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Name E|D`Yeuh|E
Rank Royal Sage
Past Clans
{RC}, Confed, RC|D, NL$
Yeuh has served in a number of different clans all over battle.net. During his involvement in Elithium, Yeuh has been one of the most loyal and dedicated members. Yeuh is a good friends, with a great sense of humor, who is easy to get along with. Yeuh has proven to be dedicated and supportive leader, more then willing to help members. Today Yeuh holds the second highest rank within Elithium. He is a worthy wearier of such rank, and a worthy member within Elithium.
Reason for joining Elithium
"I joined in an effort to better the gaming society and make a wholesome guild where people and learn and grow together to become a team and coexist in a virtual format"

Name -S-Dion|E
Rank The Seer
Past Clans
Dion is a long serving member and leader, who has been crucial to the formation of Elithium. During times of crisis he has been the one who has helped to disolve situations, and has constantly offered input and ideas to help further this Guild. As a leader Dion is loyal and dedicated. He is a model member, who has earned his leadership promotion.
Reason for joining Elithium
"I am joining Elithium to help build a strong group of players, who can help eachother become better, all while building fraternity.

Name Moo`CrimsonK|E
Rank Knight Marshall -Leader of KOTC
Past Clans
{RC}, RC|D
A long serving member in RC, CrimsonKeel was one of the first members to join Elithium. During his two year involvment in this guild, Keel has proved his loyalty and dedication to Elithium and its members. Crimson is someone who is always up a game and willing to play with anyone. He is a talented leader with a very open nature and friendly personality. New members requiring help in Elithium need to look no further then CrimsonKeel for assistance. Currently Crimson is leader of the Knights of the Crimson Code, Elithium's elite gaming regiment. Any member interested in joining this regiment must talk to Crimson about it.
Reason for joining Elithium
"Cause Sat begged me for so long that I finally gave in to shut him up"

Name |A|Kush|E
Rank Magistrate -Leader of Advocates
Past Clans
Originally an ordinary member, Kush has recently been promoted to leader of The Advocates. Kush is a talented web artist who is more then willing to put his opinions across and fight for what he believes in. He has earned by respect, and has proven himself as commited and dedicated leader. As leader of the Advocates, Kush is heavily involved in recruitment and diplomacy within Elithium.
Reason for joining Elithium
"I joined Elithium believing that there is something more than the usual clan. I feel there is something special that each of us share, something that we have learned from our respected previous clans, which may or may not have fallen, and pick up from those mistakes that the clans made. I feel Elithium was to be a unique and unordinary clan that proufoundly exemplifies what a true guild should be about: people who help, play, and enjoy one another's companionship in the online gaming community."

Name BA|Worlord|E
Rank Arch Priest -Leader of BOA
Past Clans
{RC}, RC|D, HO and a selection of UO clans
During his time in RC and RC|D Worlord proved that he was a hard working member, who was good at organisation and working with people. For this reason Worlord is now leader of the Brotherhood of Arakram. Worlord is known for his blunt honesty, and sometimes can be a little confronting, however despite this Worlord is a loyal and valuable friend.
Reason for joining Elithium
"Cause Saturn made me"

Name FA`Lucifer|E
Rank Dark Lord -Leader of FA
Past Clans
{RC}, RC|D and a selection of UO clans
Upon his return to Elithium red was recently promoted to leader of the Fallen Angels, when he returned to Elithium. As a leader Red is an active and dedicated addition to our guild. More importantly, as a friend Red is constantly offered his opinions and has been supportive to all members. Red recent promotion within Elithium was based on his skills and his ability to work with people. Basically even though Red is new to his position, he is a worthy leader and can only add to the guild.
Reason for joining Elithium
"I joined Elithium because I wished to be a part of such great leadership. The ideas and variety of what we plan to do far exceed any other guild I've been involved with in the past."