tag can feature your rank/regiment/path or a combination of these three options. For more information about tags please consult the Guild Management regiment.

Formal tags are worn during public events. So things like meetings or tournaments also people who complete on the ladder in Elithium should compete using a formal tag. This tag shows off what part of Elithium you are involved in and from a regiment point of view this tag is the most important.

In the end it is your choice whether you use the formal or general tag, whilst there will be times when you will only be able to use one tag or the other, these occasions will kept down to a minimum.

For more information on tags, please consult a member of The Advocates regiment.